Ga. Rep. Karen Handel ID’d as ‘Worst for Women’ by Leftist Group

Attacked based upon long-debunked lie that Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer screenings…

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Karen Handel

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A new leftist effort, targeting elected officials deemed the “worst for women” based off of their “sexist” and “discriminatory” records, listed Rep. Karen Handel, R-Georgia, for persuading a breast cancer advocacy organization to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Despite the fact that she is a woman, Handel was named one of the worst representatives because of her pro-life history and support for President Trump.

Handel is the only female on the “Worst for Women” list of 15 Congress members, created by progressive groups the UltraViolet PAC and American Bridge, founded by Democrat opposition research operative David Brock and funded by leftist billionaire George Soros.

“Women are poised to play a key role in November. We don’t intend to let that opportunity slip by,” Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet PAC, said in a statement.


Handel, who ran for governor in Georgia in 2010, opposes abortion and has often called on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

While on the board of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a breast cancer advocacy group, Handel persuaded the organization to cut monetary contributions to Planned Parenthood by half, arguing the abortion center does not provide breast cancer screenings regularly.

This makes her an “anti-woman” candidate, according to the liberal organizations that are attacking her.

Handel, however, was correct in asserting that Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide “life-saving services” like mammograms, cancer screenings, or pap smears.

Although this myth has long been debunked, pro-choice advocates have hid behind it for years, claiming the government should continue funding Planned Parenthood because it’s a “health-care organization.”

“Despite the ongoing emphasis on Planned Parenthood’s mammogram referrals, this service does not reflect the core clients of the organization — certainly not clients in the reproductive age or have the highest rate of first-time abortions,” the Washington Post reported.

But American Bridge and UltraViolet PAC said Handel’s desire to defund Planned Parenthood is “unconstitutional” and “sexist.”

“If you are a member of congress putting women’s rights, livelihoods, and actual lives at risk,” sad Bradley Beychock, president of American Bridge, in a statement, “Start making plans for a long vacation after election day, because your political career ends in November.”