SEC. NIELSEN: Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crimes Not ‘Manufactured Crisis’

‘It’s offensive, is what it is. But it’s also unprofessional…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) As Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and President Donald Trump get ready to head to the southern border in Texas, Nielsen blasted the Democratic Party for its refusal to work with the president and its “disrespectful” accusation that Republicans are exploiting illegal immigration for political gain.

Nielsen, who has played a central role in talks with Democratic leadership the past few weeks, said illegal immigration has cost American lives and should be taken seriously.

“It’s offensive; it’s disrespectful,” Nielsen said on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “I can’t imagine being one of these victims’ families and listening to an elected member of Congress claim that their pain and their suffering is manufactured. It’s offensive, is what it is. But it’s also unprofessional.”

Several Democratic leaders have accused the GOP of stoking fear and spreading misinformation about illegal immigration to achieve the president’s policy goals.


“This whole border security crisis … it really, I believe, is manufactured crisis,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told Fox News. “The fact is: the women and children at the border are not a security threat; they are a humanitarian challenge.”

Nielsen agreed with Perez that the crisis at the border is also a “humanitarian” one, but noted that should only motivate Democrats to secure the border.

“It’s not just a security crisis — it’s a humanitarian crisis,” Nielsen told Sean Hannity. “We have Doctors Without Borders saying one in three women on this journey are raped. Seven out of 10 of these migrants are victims of violence.”

“The facts are incontrovertible,” Nielsen added. “Anywhere we have built a wall, illegal migration has dropped 90-95 percent. … Walls work. We can’t say it enough.”

Democrats are obstructing the GOP’s potential solutions without providing one of their own, Nielsen said.

“They have no alternative,” she said. “They refuse to engage, and it’s very, very disappointing.”