Jemele Hill Accuses ‘White Supremacist’ Trump of Weaponizing Sports

‘We’re calling Donald Trump a white supremacist every other day…’

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Anti-Trump sports personality Jemele Hill appeared on NBC’s “Late Show with Seth Myers” on Monday night, and accused President Trump of “weaponizing sports,” particularly the NFL.

But lost from her analysis was any acknowledgement that activist NFL players and ESPN played a “weaponizing” role.

Players and network pundits protested the national anthem, law enforcement and the military long before Trump weighed in.

“So that was one of the issues at ESPN was the question that I feel like was coming to a head anyway…the president has, it seems to me, weaponized sports in a way presidents haven’t in the past,” said Hill.


“There was this idea that people I think had whether it was true or not that, you know, sports fans — that was the place you could go to get away from it all, and now that doesn’t seem to be the case,” she told Meyers.

Hill herself played a huge role in the controversy — a role she embraces while simultaneously denying.

Hill spent more than 10 years as an ESPN commentator before becoming a liability and eventually being fired. Low ratings a multi-million dollar contract were also part of the decision.

She famously tweeted in Sept. 2017, that the president was a “white supremacist.”

ESPN balked at holding her accountable, fearing a social justice backlash which the network actively cultivated.

A month later, however, ESPN suspended Hill for two weeks for attempting to organize a boycott against the Dallas Cowboys.

“Stop watching and buying their merchandise,” she tweeted to 2.6 million followers over Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ policy of benching players who kneel during the anthem.

Now, Hill works for the liberal literary magazine, The Atlantic. She told Meyers she was hired for her journalism on race, sports, culture and gender.

“I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time,” said Meyers.

Hill also said that working at The Atlantic is an improvement over ESPN.

“You know, the political, social, cultural space for them is much different for them,” Hill said. “They are limited because you go to ESPN to watch games and see results and learn about athletes.”

“At The Atlantic, I mean, you know, in some way, shape or form, you know, we’re calling Donald Trump a white supremacist every other day, so it’s like not a big deal there,” she said.

“In fact, the issue that’s about to hit newsstands now, it says ‘Impeach’ on the cover of The Atlantic, and it’s just the case for his impeachment,” she continued.

In November, Hill reaffirmed on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that she thinks Trump is a white supremacist.

But by that time, Trump had responded with a Tweet of his own.

“With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have ‘tanked,’ in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!”