Kasich Tells Trump to Shut Up; Hasn’t Taken Own Advice

Ohio governor has a long history of blowing his top and acting downright rude…

2020 Presidential Rumors Abound With John Kasich Back in NH

John Kasich/Photo by Michael Vadon (CC)

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) On a preview call of the “Freedom in the World” report, produced annually by watchdog group Freedom House, Ohio Governor John Kasich told media that President Trump should remain quiet when it comes to the media or the judiciary.

“Sometimes when you’re frustrated, it’s best just to sit on your hands and keep your mouth shut,” said Kasich, according to Cincinnati.com.

Kasich hypocritically doubled down on his stab at the President on Twitter:

The losing 2016 presidential candidate isn’t good at taking his own advice.

In his book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” Kasich complained that Donald Trump’s rise was the fault of multiple people and groups –  including the media.

And Kasich has a long history of blowing his top and acting downright rude.

He once told a colleague, who called to announce he was running for office, “How stupid are you?”

As Governor, Kasich attacked law enforcement at a public event and repeatedly called an officer who once pulled him over an “idiot.”

Then there was the time he caused a scene at Blockbuster Video, after being offended by an employee’s recommendation of the movie “Fargo.”

Kasich hammered the store manager to label movies with violent content because, as he wrote in his 2006 book, Kasich was a “fairly prominent local customer.”

The Buckeye State’s top executive has also scolded donors in public, which caused boycotts and walk-outs on his campaign by other GOP donors.

At a 2014 event sponsored by Charles and David Koch, Kasich attacked the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick.

Mrs. Kendrick had the nerve to ask Kasich about his expansion of Medicaid.

“I don’t know about you, lady, but when I get to the pearly gates, I’m going to have an answer for what I’ve done for the poor,” snapped Kasich.

On top of his rudeness and temper, Kasich has a thin skin and can’t stand being criticized. In 2015, president of conservative research group Opportunity Ohio Matt Mayer said in an interview, “When you criticize Kasich, you’re sort of dead to him.”

“I don’t believe that insults and personal attacks are the way to do politics,” said Kasich in a March 2016 interview on FOX news.

“I don’t like that. I’m not going to do that. I’d rather lose than put myself into a position of where I am insulting people personally,” Kasich said.

When the hot-tempered Senator John McCain says you have a “hair-trigger temper,” then perhaps Kasich needs to take the advice he’s giving the president.

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  • Naval Lint

    Kasich needs to grow up. He’s such a pitiful figure these days. STFU and go sit in a corner for a bit…think of it as a “quiet time”, L’il Johnny!

    • Bob Kolmetzky

      The way I’ve been seeing things — All you need to do is spread rumors
      that Kasich is going to testify against the Clintons —:)

      • Naval Lint

        If it were THAT easy, we could get the majority of Liberals “removed”…

  • Yosemite Sam

    Kasich is a worthless RINO and anti Trumper. Come on Kasich, the sun has long set on your presidential aspirations, it’s time for you to move along. Kasich if your thoughts or ideas were of any value to the nation, it would be you residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.

    • Ken

      The real difference between Kasich and Trump is that Kasich refused to work with the Russians to get to the White House.

      • Yosemite Sam

        Spoken like a true brainwashed Obama lovin’ Leftist.

        • deerflyguy

          Yes, Sam, he’s a real “Morning Joe” fan, for sure!

          • Yosemite Sam

            Oh yes; the “Morning Schmo”. It appears by utilization of improper sentence structure and frequent mindless ramblings, Ken has been commiserating often with that other brain dead dolt Paul Williamson.

      • blue

        Kenny, you are really losing it. Where is the evidence of that? Muller has had a year, and shows nothing for it. Hillary is flat out guilty of collusion, but your lefties totally ignore that, what a dummy.

        • Ken

          Mueller’s investigation would have ended long ago if he was finding nothing.

          Bannon’s refusal to answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee sends a strong signal that he was actually seeking a subpoena from the Committee to give him cover.

          Mueller has already subpoenaed Bannon to appear before a grand jury and that is really, really significant. I fully expect Bannon’s testimony to lead to more indictments.

          • Tim

            A grand jury probe means nothing.
            If you knew how a grand jury works

          • Ken

            I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment. Are you really that stupid? Why don’t you share with us your understanding of “how a grand jury works”?

