Kasich PAC Promptly Fundraises Off His Brand-New CNN Gig

‘By the way, this is not me promoting anything, including myself…’


John Kasich/IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) No elected Republican has done more to fuel a 2020 primary challenge to President Donald Trump than former Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Now, Kasich has a national platform to promote his “NeverTrump” message.

The two-term GOP governor was hired by CNN on Wednesday, which dubs itself “the most trusted name in news.”

But hiring a politician to attack a political rival ahead of an election is clearly unethical if CNN expects to be seen as producing journalism.

CNN already ranks a distant third in cable news viewership.

The same day as Kasich’s debut, his Kasich for America PAC fundraised off of his new media spot.

“We wanted to reach out to make sure you saw the news that Gov. John Kasich begins a new role this week as a regular contributor on CNN,” a fundraising email reads.

“It’s simple. With more interviews comes more things to share and grow Gov. Kasich’s message and audience,” is says.

But only time will tell if there is a voting audience for unpopular Republican.

Kasich dismissed 2020 rumors in a first-day on the job interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Although in a December Fox News interview he refused to rule out a White House bid, saying “all options are on the table.”

Staying on message, Kasich told Cuomo that is only interested in “calling balls and strikes” in his new CNN commentating role.

“And by the way, this is not me promoting anything, including myself,” he said.

Kasich then promoted his independence, a central theme to his self-styled political brand dating back to the 2016 Republican primary.

Trump resoundingly defeated Kasich and went on to win Ohio by 8 points in the general election.

“Nobody’s going to pressure me, nobody’s going talk me into anything,” he continued.

“I have people that have walked up to me all the time, and they have looked at me as a straight shooter, and they’re of both political parties.”

Kasich also took a shot Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, a potential NeverTrump 2020 primary rival.

Romney recently treaded into Kasich’s anti-Trump messaging in a Washington Post editorial.

“When Mitt Romney wrote that op-ed piece, and everybody got worked up down there? I probably would have written three by now,” he told Cuomo.