Jay-Z: ‘Satan is Our True Lord, Only Idiots Believe in Jesus’

(Neon Nettle) Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of “smart people” who worships “our true lord; Satan.”

Jay-Z photo

Jay-Z/photo by richt/tlobf (CC)

The billionaire rapper has also claimed that “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light,” and that “Jesus never existed” but was merely a “tool created by smart people to control dumb people.”

During a backstage tirade at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z pointed around the room saying, “ya’ll being played.”

“There ain’t no Jesus.”

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“Ya’ll slaves to a fake religion.”

“Do you think I got where I am praying to a guy that don’t exist? No. I found the guys who invented that guy and I joined the club.”

“Then I worked my way to the top.”

“I earned my new form of humanity and maturity when I fully embraced my older brother, Satan.”

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The music star claims that Satanism became the “highest form of being” due to the ease of manipulating “mentally-challenged Christians” who “desire to be slaves.”

He stated that “there’s real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan,” that rewards its followers with “wealth and success,” but “Christians have prayed to God for years and ain’t gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness.” This, apparently, is what caused Satan to have “gotten a bad rap” from Christians who worship a “fake religion, built by a#^*oles…”

  • Fed up!

    Jay-Ass your a form of Satan. Anyone that listen to your 💩Music if you call it that, is a dumb ass follower.

    • Balder The Brave

      I was going to be hateful but decided that following Jesus is the right course. Jay-zee may God bless you and your family.

      • childof thelight

        ;2nd JOHN verses 10 and 11

      • Lynn Johnston

        Seriously!! and BLESS the BEE & their babies too!!! He sounds SINISTER…What was she thinking

        • sweetqueen777

          SHE is as bad as he is.

      • childof thelight

        Bless him for what, he is lifting up the evil one, while denying Christ.

        • sweetqueen777

          He really is not very BRIGHT. If there is Satan, and Evil in the World, there is ALSO a Savior. The Living God, Jesus Christ, and GOODNESS, beyond any imagination. Yin/Yang, STUPID. Common Sense.

        • Sandman

          Prey that his eyes will be opened by God.

          • Chi Sam

            Prey is the target of a hunter.

            Why are you so stupid? Are you a drug addict or life-long alcoholic that has damaged his brain?

          • Sandman

            I will keep misspellings words until you turn to Jesus.

          • Chi Sam

            You will continue to botch simple words until the day you die.

            You’re stupid, and there is not enough time left for you to become smart.

          • Chi Sam

            You’re a religious man, and you don’t know the word ‘pray’.

            It does not get any dumber than that.

        • USAF Brat

          For real, blessing one who is a disciple of satan, oh I think not. That’s blasphemy to me.

      • Sandman

        He is blind to the truth.

        • Robert A Oziomek

          He’s blinded by money and fame. The price he paid is not worth it.

          • Zelda777

            He will pay a lot bigger price soon, he is a very sad individual
            I almost feel sorry for him but I don’t think he deserves it!

      • sweetqueen777

        Praying that he, and all those who deny the existence and POWER of Jesus Christ, will come to know Him, and the PEACE that passes all understanding. I am SECURE in My Future with MY KING, and You can be, too.

      • John Lowder

        Don’t worry bout all the critics! You made the right decision. Something I can’t say about all the critics. God IS blessing him by not striking him dead. Which will happen if he don’t change soon…May God Bless…

      • USAF Brat

        I can see praying for his evil, shriveled, little soul (ditto his brain) but God bless him? Jesus never told us to be stupid wimps, in fact he told us to beat our plowshares into swords we’re going to need them. No, I don’t bless satan or anyone who espouses the evil one. What is WRONG with you?

    • Kathryn Jordan

      His form of “music” is crud that is so loud it is disgusting. He forgets that he can’t serve God and money. Of course in his eyes, he can serve Satan and money. We as Christians know that you can’t serve God and money. The guy is out of his mind if he thinks Satan is the true God. I hope God blesses his family and Jay-Z and opens their eyes to the truth.

  • omikehawk

    He should pray every day that a butt ugly, no talent ub struck it lucky in life!

    • Carol

      Butt ugly for sure.

