Lawyer for ‘Whistleblower’ Praised Resistance ‘Coup;’ Predicted Impeachment

‘We will get rid of him…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) The attorney for the formerly anonymous Ukraine “whistleblower,” has been a vehement Trump opponent for years, according to several tweets that have recently been uncovered.

In 2017, Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the whistleblower (believed to be CIA operative Eric Ciaramella), vowed to “get rid” of President Donald Trump and described the inside resistance to Trump’s administration as a “coup.”


Referencing the firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates in January 2017, who refused to enforce Trump’s travel ban, Zaid claimed that “impeachment will follow ultimately.”

The law firm Zaid works for has a long history of anti-Trump sentiment.

An investigation even discovered that Zaid’s firm offers discounted rates for whistleblowers willing to dish dirt on Trump’s administration.

President Trump blasted Zaid during a rally in Louisiana on Wednesday, reading off many of the attorney’s old tweets as evidence that there’s a coordinated effort to sink his presidency.

“It’s all a hoax, it’s a scam, and you know who helps them, these people, the media,” Trump said. “Its a disgrace, it’s so bad what they do to our country. They rip the guts out of our count, and it’s a shame, and they shouldn’t be allowed to do it, and people should stop … because we have a country to run.”