          • Yosemite Sam

            You haven’t a clue.

      • teachersaide

        Some how YOU forget that there is MORE evidence of Members of the DNC working with Russians, than Trump!

  • just care

    Kasich. You need to shut up and let the real men speak. You rinos will go the way of the dinosaur.

    • Concerned

      You got it. Kasich’s temper is worse than Trumps and his rudeness has been demonstrated multiple times in public.

    • Ken

      Real men?? It appears you include draft dodging cowards like Trump in your group of real men. Tell us, how do you define a real man? Is he a guy that puts on the uniform when he’s drafted or is he a guy who takes steps to avoid being drafted? Is he a guy who cheats on his wife………not one wife, not two wives, but on all three wives? Is he a guy who spends time with his young son teaching him to hunt, fish, throw a baseball, catch a pass or is a guy who is rarely seen in public with his son?

      • Gerry Costa

        Ken — let us know when you grow wings and aquire a halo — then we will think you are a real man !!!!

      • Allen Evans

        Don’t forget the REAL draft dodger, Bill Clinton! Trump had a medical deferment after having a draft physical.

        • Ken

          It was a real medical miracle how Trump’s heel spurs suddenly appeared right before he took a draft physical. The spurs never bothered him when he played intramural sorts in school and didn’t bother him when he played tennis, golf or went skiing in the Alps after his draft physical. A real medical oddity that they only bothered him when he was exposed to military footwear.

          • Allen Evans

            It’s the technicality that they are there that would cause him (or anyone else with them) to fail a military physical. I was going to enlist in the USAF in the summer of ’71 and during my pre-enlistment physical they found out that I’d had a asthma attack in late 1965 and that KILLED any chances of serving in any military branch. I was told that I was “kryptonite” to them because of that one attack and the remote possibility of having another one. Again, technicalities.

          • Ken

            First of all, you tried to enlist so, obviously, you wanted to be in the military. Being rejected was not something you sought and was beyond your control.

            Trump did not seek to enlist and his condition wasn’t ‘found’ during a preinduction physical. Trump went to the physical with a letter from his doctor diagnosing him with heel spurs, which he knew would get him rejected. During the campaign Trump, who claimed to have a very good memory, “one of the best memories”, couldn’t remember the name of the doctor who diagnosed his heel spurs nor could he remember which heel was affected.

            You had an unfortunate medical condition that prevented you from serving. Trump invented a medical condition so he wouldn’t have to serve. Big, big, difference.

          • teachersaide

            They did same thing to my dad in WW II, for asthma & Wool allergy!

          • Allen Evans

            The wool allergy would’ve definitely been a stopper back then. THat would’ve been worse than the asthma in my opinion.

          • teachersaide

            Yes, That was the viewpoint (wool allergy was the worst problem) of the Military back then. No polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc. at that time. So, he continued in his job, & was an air raid warden.

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            I know what you mean.
            I was cross eyed but corrected by glasses.
            Very poor vision in left eye.
            USAF did not notice when I was taking physical.

      • Yosemite Sam

        My goodness, who are you trying fool? It’s obvious you haven’t obtained your elusive GED.

      • just care

        Real men don’t need an explanation of what a real man is.

      • teachersaide

        HIS number in the draft was something like 356- He didn’t have to Dodge the draft. Unlike, Former Prez Bill Clinton, who couldn’t have even run, if NOT for Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Pardon for ALL the Drat Dodgers. Unlike Bill Clinton, President TRUMP has NOT plead NO CONTEST to Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, & Witness Tampering.

        • Ken

          I really wish you Trump worshipers would educated yourself. You’ve put a clown in office that you know nothing about.

          In September 1968 Donald Trump produced a letter from a physician at an induction physical diagnosing him with heel spurs. At the time of this physical Trump had exhausted his student deferments, was classified 1A and was most certainly going to be drafted. Trump was classified 1Y as a result of that letter. There is documented evidence that Trump played golf, played tennis and went skiing in the Alps after being classified with a condition too painful to make walking tolerable……….the condition that allowed him to get a medical deferment to dodge the draft.

          The lottery in which Trump was assigned a high lottery number was not held until December 1, 1969…………..FOURTEEN MONTHS AFTER TRUMP GOT HIS MEDICAL DEFERMENT, so, yes, Trump did dodge the draft.