      • tornadohunter

        And a Nap-Sack!! LOL

        • Carol


  • Kevin Carl

    Whether you believe or not, the fact is the book talks of both. If you believe in one you are committed to the knowledge of the other. Money and fame has corrupted just like the book says.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      AMEN! When one worships money and fame, they can’t serve God. The Bible tells us that “you can’t serve God and money”. I would rather serve God than serve money any day.

      • Evolved One

        So what is Joel Osteen’s excuse again?

        • Kathryn Jordan

          who knows?

        • Gravity

          The Bible does say that God will supply our needs, but sometimes it’s in a Christian’s ministry to be a martyr. I can’t stand the Osteens in Christianity. The “send in your money now, brother and sister, and see the healing of Jesus in your life”. It’s a fraud and I don’t watch it. Others, like Joyce Meyer (whom I love to listen to), tell the truth (she has more so in her later years), that this life is not what we are ONLY to be excited about, because there will be trials (especially these days), but our next life is what’s going to be really exciting.

  • Skydog1

    My he meet his “True Lord” very soon.

    • “ya’ll being played.”
      “There ain’t no Jesus.”

      Just the opposite, ya’ll being played!

  • MaxVeritas

    You are deceived beyond measure. 1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    • spoken01

      This is correct…..suprised that Jayz exposed himself as a Satanic follower was not a smart move. Or the real deal is that he is using this as a publicity stunt.

      • sweetqueen777

        NOT a Stunt.He means every word. He and Bee wear some kind of necklace that identifies them as little gods in the cult of Satanism. They believe they are direct descendants of original gods on earth, and that they have “special gifts”.

  • Janelle

    He is is “star”? Who knew!

    • Jim

      IF you spell it scum.. Only way this “it” is a star..

      • Janelle

        Not on my playlist…….

  • Steve G.

    He sounds so stupid. God created Satin, but Satan is our true lord. What in the world is he smoking. Time to start issuing drug tests before someone can play in a concert or publish music. Heck you have to pass a drug test to work at McDonald’s. See what drugs do to your mind.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Not a bad idea about issuing drug tests before someone can play in a concert or publish music. Our athletes are to subject to drug testing as well. This guy must be on some illicit drug that is frying his brain. Only that would make someone say something like this. Besides, this guy and his so called music are garbage.

    • Andrea Lambert

      He’s starting to talk bs crazy s$*& like Kanye. Going off the rails. He’s lost the plot!

      • Balder The Brave

        The tugging Satan.

      • Lynn Johnston


    • Jamie

      See what Satan does to your mind!

      • Balder The Brave

        Jay-see worships the sweet version of Satan. Not the one that brings pain and dispair.

        • childof thelight

          Satan is the father of lies, if he has “sweets” then they are poisonous.

        • sweetqueen777

          Satan promises a giant beautiful Bird in the Hand. *Here on this World. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Eternal Lake of Fire, LATER. My Savior has promised ME my Two in the Bush, will be Eternity with HIM, and Blessings beyond my comprehension. I will OPT for the Latter. He has given me a wonderful world and PEACE here, as well. HE stand beside me, no matter what I encounter. Thank You Holy Lord!!!

      • mary ann


    • Liz

      Sounds like he will say or do anything to sell a CD and get attention. He appears to be the fake.

    • tornadohunter

      What mind?? The dude has no mind!! I guess that makes him – ahh – a NO MIND!! LOL

  • Kathryn Jordan

    Jay-Z, you will meet the ONE AND TRUE GOD ON JUDGMENT DAY. Jesus did say that you can serve God and money. I suppose this guy really likes his money so much that he would rather serve it than serve the one TRUE GOD. To say that Satan is “Our True Lord” is disgusting. It goes against what every Christian has been raised to believe and have been taught all these years.

  • MaxVeritas

    All he is doing is to prove that he is just as smart (deceived) as 1/3 of the Angels are whom Satan duped.

  • Jim

    What a scumbag..

  • Peter J

    What a piece of cow dung. It is garbage like this that contribute to the breakdown of moral values in the US. Another fine role model for young blacks.

    • Creekmaster

      Peter ,cow dung is useful J Z need so much

    • Carol

      His poor little kids.

  • Paul

    Barry an mikshells best friends, had their daughters idolizing beonca… what do you expect from a criminal.. such a joke!!

