Rep. Jordan: If Dems Can’t Ditch Trump Hate, ‘We’re in This Shutdown for a While’

‘We have an arterial bleed at the southern border and it’s time to put the tourniquet on…’

Rand Paul, Jim Jordan Buck Leadership by Reviving 2015 Obamacare Repeal

Jim Jordan/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Newly elected Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said the “tragedy” at the southern border is “totally avoidable, if the leaders in this country do what the American people want.”

Roy defended President Donald Trump’s firm stance on border security during The Daily Caller’s monthly “Conversations with Conservatives” on Jan. 10.

“We have American citizens who are dying, we have immigrants who seek to come here who are dying, we have little girls that are getting sold into the sex-trafficking trade because we refuse to do our job as a sovereign nation to secure our border,” Roy said.

“The president is right to elevate this,” he added. “What he’s asking for is perfectly appropriate and reasonable and commonsense—exactly what the American people want.”


Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mark Green, R-Tenn., also joined the conversation, which Rob Bluey of the Heritage Foundation moderated.

Roy and Green were both elected to the House of Representatives in 2018. Roy replaced former Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, who served 16 terms before retiring.

Green replaced former Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who ran a successful campaign in Tennessee to replace retiring NeverTrump Sen. Bob Corker.

Jordan, who founded the House Freedom Caucus, criticized the Democratic Party’s view of the situation at the southern border.

“The Democrats keep talking about this “manufactured crisis.” It’s not manufactured at all; it’s real,” he said. “Anyone who has watched the whole caravan phenomena over the last several months—how that’s unfolded—knows this is a crisis.”

Many of those from the initial caravans who arrived in Tijuana in November and December have since dispersed—some by crossing the U.S. border and others by turning back or settling in Mexico. However another caravan, reportedly preparing to leave Honduras on Jan. 15 and arrive in the spring, is said to be even bigger.

Facing overcrowded detention facilities, precarious health conditions, and statutory limitations on the amount of time children can be held, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol was forced to release thousands of immigrants from custody into the general population in recent weeks.

“Step one in dealing with something of this magnitude is a border security wall, and that’s what this is about,” Jordan said. “If the Democrats can get past this position they’ve taken, which is they’re more concerned about stopping the president than they are with helping the country, we can get to a solution and address the terrible things that are going on there. If not, I think we’re in this shutdown for a while.”

In a tweet Thursday, Trump made a similar argument that Democrats want to resist the president no matter the issue.

Roy cited facts about the effectiveness of the triple-layer fence in Southern California: arrests dropped from 600,000 per year in the ‘90s to about 30,000 after the fence’s construction.

Bluey asked Jordan whether he’s concerned about the president declaring a national emergency to build the wall.

“No, what I’m concerned about is not building a border security wall,” Jordan responded. “I think we should do it legislatively … but I do think it’s an emergency.”

He also predicted that diverting funds for a national emergency at the border would result in a lengthy court battle, delaying the wall’s construction.

Green clarified that the congressmen’s support for Trump declaring a national emergency “is not granting the executive branch more power. The authority is already there.”

Green, a physician and owner of a health-care company, used a medical analogy to describe the border crisis.

“Amnesty and DACA and all that: that’s the scratch on the forehead. It needs to be taken care of at some point, but we have an arterial bleed at the southern border and it’s time to put the tourniquet on.”

Rod on a Wire

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein/IMAGE: Fox 11 Phoenix via Youtube

On a separate note, Bluey asked the representatives about United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein preparing to leave his position.

“Just because he’s leaving doesn’t mean he shouldn’t come in front of Congress, be under oath, and answer our questions,” Jordan said.

Rosenstein, who during Jeff Sessions’ A.G. tenure was the chief overseer of the Mueller investigation, raised alarms in September when it was reported that he and disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe had discussed secretly wearing a wire during meetings with Trump.

For reasons unknown—presumably to protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation—Trump decided not to fire Rosenstein at the time. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker now is in charge of Mueller oversight.

William Barr will assume the top A.G. role upon confirmation, which is tentatively scheduled for February, although Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has indicated he plans to delay or block many confirmations, if possible, during the partial government shutdown.

On Jan. 9, Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., sent a sent a letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, asking him to bring in Rosenstein for questioning before the committee.

“Never forget what’s alleged by The New York Times and other mainstream publications … he talked to subordinates about wearing a wire to record the president of the United States and talked about overthrowing the president via the 25th Amendment,” Jordan said.

“That is unbelievable, and we had in an interview, James Baker, former chief counsel at the FBI, say that he believes Rod Rosenstein was serious.”

Although it is unlikely House Democrats will pursue the issue with Rosenstein, Cummings has extended an invitation to one former member of Trump’s inner circle who did wear a wire.

He recently invited former attorney Michael Cohen, soon to begin a three-year prison sentence on fraud charges stemming from the Mueller investigation, to testify publicly before the Oversight Committee in February. Cohen accepted the invitation and is to testify in February.

“The Democrats’ star witness has admitted to providing intentionally false and misleading testimony to Congress…,” Jordan said in a press statement. “This makes clear that Chairman Cummings and the Democrats will do whatever it takes to attack this President.”