          • teachersaide

            Someone in the office of President about Whom WE know nothing? THAT would be Obama. Trump has been on a VERY public stage for DECADES!

          • Kevin Timmons

            Not first president who dodged draft. WJC did it to and the lefties just loved that SOB. Hipocrits!

      • Rob

        I used to live near Trump. He, Don Jr., and Eric were almost inseperable. I did 12 years in the Marines Ken. To me a draft dodger is anyone who doesn’t do his job. Uniform or not. I came from Chesty Puller time though, he was friends with Gen.Mattis. That’s about the time the Pentagon started going to pot.And you could actually trust the CIA and FBI.

    • Mark Lewis Brecker, Esq.


    • Terry Amos

      Kasich has numerous issues. Re.inds .e of someone whom has no true sense of decency, or honor. He fellas he is above everyone else, and what he should do is reevaluate his own self. The chump in the mirror.

      • Rob

        Don’t forget being on Soros’ payroll.

  • Fran Follari

    You voters in his state need to vote him out

    • Oscar Pearson

      Time for folks in Ohio to wake up.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    hey Kasich the American people didn t want you last election and they don t want to see or hear you now!

    • Daniel Softcheck

      Can’t believe I almost voted for this clown…God bless sir Donald

      • GW62

        You DID vote for a clown…

        • blue

          why, did you run also?

  • Maggietish

    Kasich needs to take enough time to get his head out of his own butt. He obviously thinks the entire world revolves around him. He ruined his entire political career when he joined forces with Ted Cruz during the campaign and did every vile backstabbing despicable thing he could against the other candidates including President Trump. Cruz ended up knifing Kasich who was too stupid to even be aware of what was going on with the whole world knew we was being used by Cruz. You do reap what you sow and Kasich is a worthless loser who doesn’t know when to shut up. Nobody cares what he thinks or says he just needs to go away.

    • Tim

      I am puzzled, how do you link Cruz to that fake Kasich?
      I never saw it
      One a conservative the other a RINO

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Kasich will never do anything after he runs the gamut as governor, he is a nothing, another pipsqueak.

    • William Edmiston

      Yes, but did you know his dad was a mailman?

      • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

        Well ,, you are a funny guy, William; Guess Kasich can’t be all bad cuz my Mom worked for the Post Office as well.

        • William Edmiston

          Well, I guess one could infer that you are therefore qualified to run for high office. My own dad only worked in a steel mill, clearly I am not qualified.

          • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

            Don’t quite get your message; My Dad was a plumber. so what? Why are you not qualified? Many of the smartest, sharpest people I have met were not those I went to college or law school with but were people who never set foot in a school after high school Some of the most brilliant people who taught me the most about life, never even finished high school. What is your point? Don’t understand your logic, you inference, surely Lincoln was brilliant…….

          • William Edmiston

            Here’s my point: I despise John Kasich and don’t care what his dad did for a living. I do care that John has chosen to oppose the grassroots groundswell of populist sentiment that swept Trump into the Presidency. Millions of pragmatists around the country joined forces to elect a pragmatist to the highest office of the land because they were tired of the tepid opposition of “moderate republicans”, like Kasich, who were ineffective and overcautious in their promotion of conservative principals and in their weak, limp-wristed opposition to the traitorous policies of the Clintons, and the Obamas, and Durban and Schumer, and Pelosi, and Feinstein and all of the sick, twisted cabal of demented democrats that form the backbone of the corruption that was rotting America from the inside out for the last eight years.
            Why he and other “moderate republicans”, like McCain, like McConnell, like Flake, like Graham, like Jeb Bush, like Romney and the rest of the vacuous vacillators that form the “establishment” that is the cesspool at the helm of the powers that be that govern America from the shadows have decided to resist the will of the people, I don’t care. But I have a deep distrust, contempt, and loathing for politicians who are more about getting in front of what they perceive as societal winds of change, even when those perceived forces would take the whole society into a death spiral of decay and destruction than they are about staking out a policy based upon proven principals of free enterprise, capitalism, patriotism, individual responsibility, truth, justice, and the rights of the citizenry as guaranteed by our time tested constitution. And because John Kasich has shown himself to be one of “those republicans”, then I don’t care who he is, where he came from, or what he thinks. He disgusts me and I would like for him to sit down and shut up.

          • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

            Funny, but I agree with every word you said, so what was the point of the earlier difference. So much crap floating around Washington , D.C. that the Giant Roto-rooter man could not unstop this sewer. What is the point of your objection to what Trump is doing in re: to the Tax, taking care of America first, Vets, Military, (although much of the money spent is corrupted ), Protection of our boundaries without regard to racial basis, and protection of our borders from terrorists. The FBI and the Department of Justice was corrupted beyond repair. I used to admire Mueller, because he was a former Marine officer but I now despise him for his own corrupt motives and political chicanery along with his “blood brother Comey”. What say you? Mueller has embarassed every proud former U.S. Marine Officer and he is as corrupted as a Federal Prosecutor can get , even more than “Howdy Doody” Adam Schitt.

          • William Edmiston

            I guess a miscommunication occurred as sometimes happens when I resort to sarcasm. Trump is a Godsend, literally, and the most recent savior of the Flag and the republic for which it stands. I was sarcastically “congratulating” Kasich for the fact his dad was a mailman. So, I was using sarcasm to highlight Kasich’s vanity & political posturing. He’s a man I previously respected but who, apparently couldn’t handle success and has fallen prey to the hubris that often bedevils folks who achieve some notoriety. Trump, on the other hand, employs braggadocio as a motivational device but the dolts in our main stream media and phonys like Kasich get bent out of shape because Trump has struck a cord with the men and women in this country who can think for themselves and don’t need, want, or tend to tolerate being spoon fed the propaganda that the left is trying to force feed us. I’m sorry my comment confused and thank you for your service marine.

          • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

            No problem, sometimes sarcasm is the best way to get a point across. Keep the faith keep writing you write very well. Semper Fi

    • teachersaide

      Nah, he’s doing surveys on running for US Senate!

  • regulus30

    kASICK DID NOT EVEN CARRY OHIO; the loser [baby bird] is back. Thank God for America and the freedoms we enjoy; idiots, perverts, rinos,liberals.muslims [no Christians]], all get to act out their insanity with no price to pay.

    • Don Hunt

      trump did not carry usa. without Russia he does not win electorial vote

      • MeWynne

        Don’t be such a damn idiot. It’s “electoral” and your comment doesn’t make one bit of sense. Investigations, investigations and more investigations not producing anything to do with our election, and you’re still crying “Russia”. GET A LIFE! And as an American do some research on what your (YES, HE IS, whether you like it or not) President has achieved in his so far short time. I am so fed up with you damn stupid, ignorant, heads in the sand, people.
        And BTW: he did carry the USA, he carried it according to our election rules and laws.

        • Ron Pierce

          i know thats right.finlya man witcommansence

      • Bill Rehs

        Ignorance has gotten you nowhere.

      • Carolyn

        You can not be that ignorant. Go troll someplace that has an IQ equal to yours.

      • Joseph Abraham

        Explain how Russia won him the electoral vote. You want real Russia collusion, look no further than Hillary.

        • Don Hunt

          you are ignorant

          • Joseph Abraham

            And sir from your name calling you tell me you have no answers and no explanations. If you can’t explain just call someone a name. Like I said look no further than Hillary.

          • Don Hunt

            you dumb as a rock

        • Don Hunt

          so you been living under a rock. by the way thru posting false info about Hillary Russia influenced the election. Mueller is going to have about ten charges against djt.

          • Joseph Abraham

            Sir a teacher one time told me that you couldn’t discuss anything with someone who knows it all. You have made it very clear you are just trying to build yourself up by putting others down. Since you know it all I won’t waste my time on you. Have a good day.

          • Don Hunt

            how long you been under that rock. trump knows it all. he will not read , he will not take advice. in short he is sin on a stick that’s corrupting America.

      • Ron Pierce

        that has been disproven fool.get over it and shut up

      • Tim

        if it were a popularity election I am sure Trump would have spent more time in CA.
        A large number, perhaps millions of conservatives, stayed home.
        If they voted than he would have won the popular vote as well, not that that matters
        I am waiting for your next comment

        • Don Hunt

          trump is a loser. if you support his ignorant racist views you are too.

          • teachersaide

            California is a LOSER, as is every person who supports the OPEN BOARDERS crowd residing there. IF ILLEGAL ALIENS are such a valued “asset”, WHY are the California schools system (#1 in 50’s-60’s) NOW rated/ranked 41’st?