  • Paul Allen

    Only an idiot would believe in Satan and not Jesus.

    Typical stupid celeb. They should all keep their pie holes shut.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      You hit that right on the nail. Thank goodness Christians believe in Jesus. This idiot should just keep his mouth shut.

  • Sorry, J-Z, I’ll take the good guy over the bad one. This is too stupid to even begin to deal with such ignorance. But there is positive proof J-Z is wrong. Unfortunately, if he does not alter his belief, he will be dead wrong with no option to change his mind. Sorry, fella, but I am not going that route.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Agree 100% with you. I’ll take the good guy over the bad one any day. I give thanks to God every day. there is so much reason to celebrate our faith in God. As Christians, we hope that those who are on the “wrong” side will be able to see the light and change their tune. I can only hope that Jay-Z will change and start believing in God.

      • Kathryn,

        Not even God will change J-Z or anyone else. God seeks those who will come to Him by choice and free will. He even created Satan the same way. Satan made his choice and is now stuck with it. All are stuck with whatever choice we make up after the point of death. That is a very good reason to make a good choice while you are still breathing. I am pleased you did already do that.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          I am a “cradle” Episcopalian. I have worshiped in an Episcopal church for 51 years and will until the day I die. My faith in God means so much to me that I am glad I am so involved in church activities. Glad I have the time to do it now that I am retired. I could sing with the parish choir while I worked; and I still am involved with the parish choir. Singing praises to God each Sunday only strengthens my faith.

          • Kathryn,

            I know the feeling of Christian music myself. It lifts me up.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Always lifts me up as well. I have a favorite cassette that my mother gave me that I still listen to. Singing praises to God just makes me feel good all week long. have a Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Kathryn,

            I am a gospel music lover. It certainly lifts me up. and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you as well.

          • Kathryn Jordan


            I listen to the music from Vacation Bible School as well. Love that music since it is singing praises to God. I don’t know how many cassette tapes that I have that are one that sing praises to God. I find myself singing along them. Besides having a happy Thanksgiving, have a happy holiday as well a great new year.

          • Kathrine,

            I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year as well.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Thank you

  • jlcham

    I never liked RAP and now I have a better reason. This guy is a total “NUTJOB”.

    • Carol

      Yep and that is putting it nicely

  • Philomena

    JAY-Z is Satan’s Disciple and Beyonce is his helper. The disgusting garbage they dish out and have the nerve to call that entertainment. Beyonce and her disgusting “Skittles” and Michele Obama had the nerve to call her a role model. Perhaps a role model for Michelle’s own daughters.

    • Robert A Oziomek

      Money and fame has let them buy their multiple homes in this life and their beliefs and lifestyle will decide where they spend eternity.

  • Jerome Allen

    I agree with you all. Jay z has lost his mine. Must be on some expired meds.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      or frying his brain with crack cocaine.

  • Robert

    In the good old days, he would have been burned at the stake or stoned to death.
    To bad it’s illegal now.
    People like that are what destroys Countries.

  • patrick sain

    Jackass Jay z moron is a reject period God the only one you lowdown snake

  • ecbound

    Listen to Jay-Z, because he is telling us a lot about the people who are trying to destroy our world, what they believe, and what they think of us. This is what the Satanist, pedophile, globalists believe. This is what we’re up against, and people with a lot of power also believe this, and they are using all of the significant resources they have to destroy us, and have been working at it for at least 50 years.

  • ecbound

    And, by the way, PLEASE don’t buy any of Jay-Z’s or Beyonce’s music or merchandise, and don’t go to their concerts! These despicable people are coming right out and telling us about the contempt they have for us, and yet, they continue to take our money! I don’t even watch any of the entertainment news shows that I used to like any more. Same for NFL. I’m not giving any of these immoral, condescending excuses for human beings a penny any more!

  • Yarbles

    The only thing wrong with Mr. Z and his beyach Beyonce could be cured by good shot placement.

  • shane Power

    Does that mean jz is apart of the pedophile ring human trafficking and the killing of new born babies. Seems like that’s what all these horrid people in the pizza gate do. BUT THERE AGAIN JZ is from a rich family so what do you expect

    • Carol

      Just for fun lets say he is all that and a bag of crap

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Ummm, well good luck with that non-theology, boy-o.

