NO SURPRISE: Kasich Joins CNN as ‘Senior Political Commentator’

‘A TV contract would have no bearing on his 2020 intentions…’


John Kasich/IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Former Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican, joined CNN as a senior political commentator on Tuesday, just one day after leaving office, the cable news network reported.

He will appear in this role for the first time Tuesday night on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Kasich, who has berated President Donald Trump on mainstream media outlets for years, has not ruled out a challenge to the Republican president in 2020.

He has visited early primary states to sell his book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” which candidates traditionally use as early indicators of presidential bids.

Despite Kasich’s television contract, his chief political spokesman said the two-term governor has not ruled out another run for the White House.

“Any announcement about a TV contract would have no bearing on his 2020 intentions,” chief political spokesman Chris Schrimpf said before Kasich signed with CNN, according to CNBC. “All options are still on the table.”

Charlie Black, an advisor during Kasich’s failed 2016 presidential bid, said a decision to run for president would likely end his contract with CNN.

“In the past, people who run give up their network gig,” Black said. “It has to to do with Federal Communications Commission fairness rules. Look at Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich cases.”

On Jan. 14, Kasich announced that he signed with United Talent Agency, who was looking to secure him a contract with CNN or MSNBC, but not Fox News, reported.

Kasich hosted “Heartland with John Kasich” from 2001 to 2007 on Fox News, but has since distanced himself from conservatives and the Republican Party.

“I’m excited to work with UTA to keep my voice active across the world and share my experiences and observations to help improve the lives of others,” Kasich said before announcing his contract with CNN.

Last week, CNN also signed contracts with former Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, another NeverTrumper, and former Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri.