SEN. KENNEDY: Some Dems Have No Soul, Mothers Didn’t Breast-Feed Them

‘They don’t care who gets destroyed: Dr. Ford: her confidentiality, her family. They don’t care if Brett Kavanaugh gets destroyed…’

SEN. KENNEDY: Some Dems Have No Soul, Mothers Didn't Breast-Feed Them

John Kennedy/IMAGE: Fox News

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) John Neely Kennedy, Republican U.S. Senator from Louisiana, had some harsh and colorful things to say about some of his Democratic colleagues – and a pithy plea for Republican colleague Jeff Flake – in a Fox News interview on Wednesday morning.

“If you think this is a search for the truth, you oughta put down the bong,” Kennedy said, repeating a comment from yesterday, speaking about Senate Democrats’ treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. “And it’s true: This isn’t about the truth anymore; it’s about ‘just win, baby’. It doesn’t matter who gets destroyed.”

Kennedy was just getting warmed up.

“Some of my colleagues on the Democratic side are in good faith. Some I’m convinced – I could be convinced, I’m rapidly being convinced – don’t have a soul,” he said. “Their mothers didn’t breast-feed them; they didn’t have to: They went to raw meat; they went right to raw meat.

“They don’t care who gets destroyed: Dr. Ford: her confidentiality, her family. They don’t care if Brett Kavanaugh gets destroyed, [or] his reputation.”

Setting aside the vivid imagery for a moment, Kennedy said: “What I’m hearing from voters in Louisiana is, enough is enough.”

He condemned sexual harassment in strong terms, but then said: “but this is also no country at all without due process, and both the accuser AND the accused are entitled to respect, and fairness, and due process, and they are entitled to defend themselves.”

Fox host Bill Hemmer then asked Kennedy about Flake, the retiring Republican from Arizona whose demand for a supplementary FBI investigation delayed Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote just as it seemed the judge’s appointment probably would be approved by the Senate – and after Flake, just hours earlier, had announced he would vote for Kavanaugh.

Kennedy of course knows why Hemmer asked.

In the days since Flake’s last-hour demand, the Arizonan repeatedly has set out new conditions for him to vote in favor of Kavanaugh, despite his earlier promise to do so.

First, even though he originally asked for a limited probe, he expanded his demand by saying that it needs to be a more “fulsome investigation.”

He also called for a detailed review of whether Kavanaugh lied to the Senate, saying any lie would cause him to vote no.

Later, even though he acknowledged that Judge Kavanaugh had every right to be furious at the treatment he has received, Flake blamed the judge for showing a “sharp and partisan” temperament, and said “we can’t have this on the court; we simply can’t.”

And now he is blasting President Trump for a rally in which Trump criticized accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Knowing all that, Kennedy said Flake “should follow his heart, but I want Jeff to take his brain with him. He’s heard the same evidence I have – or lack thereof.”

Flake, of course, has been rumored to be considering a run for president in 2020, and some see his reluctance to vote for Kavanaugh as a cheap way to get back at President Trump for helping torpedo Flake’s chances at re-election to the Senate.

Watch the full interview with Kennedy on Fox News here.