Pot-Smoking Kamala Says Legalization Will Bring ‘More Joy’ to America

‘This is the same thing they did to Barack…’

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Kamala Harris/photo by Mobilus In Mobili (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, on Monday had to defend her “blackness,” which was called into question because she imprisoned minorities for breaking drug laws, and also because she married a white man.

Harris was interviewed on “The Breakfast Club” radio show, with hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, CNN reported.

To signal her commitment to the black community, Harris revealed that she smoked marijuana and “did inhale” during college.

She also called for recreational marijuana legalization, with a quip that did not seem to put limits on legitimate marijuana use.


“I think it gives a lot of people joy,” Harris said about marijuana. “And we need more joy.”

Harris had to defend her marriage to a white man—something the civil rights movement fought for decades to legalize and normalize.

“Look, I love my husband, and he happened to be the one that I chose to marry, because I love him—and that was that moment in time, and that’s it,” Harris said. ‘And he loves me.”

The hosts said an internet meme claimed Harris is “not African American” because her father is Jamaican, her mother is Indian, and Harris herself went to high school in Montreal, Canada.

“So I was born in Oakland, and raised in the United States except for the years that I was in high school in Montreal, Canada,” Harris said. “And look, this is the same thing they did to Barack [Obama]. This is not new to us and so I think that we know what they are trying to do.”

Harris also called out America’s oppressive white male patriarchy.

“There is no question that this system is deeply flawed, that there is systemic racism in the system. We have a problem with mass incarceration, in particular of black and brown men,” she said. “No mother or father in America should have to sit down when their son turns 12 and start having the talk with that child about how he may be stopped, arrested or killed, because of the color of his skin, there is no question.”