      • regulus30

        Does anyone else see why America is in deep do do with ignorant people like “don hunt’ having the right to vote? You see liberals have a mental disease, when they see or read something produced by the lame stream media they are too stupid to begin the critical thinking process of connecting the dots to reach a ‘truthful’ conclusive decision; conservatives see the statement made and then begin validating the facts until they know it is true or false; public schooled liberals are taught to open their mouths for another scoop of bull 666shit666.

        • Don Hunt

          I see you are stupid

          • regulus30

            atta boy; make your mamma proud.[if you have one].

          • Don Hunt

            so if you are low, common or just plain stupid support this racist bigot

    • Don Hunt

      so you an idiot just like trump

      • regulus30

        Me an idiot;; you phucking moron, you can not even construct a sentence.

        • Don Hunt

          you a certified 100% idiot if you support a dumb racist

  • Somanywhiners

    Kasich is not that smart of a man. Ohioians were fools for ever electing him.

    • teachersaide

      NO, YOU had to see WHO he was running against. First time it was Ted Strickland, who spent just about every penny in the “rainy day fund”, and DROVE industry out of Ohio. Ever heard of NCR, National Cash Register? Founded & based in Dayton, until they got a better offer from Georgia. They asked if Ohio could MEET, NOT BEAT, Georgia’s offer- Strickland said NO. NCR moved to Georgia. When this was headline news, several other companies said similar things had happened to them. In 4 yrs of Strickland, Ohio LOST 300,000 JOBS!

      • Somanywhiners

        With this type of explanation as to why hiring an idiot is a good idea. The idea that Ohiohians are idiots is proven.

        • teachersaide

          EVERY state has someone that others wonder HOW in the H_LL did they get elected.(Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Teddy Kennedy, Barney Frank, Al Franken, that Idiot governor in Louisiana who didn’t KNOW HOW to ask for Gov’t assistance during Katrina, et al, ring any bells?) For the LIKES of Strickland, YOU have only to look at the Heavily Democratic Big Cities in Ohio, like Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, etc. Those in more rural areas are more moderate.

        • teachersaide

          Nah, that assertion would apply MORE to California, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, LA, SF, Sacramento, Boston, Whatever state keeps electing Bernie Sanders, etc.

  • Ron

    He just contradicted himself. He insulted a police officer.

  • aztex7007

    Ahh shucks, you people are just being mean to this tower of strength !
    Ha, ha……………they are right, just shut up Kasich, no one cares what
    you think or say.

  • My country

    America says John Kasich Shut Up . And please don’t just disappear go missing as the tinkerbells say .Meaning on purpose !

  • Mountain_Dew_518

    Dump Kasick! Dump Kasick! Dump Kasick! The wimpy Rino needs to move to the gutter. Kasick too much like Hilary & 0bama.

  • Danny Noble

    When is Kasich, McCain, Flake and Ryan going to change parties? I am really surprised they have not yet.

  • Oscar Pearson

    Two-faced RINO!

    • rocky2

      He is worse than a RINO. He is a PINO, i.e. a person in name only.

  • Gregg Parker


  • Greg

    KASICH…WHO??? this guy loves to toot his own horn huh. Kasich is a RINO pro choice which means he loves baby murder…not my Republican. puck face moron.

  • holland180

    Kasich….you need to join the Democratic Party so you can feel right at home!!!!

  • Just1Saddletramp

    Kasich really needs to change political parties. The Democrats would love to have him because he would fit right in with their MO

    • Bill Rehs

      I have to agree, however, he needs to move to another State as well, California may have some use for him, perhaps somewhere in the proximity of the San Andreas fault.

  • Raymond Miller

    Hey John, “GFYS”

  • Frank W Brown

    17th out of 17,WOW kasich, you’re a real winner we should listen to?? I don’t think so! So maybe you could STFU and quietly fade away into the sunset, PLEASE!

  • 6’snake in the garden

    Notice they are always worried about the party and the soul off it , never concerned about Americans and that THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER for US-A

  • Randy Hughes

    SHUT UP YOU STUPID JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake valdez

    We lost the soul of the party with Kasich and we gained it again with Trump. The Governor is a disgrace to the party. He could not stop Trump from winning his own State.

  • Dorothy Foster

    You are a joke Kasich.. You would give ANYTHING or say ANYTHING TO to have the presidency…
    THANK GOD we don’t have you in there.

