Judge Finds Probable Cause To Charge Chris Christie In Bridgegate Scandal

Photo by Gage Skidmore

(ZeroHedge) Earlier this morning Bergen County municipal judge Roy F. McGeady ruled that there is probable cause to believe that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware that the so-called Bridgegate scandal from 2013, resulting from unnecessary lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, was “purposely created, it was contrived, it was orchestrated for political retribution.”

As such, Governor Christie has been ordered to appear before the court on March 10th at 1:30 p.m. to face prosecutors, who, according to local press, could still bring charges, but are not expected to. Per NJ.com:

“The court is satisfied that [Christie] had knowledge of the traffic problems in Fort Lee,” said municipal Judge Roy F. McGeady, referring to in the now-infamous politically motivated lane closures at the George Washington Bridge that resulted in the federal convictions of two of the governor’s top aides last fall.

“The court is satisfied that he had reason to believe that this traffic was purposely created, it was contrived, it was orchestrated” for political retribution, the judge added.

“It was the governor who tied this to some type of political event when he twice referred to Mr. Wildstein, by a pseudonym, as not being involved in ‘political’ actions.” said McGeady. “The court found that very persuasive.”

Judge McGeady initially issued a criminal summons to Christie back in October 2016 to face a charge of official misconduct but it was appealed on the grounds that Christie was denied adequate participation from his defense counsel. After the Bergen County prosecutor’s office announced it would decline to pursue any misconduct charges, citizen activist, and Democratic candidate for New Jersey Governor, Bill Brennan alleged a conflict of interest and presented his own evidence that judge McGeady apparently found compelling….

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