Judge Orders State Dept to Turn Over Clinton Emails

Photo by DonkeyHotey

Photo by DonkeyHotey

(Judicial Watch) A federal court ordered the State Department to produce to the court 30 Clinton email-related documents that had been blacked out under various privilege claims. The January 24 order signed by U.S. District Court, District of Columbia Judge James E. Boasberg grants Judicial Watch’s Cross-Motion for Partial Summary Judgment for in camera, non-public review of the documents by January 31 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)).

Judicial Watch on November 23, 2016, asked the court to reject the State Department’s secrecy claims over the Clinton email documents on the grounds the documents relate to government misconduct. Judicial Watch argued the agency should release the 30 emails that had been withheld under “deliberative process,” “attorney client,” and “attorney work product” privileges.

Judicial Watch argued that Clinton’s email practices at the State Department constituted misconduct:

The U.S. federal government has produced two State Department Inspector General reports and a report following an FBI investigation, which collectively support the conclusion that, at a minimum, the unofficial server arrangement was misconduct even if it was not a prosecutable violation of criminal law or one that will necessarily result in civil liability. Secretary Clinton herself has called the unofficial server arrangement a ‘mistake’ …

The State Department’s descriptions of the documents show that the department may have misled the public about the Clinton email scandal:

The Vaughn [withholding index] description of these records appears to show, at least in part, a public relations campaign orchestrated by Defendant to create a false equivalence between Secretary Clinton’s unofficial server and the records management practices of former Secretaries Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and Madeleine Albright. No one believes that Madeleine Albright used an unofficial server located at her residence for government communications. Nor did Colin Powell hold 30,000 government records in his possession for two years after he left the State Department. Accordingly, it would appear that one purpose of the withheld discussions in this case was to manage the public messaging about government misconduct so as to mislead the public as to its severity.

Judicial Watch asked the court to reject the State Department’s efforts to shield documents under the “deliberative process privilege,” among other assorted privileges, in order to protect the confidentiality of internal deliberations:

In this Circuit, the government misconduct exception to the deliberative process privilege applies in two circumstances. First, the “deliberative process privilege disappears altogether when there is any reason to believe government misconduct occurred.” And second, “where there is reason to believe the documents sought may shed light on government misconduct, the privilege is routinely denied on the grounds that shielding internal government deliberations in this context does no serve the public’s interest in honest, effective government.” … Both exceptions apply to the 30 documents in question here…

“It is significant that federal court will review these Clinton email documents for evidence of government misconduct,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This important court victory shows that we are now only in the middle of the Clinton email scandal.”

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    Keep digging, thanks for the hard work Judicial Watch!


    Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

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      If you don’t have a dream !!

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        I just signed it. Thanks.

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          Google shut down my gmail account for an entire day as punishment for forwarding this….now I’m pissed off and will be posting it on every news blog where it’s even remotely appropriate. Please pass it along!

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            Gotcha, and will do.

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            Yeah—how much do we ‘love’ this!!? Yahoo filters what ‘video’s I can and can’t watch, as well!! Where do they get the ‘right’ to determine what I can choose to watch? Again, these people are being arrogant and overstepping their authority!!

          • Lorraine Turner

            Remember your on their website. They have every right

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            Until President Trump ‘kills’ the Propaganda Bill that Obama ‘slithered’ through before Christmas, that was promptly adopted ‘in kind’ by most NATO countries and some significant others, it might be prudent to be careful..it would be interesting though if he would use it against the ‘fake’ mainstream media…lol

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      Hillary “Likes” women, or haven’t you heard. Billy boy who also likes women even remarked on that some time ago. In those cells one tends to get REALLY really close to another.
      Personally, I’d like to see her on a chain gang. literally. or working in a soup kitchen or scrubbing toilets and all somewhere. Prison would be ok too, doing that.
      Whoops there goes the TV program she wants.

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        We call them carpet lickers. She fits right in with them.

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          I haven’t heard that trem used. But I’d bet it isn’t carpet they are licking but something a lot more personal.

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            Fur Traders

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    This old lying hag needs serious jail time.
    America dodged a bullet by not electing her
    See how quickly she and Bill closed down the pay4play
    She has no value to our enemies now
    Lock her up

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      IMO, the “Clara Petacci solution” is apt for Hitlery.

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      How many lies have Trump and Kellyanne been caught lying

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        I don’t know how many lies they are caught lying….what the heck does that mean?
        Then what does that have to do with the Secretary of State using a private server to send sensitive material (against the law) then lying to investigators about that and the number of emails? She’s lucky that the FBI didn’t put her under oath at the informal hearing….she would have perjured herself too.

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    There is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton is guilty and she knows it.