  • Jim Williams

    Kasich is nothing but a sore loser not to mention a damn Socialist so what ever the idiot says I pay no attention to just a mouth

  • dolittle

    that God your out as governor this year as for the soul of our party we been losing that ever since the bushes first bush h w the bush h we lost a lot then and now we’re getting some of it back but until the libtard rinos are out we won’t get it all back

  • alloutanames

    who in the H does this little old man think he is…. gov of ohio or something… lol at this loser

  • alloutanames

    i think kasich was the equipment manager of his hs football team…lol


    I thought he died and went to Purgatory. Still around? What for, no one cares what he thinks, says, or does. Unless you do?%?

  • Joe Pewter

    Kasich is a punk fool…prime product of voter rigging

  • Pat Warnock

    Loser Kasich saw his state vote Trump despite all his efforts to prevent this – Mr 2%?

  • SiiRobertson

    Kasich is a worthless, traitorous POS. Who doesn’t know that?

  • J. Fannin

    This fool needs to shut up…and go away

  • SA Ander

    RINO, not relevant.

  • John

    KRYBABY KAISICH has shown his true colors . He is a DEER( Democrat enabling elitist republicans) who is rumored to be on SOROS and HRCs payroll. He will NEVER be as successful as TRUMP in civilian life, will NEVER become POTUS and if by some dystopian future became President, he would NEVER be as successful doing that.

  • Joseph Abraham

    Personally I don’t think its the president that is causing the Republican party to lose its soul. I believe Kasich is partly responsible.

  • Antonio

    I’m sure he will fund raiser for Mrs/mr manning for Congress that’s the type of guy this chum is

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Kasich should take his own advice!… What an IDIOT!

  • Rj Stoker

    Gov. Kasich, you offered to run with a Democrat not so long ago and you question the soul of the Republican party because of Trumps comments. You’re a splendid example.

  • Janis

    I think it is time for this disheveled, twitchy hunchback, who obviously doesn’t own a comb, to shut up!

  • Snakebait511

    Kasich is a POS RINO, more than likely voted in deceptively, bought and paid for by the Obama administration. I’ve heard he’s going to throw his hat in to the 2020 presidential run. OH BROTHER!

  • Sean Rickmin

    Mr.Kasich we elected Mr.Trump for AMERICAS President,not you.And by the way you sound very much like the rest of the densoc rat poor losers.Its way past time for a president that puts AMERICA first very much UNLIKE obamba.

  • GW62

    So basically I’m reading we have two guys who have thin skin, don’t like being criticized, and call folks childish names when they’re upset. This is news to people?

  • Jim Strong

    Kasich you are the one that should shut up
    You are nothing but a big mouth RINO.

  • William Edmiston

    What a waste that John Kasich. Did you know his dad was a postman.

  • Stan Leonard

    It sounds to me like John Kasich really, really needs to listen to his own advice and quit sharing it with others. Just shut up and go away; far, far away.

  • Fed up!

    Cry Baby Johnie a classic Rino that needs to STFU and have someone give him a eternal dirt nap.

  • JR

    People have been saying that Trump will expose the corrupt scumbags in politics and the media. Great Job MR President. They keep saying you are mental, yet who is going crazy.

  • Buck Stearns

    Jeez, he’s the President & head of your Party, Bozo! Get a grip!

  • deerflyguy

    Kasich showed his true colors when, after he swore to support the Republican Presidential nominee, he would not do so after Trump beat him and everybody else, and would not even attend the Republican nomination convention – HELD IN HIS OWN STATE – OHIO!
    A two faced, back stabbing, thin skinned RINO, if ever there was one!

  • Loving America

    Kasich is a Smart Elic in waiting to get his mouth busted by someone who does care to get caught!
    He thinks he is really intelligent and Probably hiding alot of criminal activities inthe mean time never planning on getting caught with…he jabbers too much to draw the attention away from himself!

  • DukeandDiesel

    Typical RINO. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Thank God this blowhard isn’t OUR president. Trump won because he is the epitome of what we want in a president. Someone who is a regular citizen, not living off the Federal dole, who was sick and tired on the bu*lls*it coming out of Washington. Career politicians must go! Forever! I’m sick and tired of Republicans “sitting on their hands” keeping their mouths shut! That’s how you loose elections. Republicans are used to being losers, and they love the status quo. As long as there are RINO’S in the party, we will continue to be losers.

