CNN Anchor Battles Kellyanne Over GOP Successes in Midterms

‘This president’s engagement and the vice president’s engagement helped mitigate those trends…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Kellyanne Conway said President Trump’s campaigning efforts led to a “historic” win for the GOP on Tuesday, despite losing the House to the Democrats.

During an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, White House counselor Conway defended the Trump administration and said that even though the Democrats’ gains in the House are a setback, the midterm elections were still a win.

“But you still lost the House,” Camerota said.

“Right, that was to be expected,” Conway replied. “Not the way President Obama lost it, 63 House seats. Not a shellacking.”

The GOP gained at least two Senate seats during the midterm elections, though it lost control of the House.

In the 2014 midterms, Obama lost both congressional chambers to the Republicans, who added 63 House seats to their majority and took the Senate by gaining six seats.

“I understand, but that was a much tougher economy,” Camerota said, defending Obama.

“He lost because of ObamaCare,” Conway responded.

“So the economy is going really well and you still lost the House,” Camerota continued. “So clearly, voters are displeased with something.”

“No, that’s a historical trend, but this president’s engagement and the vice president’s engagement helped mitigate those trends,” Conway said.

Conway said the president’s “engagement on the ground” campaigning for various Republican candidates helped the GOP hold onto seats that they otherwise would have lost.

She noted that Trump held 53 rallies since he was elected and 30 in the past couple of months.

“He packs the houses,” Conway said. “I know the big question is, ‘We see all these people here but will they vote?’ Yes, they went and they voted. Especially in states where he showed up and he endorsed the candidates and he was talking about politics each and every time.”