‘PINOCCHIO’ QUEEN: ‘Happy Warrior’ Kamala Nosedives in California Poll

‘This is a crucial month for her in fundraising and debates…’

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Kamala Harris/IMAGE: ABC News via YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has plummeted in the eyes of voters over the last month, especially in her home state.

In a new poll conducted in California, Harris dropped to fifth place, trailing behind Andrew Yang, a New York native and political newcomer.

Harris leveled out at 6 percent while Yang came in at 7 percent.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, tied for first, with Elizabeth Warren coming in second place.


Nationally, Harris’s numbers are just as bad.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Harris at 6 percent, which is an 8 point drop from last month.

She’s now in fifth place, dragging behind South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Warren, Sanders, and Biden.

Harris’s drop could be the result of her constant flip-flopping and prosecutorial demeanor, despite her best efforts to brand herself as a “happy warrior.”

In an attempt to regain momentum, Harris was advised to emphasize her warm and bubbly charm.

“This is a crucial month for her in fundraising and debates,” a source told CNN. “The campaign can’t survive on glimpses and glimmers. If she doesn’t do well, it’s harder to reverse the shift.

“Her entire tagline as being a joyful warrior is something that people respond to really well on the campaign trail,” the source continued, “and that’s something they want people to see on the debate as well.”

Voters, however, have seen right through Harris’s ploy.

“I think sometimes she feels like she’s putting a guard up,” one undecided voter told CNN. “Like it’s more of a show, you know what I mean? It’s just trying to pursue or portray a certain image of herself, as opposed to her authentic self.”

But Harris’s deliberate falsehoods could be turning voters away.

The Washington Post has awarded Harris several “Pinocchios” for lies she’s told on the campaign trail.

Whether it’s about Medicare for All, her past role as a California prosecutor, or the truancy program she once supported, Harris has repeatedly lied and misled the public.