Lame-Duck Gov. Kasich Waiting, Hoping for His MSNBC or CNN Gig

‘I don’t think I’m going to know what I’m going to do until a significant amount of time passes…’

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John Kasich Photo by marcn (CC)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Lame-duck Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Specifically, the so-called Republican, a notorious NeverTrumper, wants to take a job in the media, possibly on television.

But at the same time, he wants to leave the door open to a possible presidential bid in 2020, says the Columbus Dispatch.

If he wants to run in 2020, either as a long-shot Republican primary challenger to Donald Trump or as an independent, it’s time to get cracking, suggests the article.


But Kasich seems to be having a “Hamlet” moment of indecisiveness.

In an 85-minute interview with the editorial board of The Dispatch on Monday, Kasich addressed his political future by saying, “I don’t think I’m going to know what I’m going to do until a significant amount of time passes.”

Perhaps part of his indecision reflects his uncertainty about whether he wants to stay in the Republican Party.

Kasich signaled he would veto a gun-rights bill headed to his desk, even after Republican legislators took out a “stand-your-ground” provision to appease him.

“That somehow makes the bill OK? I didn’t get that,” said a confused Kasich. “Just with stand-your-ground being gone, how about the rest of the bill?”

Despite tangling with his own party, Kasich says he would prefer to run as a Republican in 2020 to “try to restore what the party’s always been.”

But if politics isn’t in Kasich’s future, the governor says returning to TV is always a possibility. (He hosted “Heartland with John Kasich” on Fox News from 2001 to 2007.)

“I’m likely to end up—I’ve not decided yet—in the media. So I’m not going to lose a voice. I don’t want to be in the media and just be a talking head. I’m hopeful, I don’t know, that I’ll have a role that would be unique if I’m able to do that.”

While Kasich is far more likely to get a TV show than a presidential nomination, he says he hasn’t received any firm offers yet—but likes to think it will happen.