John Kerry: ‘No Other Person’ but Pelosi Should Lead Democratic Party

‘We won those seats not in spite of Nancy Pelosi, but because of Nancy Pelosi…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former Secretary of State John Kerry said ditching Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would be a huge mistake for the Democratic Party.

Kerry called the opposition to Pelosi’s bid for the House speakership “an unfortunate effort” during an interview with Seth Meyers on the “Late Night” show.

“There’s no other person, I think, more ready to take us to the next step,” Kerry said. “She’ll be a transitional figure; she knows that. But she’s ready to lead and I think it would be a huge mistake not to recognize the leadership she’s shown and to begin this new era with her stewardship.”

Kerry said that Democratic gains during the midterm elections are largely due to Pelosi’s fundraising and campaigning efforts.


“We won those seats not in spite of Nancy Pelosi, but because of Nancy Pelosi. She raised money, she honed the message, she campaigned across the country, she helped bring those candidates to the table,” he said.

Now that Democrats are in control of the House again, the Party should look to continue moving its momentum forward, Kerry said, and internal fighting over the speakership is only going to hamper that.

“Look at what happened this last election: We elected more new members of Congress—Republican and Democrat—than in any midterm election since the Watergate midterm election of 1974, which was two months after Richard Nixon resigned,” he said.

“So, we have this massive shift. I think that’s a cause for all of us to say, ‘We’re on the right track.’ That’s what we have to do,” said Kerry, who spent 28 years in the Senate, while endorsing Pelosi, who has spent 31 in the House of Representatives.

Kerry also threw some jabs at President Donald Trump, claiming that the only reason the president left the Paris Climate Agreement was because Barack Obama spearheaded it.

Kerry said that despite Trump, much of America is still acting in accordance with the Paris agreement.

“The rest of America—many states and all of the major cities—has decided to stay in,” Kerry said, without evidence. “They’re not going to listen to Donald Trump, and whatever science he makes up or divines through his uncle, who taught at MIT and gave him a great instinct for science.”