  • Ruckweiler

    Wonder if he has an asbestos suit?

  • Prebangian

    Bet Jay-Z loves Islam?

  • Lori

    So sad ,and his kids will pay the Karma price, that should be his alone-and Beyoncé’s.He will be screaming for mercy from God ,before it’s all over-watch and see. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and you shall see the Kingdom of God !

  • Bonita Beach Babe

    Ah yes, and this is the husband of the person, according to Mchelle Obama, who is the role model for her girls. What a bunch of idiots

  • John

    My students in A Detroit High School have claimed that he was in the “Illumnati ” or some bs. I just think he’s high on whatever he got from “Snoop Dogg” and that like far too many “artists ” he’s a troubled soul.

  • Alana

    It’s OK to denounce Jesus since it’s in question that he existed. But to invoke Satan as your idol of worship indicates you have serious mental and emotional deficiencies and that you’ve gone down into the rabbit hole of false belief as any zealous religious follower. You’re all in delusion.

    • Carol

      He thinks his money will protect him.

  • Charles Z

    He’s literally describing what the Democratic party has done with the black community since at least the 60’s. Leading them like slaves with empty promises of prosperity through welfare, food stamps and other various government programs. controlling them with “freebies”. But all that aside, he has a far bigger problem awaiting him on the other side unless he changes. Satan is slick but only a created being whom Jesus the Lord of Lords will destroy.

  • SA Ander

    Can’t add anything to the post below.

  • Janthony132

    Oh My, I pitty you when you go over yonder and find out the truth.

  • Gregg Parker

    So… the smart people tell the stupid people that they are manipulating them because they are so stupid to believe in Jesus… Now who among the stupid people consider that revelation smart?… stupid is as stupid does JB…D… or whatever…us stupid people can’t even understand the smart lyrics to your smart songs for your smart “fans”…. lol what a tool or was that fool… guess I’m too stupid to figure out the difference…

  • MerryMerryMillicent

    Better a “slave” to the true God who promotes free will than to be an actual slave to a bunch of rich white executives who tell you when you’re allowed to speak and what to say…

  • R Parten

    What a sad excuse for a human being! Hopefully his admission will turn of a lot of his followers!

  • Joe samo

    Yep… He is a real smart fool..I am pretty sure if he voted it was for a democrat.

  • MaryEileen Edwards

    I think he forgets that lucifer was once gods most beloved angel love by god more than all the rest before he thought he could be more powerful than god himself…….so if there were no god there would be no lucifer/satan wake up jayz see the light of god

    • Kathryn Jordan

      How right you are. Don’t think jayz even knows about that.

  • Itpaystobeawinner

    That never ends well…jacka$$.

  • Boommach

    He will keep saying this up until he confesses that Christ is Lord. Every knee will bend and every head will bow. That will include this fool. He wants separation from the Lord. He wants to be absent from the source of ALL things good. He will get his wish.

    • Carol

      For sure

  • His statement is heresy. It only proves what I’ve believed for years, that rap is the Devil’s way of tempting people to turn to satanism. Videos filled with explicit nudity, drugs, and money have swayed many. Rap crap is filled with words of the same. I’d hoped this vile filth would have come to an end years ago, but we still have these Godless heathens ruining our young. They play the racism card like the pro. After all they do have the best teacher. I take solace in knowing where j-z and his followers will spend eternity. And if you don’t want your children winding up where jz will find his end, I suggest you bring your children to a church were they can learn about our Lord, and with your help grow up to be decent human beings. Because even if this lowlife is doing this just for his fans that are true pieces of human trash, he’s dragging your kids into an eternal grave. Praise be to God.

  • Carol

    I would rather see him pay some good ol karmic debt


    What a sick jerk and imbecile. Ok, Jay-Z nutcase, when your time comes to crook; ask Satan if he can rise you from the dead, moron. If Satan is so powerful then why doesn’t he stop your aging process.. You’re still growing old…..and fat…
    And talk about the Mentally Challenged—-Jay-Z is the perfect example of being Mentally Challenged and Retarded.

    • Carol

      He could very well be the poster child for utter stupidity.

