Liberal Billionaires, Hypocrite Soros Beg GOP NOT to Cut Their Taxes

(Newsweek) Rich people to Congress: Raise our taxes, don’t cut them.

State Dept., USAID Sued for Docs on Funding to Soros’s Foreign Campaigns

George Soros/Photo by boellstiftung (CC)

The GOP plan to reduce income taxes on the super rich “further exacerbates inequality” at a time when the gap between rich and poor is historically wide, says a group of 400 left-leaning CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners, which is calling on the Republican Party to drop the proposal.

“The Republican tax plan would disproportionately benefit wealthy individuals and corporations with provisions including repealing the estate tax, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, and slashing the top pass-through tax rate,” the group, which calls itself Responsible Wealth, wrote in an open letter to Congress.

Notable signers are designer Eileen Fisher; hedge fund manager and conspiracy theorists’ public enemy number one, George Soros; oil heir Steven Rockefeller; and Ben and Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s.

Bloomberg reports that Soros avoids paying taxes in the United States by setting up hedge funds based in Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

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Different versions of the pending legislation cut taxes at different rates, but all include significant tax savings for the wealthy.

The Trump Administration says that the tax cuts are meant to drive investment and spur economic growth.

But the Responsible Wealth group wants the federal government to take a bigger slice of their pie because trickle-down economics doesn’t work.

“I have a big income. If my income gets bigger, I’m not going to invest more. I’ll just save more,” Bob Crandall, a former executive at American Airlines and letter signee, told the Washington Post.

The letter also takes Republicans to task for trying to repeal or dilute the estate tax. The House version of the tax bill would remove the estate tax entirely; the Senate wants to double the amount of money people can inherit without paying taxes to $11 million.

As noted by the Post, only the richest 5,000 families in America end up paying the estate tax. The Senate tax bill would cut that number more than in half.

“Repealing the estate tax alone would lose an estimated $269 billion over 10 years — more than we would spend on the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, and Environmental Protection Agency  combined,” the letter said.

The Republican tax overhaul is set for a vote in the House this week. Taxes would go down across the board on average for all groups,  according the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The letter does not address the fact that the billionaires are not prevented from voluntarily paying extra taxes to the government.

Republished with permission from Newsweek via iCopyright license. Liberty Headlines editor Paul Chesser contributed.

  • barbarakelly


  • Bill Harrison

    Anybody who thinks they don’t pay enough in taxes can always send a check to the US Treasury for any amount. Soros is lying communist.

    • Chris Ehlers

      what does he care. He sets his stuff up oversea’s. He doesn’t pay anything anyway

      • Karma

        Exactly…soros needs more than a tax cut…a cell at the bay sounds more fitting..or better yet..maybe pinned to the ground, covered in honey and left to the ants and bugs.

      • Balder The Brave

        Then change the law to cover foreign assets of American Citizens and Residents.

      • Chalrley Walker

        Unlike the serially adulterous, adjudicated fraud/liar/thief/racist BILIONAIRE PRESIDENT, the teen-age George Soros left a Nazi death camp as the sole survivor of his family, eventually arrived in the U.S. penniless.
        Soros earned every dollar, and has given multiple times his current net worth to help others — in NYC, the US. and around the world. Trump had hundreds of millions given him by his father, defrauded lenders, bondholders, all employees, vendors and contractors in each of his four bankruptcies. Has relied upon Chinese and Russia financing [as publicly declared by Don Jr. and Eric about 2012] .
        Trump is lying through his teeth about the proposed GOP tax bills not helping the Trump family. Actual benefits from these proposals for the Trumps, approximately $2-Billion to $3-Billion within 20 years.Oh, the pain!!!! Among the major billionaire Trump backers, the Mercers are hedge fund operators with vast offshore organizations established for overseas investments of foreign nationals. Any major hedge fund which does not have offshore structures established, will soon be a minor hedge fund.
        The difference between the Mercers and Soros.
        The Mercers only invest in buying politicians to secure legislation which will benefit them
        Soros invests in helping humanity. His lifetime political donations are dwarfed by the past three years of Mercer political investments — Probably on a scale of Mercers during three years -1,000 and Soros during 60 years — 25.
        [As for Bill Harrison, when feeble minds cannot even develop a feeble argument, they resort to the ‘Tail Gunner Joe” tactic of screaming COMMIE. Suspect that means they share combat avoidance.]

