Liberal ‘Fetishist’ Says Spanking as Child Discipline is Sex Abuse

Jillian Keenan says ‘my whole life, I’ve been obsessed with spanking…’

Liberal 'Fetishist' Says Spanking as Child Discipline is Sex Abuse

Jillian Keenan/IMAGE: YouTube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A liberal author is accusing the Christian community of encouraging sexual abuse by spanking as a form of child discipline.

Jillian Keenan wrote an article in the Huffington Post claiming disciplinary spanking is a “sex act when inflicted on little kids.”

The article, triggered by a case in Arizona in which a pastor has been accused of multiple counts of child molestation, broad-brushes Christianity and argues its practice of parental punishment is inherently wrong.

Keenan admits, however, that she enjoys spanking as a sex act.

“My whole life, I’ve been obsessed with spanking. Spanking occupies the place in my life that sex occupies in the lives of most people: As a child, it’s what I was curious about; as an adult, it’s the only thing I fantasize about and the only thing that satisfies me. My fetish is my sexual orientation, and, like any other healthy sexual orientation, only happens between consenting adults,” she wrote.

The author goes on to say that many Christians use disciplinary action to act out on their sexual fantasies, including Thomas Chantry, the former interim pastor of Miller Valley Baptist Church.

One of Chantry’s victims, whom Chantry tutored, said Chantry began to beat him with his hand, a paddle, a boat oar, or a belt and then forced the victim to sit on his lap while he rubbed his bottom and genitals.

“There are too many examples of people who are, to my eyes, obviously repressed spanking fetishists using evangelical Christianity as an excuse to exorcise their fantasies on kids,” Keenan wrote. “Sections from any book by Dr. James Dobson, the evangelical Christian author responsible for bestselling child-torture manuals like Dare to Discipline, are indistinguishable from adult fetish erotica ― except, unlike Dobson, fetish erotica does not encourage parents to assault real kids.”

Because children don’t mutually consent to disciplinary spanking, it should be considered sexual abuse, she argued.

“Fundamentalist Christian communities have a disturbing history of obsessing about spanking their kids,” the author wrote. “Spanking is inherently violent. It is also inherently sexual: When any person ― child or adult ― is spanked, his or her body experiences a number of physiological responses that are identical to arousal and intercourse. And while not every specific adult who spanks a child is sexually titillated by the act, of course, that doesn’t matter: Some are, and there is no way of knowing which ones. There is also no way of knowing which children will experience a spanking as a sexual violation.”

Keenan said Christians should stop disciplining their kids by spanking them to force “sexual predators” to stop “hiding behind the Bible.”

“Loving Christians in the United States are uniquely equipped to mobilize against the practice — and those who do not are complicit in it,” Keenan said. “Do not allow predators to continue to hide behind the Bible. Do not allow monsters to continue to write child-torture porn and call it “Christian parenting.’”