Judge Rules That ISIS Bride is NOT a U.S. Citizen

‘Will not be admitted into the United States. She’s a terrorist…’

US Refuses Re-Entry to Alabama Jihadist Who Wants to Come Home

Hoda Muthana/IMAGE: ABC News

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) A federal judge ruled that Hoda Muthana, an American born woman who moved to Syria to join ISIS, is not a U.S. citizen.

Muthana has tried to argue that she “deserves a second chance” to return to the U.S., disavowing ISIS and the extreme ideology that she gladly embraced when she moved to Syria in 2014.

Muthana now has a 2-year-old son, and her father, Ahmed Ali Muthana, has tried to force the U.S. government to allow her to return to the country.

He filed a federal lawsuit against the Trump administration earlier this year, citing the “unlawful attempt” to “remove her citizenship” and urging the U.S. to consider that Muthana was just a “naïve, angry, and arrogant woman” when she left.


The State Department made it clear that it would not allow Muthana or her son to return to the U.S.

“Ms. Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “She’s a terrorist.”

Judge Reggie Walton agreed and ruled that the diplomatic protections that apply to her father, Ahmed Muthana, do not apply to her.

“I am constrained to rule that at the time of her birth, she was still under the protection afforded to diplomats and that when she was born she was not born a U.S. citizen,” Walton said.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute praised Walton’s decision as an “important” ruling that “brings some much-needed clarity to the question of what constitutes U.S. citizenship,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI.

Muthana regularly encouraged American jihadists to target federal events and attack U.S. citizens, telling them to “go on drive-bys, and spill all of their blood.”

Now, she said she “regrets every single thing.”

“They can watch over me 24/7, I’d be OK with that,” she told NBC News from the al-Roj refugee camp in northern Syria this month. “I want my son to be around my family, I want to go to school, I want to have a job and I want to have my own car.”