Library Deletes Pix of Kids Lying Atop Drag Queens at ‘Story Hour’

‘Many of these men lead bizarre lives as ‘adult’ sex entertainers…’

Library deletes photos of little kids frolicking atop drag queen at pro-gay story hour

PHOTO: Multnomah County Library on Flickr via LifeSiteNews

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) Drag Queen Story Hour, where men flamboyantly dressed as women attempt to indoctrinate little children with gender-bender and pro-gay books, went a shocking step further at one public library.

LifeSiteNews, an Internet service espousing socially conservative values, reported it had obtained “photo evidence of children having inappropriate contact with drag queen Carla Rossi at Portland, Oregon’s St. John’s Library last October.”

The photos, which LifeSiteNews characterized as evidence of child abuse, show prepubescent kids crawling and sprawling atop the cross-dresser, who was splayed out on the floor. After the story aired the Multnomah County Library deleted the photos from Flickr, but LifeSiteNews preserved them here.

Other photos posted by the library also reveal toddlers and young boys at the event dressed in feather boas, a feminine fashion accessory often used for erotic seduction purposes or fetish wear.


Libraries advertise these events as promoting inclusivity. But critics worry they are designed to proselytize impressionable young children.

For example, the St. John’s Library has hosted the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a group of men dressed up as nuns who mock the Catholic Church. Their slogan is an adulteration of Jesus’ command to a woman caught in sexual sin: “Go forth and sin some more!”

MercatorNet, a conservative Australian online magazine, ran a column in June by former gay activist James Parker, who questioned the American Library Association policy of Drag Queen Story Hour. The program is also occurring in Canada, Great Britain, and spreading rapidly in Australia.

“The goal of DQSH is to make children comfortable with LGBTQ ideology and behaviours. It seeks to normalise cross-dressing homosexual men in garish make-up and provocative women’s clothing who seem obsessed with reading gay and transgender themed books to very young children” Parker wrote.

“Many of these men lead bizarre lives as ‘adult’ sex entertainers,” Parker wrote.

Two storytellers in the U.S. were registered child sex offenders, with one of them having worked as a transgender prostitute.