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      Now we need to get it across to the ‘air-heads’ that still support her!! Good Luck on that!! I knew it wasn’t ‘over’ for her yet. Trump simply ‘backed off’ because, as President, he didn’t want to put himself in the position where the Libs could claim he was ‘vindictive’!! They already grabbed anything they can to throw at him, why give them more ammunition?? Still, that didn’t mean he doesn’t know there are actions ‘in the works’ being taken to bring her to justice!! She’s so vulnerable in so many areas but it takes time to bring all the evidence together to make a ‘waterproof’ case. She and Soros can buy a lot of ‘phony justice’ for herself in defense. Wondering if she’s still Soros’ ‘flavor-of-the- month’ anymore, though, since losing the election!! Hmm

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      So do the American people who have half a brain.

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    The results of the fully rigged FBI investigation under Comey should
    be tossed out and the investigation done again under a proper FBI Director.

    • True Beliver

      Truthfully, I think that is why President Trump is retaining Comey. Why pay additionally for something that has already been done. I think after he gets full cabinet and gets everything rolling on a fast pace, he will then appoint a special investigator to look into all of this. Isn’t it strange that she has closed down the foundation. Hmmmmm However, there is still a tax liability there. He cannot do anything at the moment because he has no DOJ.

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    Lock her up!! She can do her tv show in prison!!

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      Yeah–a ‘reality’ show where she and her ‘snowflakes’ can bawl together and cry about how ‘unfair’ life is!!!

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          Nancy P and Diane F can join her!

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    Judicial Watch, the countries watch dog doing a job thewhole of Congress is NOT even trying to do. But rather tryes to keep the corruption ongoing.
    Support the Judicial Watch.

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      RINOS are terrified of what the MSM will write about them if they jumped into this Clinton scandal in any meaningful way. They are wimps and don’t deserve the air they breath.

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        RINO’s are in with Clinton. They’re traitors to America.

  • James Maxwell

    Wonder how many in the State Dept will have to be fired before they comply
    with the demand of the Congressional Oversight Committee? Regardless
    eventually someone will comply to save their job or because they know their
    duties are to the American People and not some political ideology .

    • Deborah Pratt

      Draining the Swamp takes time–although less than we thought! Interesting to see what is coming up out of the ‘mud’, though.

      • Warren Blum

        Yes it does. Look how long it’s taken them up on oak island lolololol

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        Mussolini drained the swaps of Rome faster than it is taking the administration to do same thing around DC. (Don’t lose sight of the metaphor.)

  • Crazy Barry

    This is not a Trump Administration priority right now, but you can bet that it’s on his “to-do” list once the DOJ and State Dept. swamps are cleaned out. I love the sounds of liberal heads exploding in the mornings!

    • Warren Blum

      It is great

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    Great job, as usual, Judicial Watch. She deserves to be in prison.

    • JHW

      Along with Obama.

    • True Beliver

      Isn’t it sad that we have to have a Judicial Watch because of all of the corruption? Thank goodness we have them and Wikileaks or we would have known nothing of what really is going on and believe me, I believe it is the tip of the iceberg.

      • Gerry Costa

        I agree 100%. It is just the tip.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Obama’s misconduct in office needs to be exposed as well along with the misconduct of the democrat party and the main stream media. Charge all these corrupt to the core anti-Americans with treason.

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    It’s about time!

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    Put her in an orange suit. She looks good in orange!!!!!

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    Lock her up

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    If there is nothing to hide why not release them. We all know why.

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    You know, as encouraging as this is, I’ll believe it when I see it. How many times have there been threats of indictments or subpoenaes against her and yet nothing comes of it? Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • James in Texas

    DOS, just for your information as it appears you are still in the dark………….”Odumbo is no longer the President, and he can not now offer “cover” for you issues that you created yourselves”! Always remember that the Federal Prison system has abundant room for all members of the State Department that “lied” for Odumbo!

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    I still want her locked, and soon!

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    Yes three hots and a cot a seizure of all assets accrued during her time in the position as it is property of the American people

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      Stolen property that is

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    Now let’s get what’s his name’s (the community organizer guy) records unsealed.

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    Yahoo does edit, even has removed some emails I had once, about 700, years ago. So be weary.

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    How many times are you guys going to bring this up. They should wait and produce them when Trump produces his taxes that we’ve been waiting to see

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    Somewhere in a dark room there are children awaiting Bill and Hilliary’s arrival on the Lolita Express. No one addresses what is in those emails. Only the fake news Russian hacking of them. Which as we know isn’t even true. But still those little boys and girls are not being rescued and this deviant media is helping cover it all up and everyday people forget what was in the emails while being distracted away from high official pedophiles. Look up there at this spirit cooking pedophile and we are only talking government agency corruption. Not criminal pedophilia.

    • True Beliver

      and Pizzagate

      • Carson Randolph

        Whatever you’d like to call it. The results are the same and yet on we go as if it were just a myth.

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    Won’t do any good unless the judge has the balls to jail anyone who tries to delay the release.

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    Lock her up!!!

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    Great job Tom Cotton, our forefathers would be proud of you pursuit of Crooked Hillary

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    The Emails might just involve Obama

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    Really Want to Punish Hillary…Put Her in a Dress w/ Strips !!!