Judiciary Committee Sends Two Impeachment Charges to House of Representatives

‘The Democrats will justly pay a heavy political price…’

Judiciary Committee Sends Two Impeachment Charges to House of Representatives

Pramila Jayapal/AP Photo

(Liberty Headlines) Impeachment charges against President Donald Trump went to the full House on Friday, following approval by the House Judiciary Committee.

The House is expected to take up the two articles of impeachment next week.

The abuse of power charge stems from Trump’s July phone call with the Ukraine president in which Democrats allege he pressured him to announce an investigation of Democrats as he had yet to release US aid.

The obstruction charge involves Trump’s blocking of House efforts to investigate his actions by using his executive privilege authority.


Trump has denied wrongdoing.

The vote in the House panel was split along party lines, with 23 Democrats voting in favor and 17 Republicans opposed.

“The real abuse of power here is on the part of the House Democrats, as they have recklessly pursued this impeachment—20 times faster than the impeachment investigation of Bill Clinton—to reach their predetermined political outcome,” said Rep. Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican. “This impeachment will fail, and the Democrats will justly pay a heavy political price for it.”

Voting came quickly after two days of hearings at the Capitol and a rancorous 14-hour session that was abruptly shut down late Thursday when the Democratic majority refused — after a long and bitter slog through failed Republican amendments aimed at killing the impeachment charges — to vote late at night.

Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., who had said he wanted lawmakers to “search their consciences” before casting their votes, gaveled in the morning session.

“Mine is not a vote against any person,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat. “It is a vote for the Constitution and for ‘We, the People.’ Because America is so deeply worth it.”

Trump took to Twitter early Friday to praise the panel’s Republicans, saying “they were fantastic yesterday.”

“The Dems have no case at all, but the unity & sheer brilliance of these Republican warriors, all of them, was a beautiful sight to see,” he tweeted. “Dems had no answers and wanted out!”

Adapted from reporting by Associated Press.