  • tornadohunter

    Music?? What he does isn’t music, it’s a CANCER and a terminal one at that!!!

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Thank you for the afternoon laugh! That is the best description I have heard of this idiot’s so called music. Thank you for saying what Jay-Z’s “music” really is: a CANCER. This is why we should protect our children from listening to his so called music.

      • Carol

        You are right Kathryn, fortunately nobody I know listens to rap crap.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          I know I don’t listen to this rap crap. It degrades women in many songs. But this idiot sure has no idea that Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

          • Sandman

            He that believes in Jesus shall never perish but will have eternal life. This life will come and go in the twinkling of an eye, what does money, material things and fame really matter?

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Money and material things plus fame really don’t matter. You should be able to live comfortably. We can’t take our “material things” with us when we die. I have put in my will that certain things go to certain people. My DVD collection will be divided up between my brother and church.

          • Carol

            Unfortunately for him and those like him are in for a rude awakening.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I agree

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Ain’t that the truth.

      • tornadohunter

        Your welcome. :o) Glad to see someone appreciated it.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          I was laughing so hard that my sides were hurting. When someone can describe a person’s “so called” music the way you did, it was perfect. I give you 1000 gold stars for that!

          • tornadohunter

            Thank you – Thank you. I love gold stars! 🙂

          • Kathryn Jordan

            you are so very welcome!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            You are so very welcome. You deserved those gold stars especially when you come up with THE BEST name for Jay-Z’s so called music.


    How do we know he really said that.???

  • David

    You can not believe in Satan and not believe in God. Impossible. Conclusion: Jay Z better find a fountain of youth so he never dies. Maybe, it would be smarter to not believe in Satan OR God. That way Jay Z can come back as a dog and lick his own a$$.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Yeah… keep believing that MORON! Try to explain that to your Lord when you are burning!

    Me? I will be with my maker sitting by his side sipping a ice cold coke! Laughing at all youse non believers!

    Oh yeah!

  • Anti-antifa

    Ummm, Gay-Z, not only does christian’s sky daddy not exist, the ground troll doesn’t exist either…well, he does, but only on the TV show “Lucifer” with Tom Ellis playing that role, sorry butt boy!!!

  • Lucinda Schaefer

    So he sold out to Satan

  • Clifford Neeley


  • Evolved One

    Conservative nonsense.

  • Evolved One

    All of you commenting here who actually believe this garbage? No wonder America is so messed up. Re li gion is poison. D UM B as ses.

  • Evolved One

    Superstitious m o t h e r f ukk ahs!

  • Evolved One

    American christians — inbred white trash.

    • Rolpho Signetti

      Also Asian trash, Spanish trash, Red trash! And wha… BLACK trash. You need to get off the pipe MORON! You are starting to believe your own poison!

      Hate to inform you… CHRISTIANS are all over the world!

      Also, unfortunately MORONS are. And, I know I am talking to one right now!

      Have a good time in Hades!

      • Evolved One

        Yeah, but it tends to be inbred white trash that believes the drivel on sites like this…btw, hades is a greek myth, just like your precious christianity.

        • childof thelight

          Well, do you believe your ancestors were monkeys.

    • Rolpho Signetti

      You know what would America really great again. If jerk trolls like you would crawl back into your rat hole and leave America!

      Yo Dude!

      • Evolved One

        America is not just for the likes of you. You don’t like that, you can leave.

        • Rolpho Signetti

          I like that!!!! A commie Black Lives Matters that does not even respect the flag of the USA. That hates God, in whatever form. That most likely sits at home all day smoking crack, and taking money from welfare. That would NEVER stand up to serve his country in battle. That treat women like property. That protests, and riot when he does not get his way. That should be shot for treason! And tons more crimes.

          But he is telling me I SHOULD LEAVE?!?

          Listen you little spoiled malcontent, if you think you are man enough to make me leave. Try it! It will be you leaving in a box for African jungles where YOU belong!


    • childof thelight

      No one forces you to participate.

    • Sandman

      In the end we will all find out what the truth is, some people will wake up when it’s to late. I will prey for all of you.

  • A_patriot

    He’s so terribly misguided. Satan has made HIM the slave. Poor sap.

  • tes d’aless


  • