TREND: Another Kids’ TV Show Features Same-Sex Parents

‘I know that there really is backlash for each of the companies, and so they tiptoe…’

TREND: Another Kids' TV Show Features Same-Sex Parents

‘The Bravest Knight’ / IMAGE: publicity still via Hulu

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Children’s television shows depicting a homosexual lifestyle are becoming more and more common.

A new Hulu show, called “The Bravest Knight,” will depict two interracial gay dads raising an adopted daughter.

Wilson Cruz, a co-star in the new animated children’s series, said the purpose of making the main character, Sir Cedric, a gay man was simple: “We’re not explaining homosexuality or same-gender sexuality. We’re talking about the love of a family.”

Cruz’s co-star, T.R. Knight, said it was also important for the show to contribute to more LGBT representation in TV for children. Seeing same-sex parents normalized might help kids who struggle with homosexual tendencies, Knight said.


“You feel starved, and you feel lonely, and that depression and that loneliness, it ain’t health,” he said told the Associated Press.

This is the third major kids’ show in recent memory to openly promote homosexuality. Earlier this year, the long-running “Arthur” series on PBS featured a gay wedding, an episode that was banned in Alabama. Then, the “My Little Pony” series on Disney created its first lesbian couple who care for a young pony.

Zeke Stokes, chief programs officer for the media monitoring nonprofit GLAAD, which works to increase LGBT representation, said the uptick in same-sex material on TV could be due to a larger number of homosexual directors and producers finding their way into the mainstream media.

“What we’ve said to them all along is that we will lock arms with you and we will make sure that you hear from the families who are being impacted by this in a positive way,” Stokes said.

“Not only have they heard from LGBTQ families but they’ve heard from other families who are like, yeah, my kid has a friend who’s LGBTQ or my friend goes over to his friend’s house and their parents are LGBTQ. This is not just something that impacts LGBTQ families. It’s really something that gets experienced by everyone in society.”

But channels are facing pushback for LGBT content, which many parents have deemed inappropriate, said Chris Nee, an Emmy-winning show runner for Disney Junior’s preschool hit “Doc McStuffins.”

“I know that there really is backlash for each of the companies, and so they tiptoe,” Nee said. “Big broadcasters are not always our bravest souls. But a lot of companies are working very hard to change what’s out there.”