Jemele Hill Shrugs Off Tweets Calling Trump a White Supremacist

‘Show me the lie…’

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Former ESPN commentator Jemele Hill stood by her history of controversial tweets on Thursday evening’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where she reaffirmed that President Trump is a “white supremacist.”

Those tweets eventually got Hill fired from the ESPN sports media empire, although low viewership and her multi-million dollar contract had plenty to do with the dismissal.

Colbert opened with her most notorious tweet, reading, “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.”

“Show me the lie,” Hill said.

Another past tweet claimed white people are complicit in Trump’s white supremacy.

“The height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy, because it’s of no threat to you. Well, it’s a threat to me,” she said.

Trump responded with a tweet of his own, “With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have ‘tanked,’ in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!”

“As a journalist, you live for those moments,” Hill told Colbert.

“Most of us, we live for the day City Hall comes after us,” she said.

ESPN has lost millions of subscribers over what many former “SportsCenter” fans say has been a corrupting mix of left-leaning politics and sports entertainment, whereas sports used to be a forum to escape politics.

But Hill, who now works at The Atlantic magazine, told Colbert that sports and politics have always been connected.

She said Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James are only the latest examples of athletes who speak out on social justice.

“Some people look at it like food on a plate,” she said. “They don’t like the veggies and the potatoes touching. But in this case, they’ve always touched. The always mix together.”

Hill was on the show to promote “Shut Up and Dribble,” a three-part documentary series executive produced by NBA superstar LeBron James. Hill narrates the series.

The documentary’s title comes from Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s slam against James for talking politics in an interview.