Kasich Consultant Backs out of Russia Lobbying Deal; Vows to Defeat Trump

‘To allow anything to distract from [dispatching Trump] is a mistake…’

Vladimir Putin/Photo by theglobalpanorama

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Political consultant John Weaver, who outed himself as a foreign agent Wednesday, cancelled a $350,000 contract to work for a company founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin and decided to follow the most virtuous path in American politics: ensuring President Donald Trump is not reelected.

For a moment it had appeared that the former John Kasich and John McCain adviser would abandon his deeply-held principles and lobby for the Tenam Corporation, a subsidiary of Russia’s state-owned energy company.

Weaver announced Thursday that he instructed his lawyer to “reject the agreement,” Politico reported.

“Nothing is more vital to America & the world than dispatching @realDonaldTrump & his low travelers from the WH,” Weaver wrote on Twitter. “While I fear the dangers of nuclear proliferation & know a stable uranium market is important to the USA’s national & economic security—& experts urged this—my laser focus is on 2020 & playing any role—major or minor—in ensuring Trump serves only 1 term.”


Twitter users praised his “integrity,” calling him a “patriot.”

“Others that put freedom first: Patrick Henry, James Madison, George Washington, … You’re in good company. Good luck,” Twitter user @wrthomasson wrote.

He said “no funds were transferred” to him from Russia and “no actions taken.”

Weaver reversed course after he justified his choice to take a paycheck from the Kremlin on Wednesday.

“I know this is counter intuitive,” Weaver tweeted. “Man bites dog. How could a Putin critic, someone with a single digit (and well earned) Trump enemy list # do this?”

Weaver, an NBC and MSNBC analyst, can spin anything.

He reassured his followers that adding “uncertainty to the uranium market would make this globe even more dangerous” than working for the people who threaten our democracy with their puppet in the White House.

Weaver worked for Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The former Ohio Governor has not ruled out a primary challenge to Trump in 2020.

“To allow anything to distract from [dispatching Trump] is a mistake,” Weaver said. “And I can recognize a mistake when I make it.”