Juanita Broaddrick Exposes Hollywood, Media Hypocrisy on Roy Moore

(LifeZette) Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her, called out comedian Chelsea Handler Sunday evening for denouncing GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore (Ala.) for sexual abuse allegations while giving Clinton a complete pass.

The Washington Post reported last week that in 1979, a 32-year-old Moore undressed and touched a 14-year-old girl. In addition, three other women told The Post that Moore had pursued them when they were teenagers, but still over the legal age of consent. The report spurred prominent Republicans and Democrats alike to call on Moore to drop out of the election, which is less than one month away. But Moore has remained defiant and has refused to step down.

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As a result of the allegations, Handler lashed out at Moore in a tweet Sunday evening.

“Imagine being molested by an older man. Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States senate,” Handler tweeted. “What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?”

Handler’s tweet propelled Broaddrick to respond in kind and warn the liberal comedian,”You don’t want to go there.”

“Yeah, @chelseahandler I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor & President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But I’m sure you don’t want to go there,” Broaddrick tweeted.

Broaddrick claimed in the late 1990s during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings that he had raped her in a hotel room back in 1978. She accused 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of working with her husband to intimidate and discredit Broaddrick and the other women who accused the former president of sexually harassing or assaulting them.

President Donald Trump invited Broaddrick and three of Clinton’s other accusers to attend the second 2016 presidential debate as his guests.

“Never been anybody in history of politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women, so you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women,” Trump said during the debate. “Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them here tonight.”

On Jan. 6, 2016, Broaddrick tweeted, “I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73 … it never goes away.”

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  • jcrawdad

    Juanita Broaddrick Exposes Hollywood, Media Hypocrisy on Roy Moore

    I MAY BE LOOKING AT THIS IN THE WRONG WAY !!! BUT I’M SEEING FAKE NEWS ALL AROUND . How come all thees ladies didn’t come out a long time ago , teal just before Election time . Sounds like another MOLLINDAY SOUSE SPREAD by the Liberals again. If you haven’t seen when the Liberals want to get someone they feel is a threat to the Party out of the way, They us any tactic that will work on that person to remove them from power. The last Administration used thees tactics to remove the top Generals that wouldn’t play Ball. Then after Retirement or removed from their position, ALL CHARGES WOULD BE DROPPED . Before the Hammer is dropped on the different ones that are being accused , There should be a complete back ground check on each accuser .Find out who’s pushing them to come out, where the Backing money is coming from , who’s going to best benefit from this persons removal . INVESTIGATE , For sure if it’s going to destroy someones life.

    • Janelle

      Now it is being bandied around that this behavior was well known in Gadsden……….um, where were the fathers, brothers, mothers and friends of these girls at that time?

  • jcrawdad

    Juanita Broaddrick Exposes Hollywood, Media Hypocrisy on Roy Moore

    WASN’T THERE SOMETHING PRINTED sometime back about Bil and Insist.