    • Murphmeister

      Right you are and you can even earmark what you want the money spent on as long as it’s in the budget or you can earmark it to reduce the national debt. So all you superrich , don’t be coy with your money if you truly feel a need to pay more. Or, if you are really feeling charitable, then give money to a worthy charity. The great thing about that is you get to control what your money does. Don’t believe me? then call Bill Gates.

    • Brent

      Exactly what I was going to say.
      Soros can always repatriate the money too…the dirt ball.

      • Fed up!

        Just eliminate him and his family, solves that tax problem.

    • slk5

      and a wanted man in hungary!!!

      • colleen

        And Russia.

        • meddah4

          He needs to pay for the air he breaths. Especially since it’s being wasted.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Agree with you.

    • Balder The Brave

      Soros and others should support a wealth tax. 50% of assets each year would be fair until 100,000, 000 was left to play with.

  • scot_belle

    As I recall, Brer Rabbit used reverse psychology:
    Oh, Please. “Don’t throw me in the briar patch!!”
    Knowing full well that is where he wanted to go
    …..and as I also recall….it worked for Brer Rabbit.

    • Murphmeister

      When a fraternity pledge says ” Please, sir may I have another “, the Brer rabbit approach doesn’t work. He gets another.

  • RickFromDetroit

    When a billionaire says don’t cut my taxes, then they is worried that it is going to cost them more. Are they afraid of a complete economic meltdown?

    • Murphmeister

      What he really wants is all the lefties to believe he’s on their side so they won’t tax him or they’ll say what a great guy he is.

      • Moma Tkr

        He is on the leftists’ side. In fact, he is one of the chief directors of the leftists and the DNC aka the new mafia. He is doing this stunt to just try and make it appear as a negative on Trump and his administration. Soros, like all the political leftists w/ the worst being Obama and Clintons and their corrupt minions, is a huge thorn in the side of the Middle Class. Like any true extreme socialist – commie, he wants the very wealthy and a low class as can be seen in commie Cuba. It’s all about that evil maniac wanting more and more power taken from the people andgiven to theBIG Gov. which would include him. Soros belongs on a slow boat to Putin thrown out of the USA like he was thrown out of Hungary.

        • Murphmeister

          He’s not on the leftists’ side. He’s on his own side and wants to remake the world in his own image, not theirs. Leftists are just useful idiots to him so he tries to curry their favor while give him support and cover. The day he wins is the day they die.

      • Balder The Brave

        George and others endorse a global wealth tax on billionaires if you wish.

  • Moma Tkr

    Soros is on the leftists’ side. In fact, he is one of the chief directors of the leftists and the DNC aka the new mafia. He is doing this stunt to just try and make it appear as a negative on Trump and his administration. Soros, like all the political leftists w/ the worst being Obama and Clintons and their corrupt minions, is a huge thorn in the side of the Middle Class. Like any true extreme socialist – commie, he wants the very wealthy and a low class as can be seen in commie Cuba. It’s all about that evil maniac wanting more and more power taken from the people andgiven to theBIG Gov. which would include him. Soros belongs on a slow boat to Putin –?thrown out of the USA like he was thrown out of Hungary. On second thought, make it a speed boat. He is the worst kind of evil because he portrays himself as a philanthropist since he has money to burn while using monies from his organizations to pay for BLM, ANTIFA and other domestic terrorists as well as pay anyone and anybody to riot against political conservatives, white people, police and anything to create chaos where often people are harmed and some fatally.

  • Amir Fazadh

    Jackass especially, the lot of them! Hike their taxes a bunch, but cut the middle class tax burden!