  • Gerry Costa

    You mean kasich pulled his head out of soros’s butt long enough to make a pelosi type statement.

    • deerflyguy

      How about a Kasich/Waters Democrat ticket in 2020?
      Kasich changes parties and becomes a Democrat, instead of a RINO.
      Their motto could be:
      “John Kasich & Maxine Waters! They think alike!”
      Since the dems don’t currently have a winner on the bench, they should be ecstatic to get a real winner like RINO John tells everybody he is!
      Then the dems could take Ohio’s electoral college votes, too!
      Opps! Kasich couldn’t win Ohio, could he? Even in the primaries! My bad!

  • ADRoberts

    Kasich is an Establishment Republican pawn and a NEW WORLD ORDER pawn. The timing of his withdrawing from the run at the office of POTUS proved that. He is he one who vetoed a bill that was supposed to protect citizen’s religious freedoms.

  • Deplorable Lanie

    Kasich is a LOSER, he LOST and President Trump WON. So maybe he should just STFU! I would NEVER vote for Kasich ever!

  • Paul Brown

    Kasich is an idiot and a RINO moron. He will destroy the party with his clap trap, because he doesn’t
    know when to shut up himself. He is just pissed because he lost the election chance to become another of Osama’s henchmen and do the demonrats bidding for them.

  • Kenneth Bailey

    Kasich I hope that Ohio people come to their senses and vote your dumbazz out. Just go away you’re of no use to the United States. Go live where they believe like all of you demorats,rinos, and the bias media, we won’t miss you.

  • Trade_Seeker

    Kasich is like John McCain without the charm.

  • travis690

    Nothing is less shocking than when a politician is revealed as a hypocrite.

    While Governor Kasich was good for Ohio, his plans for if he became President would not have worked so well. The obvious fact that President Trump is doing the opposite of what Kasich said he would do, and it’s working, is enough of an indictment of his ideas.

  • Laxmom2


  • Hopeful

    This article is stupid, so what about Kasich. Trump does need to shut up. He would be far more effective if he did. He gets in his own way with that mouth of his. Anyone that can’t see that is an idiot. People can offer constructive feedback. And the best constructive feedback for Trump is to shut up and wait a full 24 hours before he tweets anything. That would help him greatly and keep him from a lot of criticism, since he’s the one that hates not to be liked. The truth is his presidency would be going a lot better if he would just shut up and show some self control like a mature adult and not a 5 year old. He brings these attacks on himself. He is not just president. He is a world leader and he needs to start acting like one. The things he wants to do are good, but that mouth of his makes them lose their luster. It does matter what you say and tweet.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Go away you stinkin’ rino.

  • Louie Rey

    Can you say RINO boys and girls? I have an idea John, why don’t YOU STFU? Concentrate on the parades that the winless Cleveland Browns throw for themselves and leave the rest of the country to PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  • Tim

    He did cave and took the Medicaid scam and put Ohio in a bad place.
    I was a long time Ohio resident, got out of there just in time

  • Yosemite Sam

    Kasich has long surpassed his expiration date. Along with Kasich, Jeff Flake [who’s a flake] needs to be run out of the Senate before his term ends. This clown FLAKE is an utter buffoon, demagogue and disgrace.

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Kasich & the “msm” would do well to follow his advise, and sit on their hands and just…..STFU!!!

  • Tony B

    Kasich is a sanctimonious fool that needs to take a long reflective look in the mirror. His display of hypocricity borders on that of the liberals.

  • Cheryl Heberle

    Kasich shut up.

  • JB

    The only idiot is this moron speaking. He is not a good banker or economist obviously or he’d still be in the banking business! He is obviously not a politician or a people person! So why should any of us listen to this moron he needs to be silenced by forcing them out of the political arena! He should crawl back into the little cubbyhole of his horrible little life of embezzling money from banks and stealing people’s futures like he has this is the Simon LAG EE of the 20th century”?”

  • teachersaide

    Kasich should have SHUT UP, when he had the “brilliant” idea to say that OHIO wants illegal aliens to come to that state!

  • jcrawdad

    Kasich Tells Trump to Shut Up; Hasn’t Taken Own Advice

    I think it’s about time the House Monitors tell him to set down and shut his pie hole for a change.