  • Bob

    Of all taxes , why should the estate tax be eliminated???? Super rich buy assets such as stocks, they appreciate a great deal , and their heirs cost basis is the price that they inherited it. What about the great increase in value? Without the estate tax , that great increase goes untaxed. There is no reason why the tax should be eliminated This will not pass hopefully with the elimination of state tax deductions. Republicans are showing their true colors and the rest of America is aware OTT One term Trump!!!!!!!!!!! – If he lasts

    • Bernie

      I’m so sorry you will not be leaving any estate to your offspring.
      Besides, no one says if you have acccumulated any wealth, you have to leave it to your heirs. You can leave it all to charity. They won’t be taxed, you phony!!
      It’s so easy msking a left-winger look foolish!

      • Balder The Brave

        The estate tax kills employees and dissolves businesses. The widespread accumulation of wealth is good for our nation.

        • Bernie


  • Lmcyber

    As usual, you’re all missing the point! If republicans wanted to give the middle class a tax cut then they hey should be giving it to them and erasing any middle man. This is NOT A MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUT! This is a giveaway to trump and trump like. That’s all. Over 25% of the middle class will see their taxes go up. By the year 2027, everyone’s taxes will go up but the very wealthy. The debt and deficit will increase by 1.5 Trillion dollars. The housing will plummet because they are taking away the incentive to buy a home – no more write off. Most every economist has said this will greatly increase inequality and will have to be reverted back because of the damage they will do to the economy such as the massive increase in the deficit.

    Republicans have forgotten this is a consumer economy. You need to put the money in the hands of those who will spend it , not to folks who will shove it in an off shore account. If corporations have not increased wages and salaries by now, more money is not going to change that as they have massive revenue on the books now. So why are they not raising people’s salaries?!

    Lastly, watch Paul Ryan and the house as the next bill that will be coming out with will be getting rid of social security, voucherizing Medicare and making another attempt at getting rid of Medicaid. If you think this group in Congress cares about any of you , … well they could care less. As a result of this tax bill they will be swept from power!

    • 1ForWisdom

      And the media and the polls said Hillary would win in a landslide.

      • Lmcyber

        Irrelevant comment and typically missing the point. Do you have any idea that your money is being used to support billionaire friends of Donnie? You are getting played!!

  • Philly is a toilet

    Do these morons believe that the government is the only one who can giv away their money? Why don’t they just give the money away themselves?

  • Randi Amundsen


  • Voldman

    He’s free to send in more money than just his taxes. What a BS statement from a Socialist.

  • John

    Right now , today he could pay donate whatever as mush as he wants. He could dump his US tax attorneys, fill out an EZ form, not claim ANY deductions or exemptions, hand over the money he would donate to BLM and ANTIFA. He won’t, just show boating.
    I wish they would put on a surcharge for foreign antiAmerican billionaires.
    Maybe when he’s in jail he can do the country a favor and pay for his room and board. GTMO could be expensive.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    How many tax lawyers and accountants do these liberal scumbags hire to make sure they pay the least amount of taxes possible? But they want us to pay more so they can continue to skate. Read the proposal and see the msm is lying yet again, taxes will not be raised on the working class.

  • Maxine Albritton

    well, it must be nice to be rich. to have more money than you will ever need. I could not stand the burden of all of that. Anyone that want to rob me is out of luck. Nothing here is worth much. no jewelry, old tv. car over ten years old. etc.

  • patrick sain

    these billionaires need to pay up because it always falls to the little guy to pay the taxes these billionaires could pay off the national debt with the money that they’re hiding overseas

    • 1ForWisdom

      Fact is the National debt should not even be there. Eliminate everything that the federal government should not be doing. I’ll bet there are at least 100 agencies that should not be under the federal governments jurisdiction. Drop em like a hot potato.

  • Michael Sean Tadeo

    Would you let SATAN in your home? How about a deadly venomous snake? What would you do? I know what I’d do and should be done and I’d watch it take it’s last breath! Every single one of the the BOHEMIAN GROVE “members”!!!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    Amazing. First it’s “don’t raise my taxes” when a Democrat is in office and now its “don’t cut my taxes” now that Trump is in office and wants to fix the tax code. Do these people ever use their brains? Soros sets up a hedge fund overseas so he doesn’t have to pay taxes. The IRS should have him send a check to the US Treasury for any amount he can give.

  • 1ForWisdom

    “more than we would spend on the Food and Drug Administration, Centers
    for Disease Control, and Environmental Protection Agency combined”…That just tells me we are paying too much to those rouge agencies. Lets cut those so we can get a tax cut. The Government spends far too much of my money. Add up all your taxes and see what you are left with. Fed and State income taxes, Gas taxes, sales taxes, school taxes, county and city taxes, taxes on tires, taxes on utility bills, on and on and on. Time to reverse that endless bleeding of our pocketbook. And get rid of that unconstitutional Dept of Education. Defund planned unparenthood, PBS, National Endowment for the Arts, etc. We do not need any of those. These are not supposed to be part of the federal government.

  • margie

    If he had paid his current taxes, i could take him serious. . . not.

  • Louie Rey

    Does it get any more hypocritical than Soros? He claims he wants Congress to stop Trump’s tax plan because he wants to pay more taxes yet he hides his money in tax havens such as Ireland and the Cayman Islands. On face value it looks good but in reality it doesn’t affect him at all. Just one question, why isn’t this guy behind bars for treasonous activity against America? And it has nothing to do with his tax situation. All he does is fund protests and rallies that are solely anti-American and is part of his desire for a new world order. If that’s not treasonous I don’t know what is.

  • Fed up!

    😂😂😂Soros is a Nazi sympathizer anti-Jewish piece of 💩💩. Let me ask anyone who think the rich should pay more taxes. Have you ever received a paycheck from a poor person? If the wealthy have more money to spend, they are helping companies grow, people get pay checks, people spend money on every day items, framers etc. everyone make a living. How dam stupid do you have to be to understand when the government put a gun to everyone’s head and takes your money, everyone looses. Government in general give our money to other countries, Now there the biggest rip off of a life time. Wake Up Stupids!

  • meddah4

    Soros.. . Knowing all the RINOs in Congress and the Senate along with Progressive Democrats are shedding tears of sympathy for this guy. I rather show him the noose. No oxygen for you.

  • Raymond Miller

    Hey dummy, just make out a check for an additional amount if you feel guilty about a tax cut. You stupid B**tard.

  • Greg

    I’d like to see Mr. Soros sent back to his native country (Hungary). The only problem is that that country doesn’t want him as he was a troublemaker there. How unfortunate for us.

  • Balder The Brave

    Employees retain jobs when a business does not need to be desolved. The fool is the one that attacks wealth. The federal government is a poor creator of wealth. Keep the money out of the hands of government because it gives money to the politically connected and not the efficient. That is why the area around DC grows faster then the rest of the nation.

  • Balder The Brave

    The Superrich are more efficient in the use of their money than the average person. Can the average person create a new industry that employs thousands or reduce billions in costs? No! The wealth is distributed by the processes they create. Gates or Zucherberg or even Soros make our world more livings and raise the standard of living for us all. Look at how even the poorest in the world have cell and smart phones. There is enough food in the world so we could be all fat. We are fat because of the billionaires.

  • jcrawdad

    Liberal Billionaires, Hypocrite Soros Beg GOP NOT to Cut Their Taxes.


  • jcrawdad

    Liberal Billionaires, Hypocrite Soros Beg GOP NOT to Cut Their Taxes


  • travis690

    So…George Soros and the other co-signers of this letter believe that the only reason people make charitable donations is because of the tax deduction.


    The idea of eliminating the estate tax is that people shouldn’t be forced to make decisions for purposes of tax expediency; it should be their decision about how they spend their income and dispose of their assets upon their deaths.

    But then Warren Buffett says that after he dies, all his wealth will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What most people aren’t aware of is that there is an additional provision in front of that bequest: The gift will happen only if estate taxes are still in effect at the time of his death. In other words, he won’t allow the gift to take place if the estate tax is repealed!

    What we have here is a group of elitist libtards who want to dictate tax policy for the rest of the United States. They say that charitable giving will only occur if there is a punishment for not making these types of gifts…only because they say they won’t make these gifts if they can avoid taxes on the accumulated wealth of their estates. Therefore, they assume that everyone else thinks exactly like they do.

    What a bunch of ignorant jackasses.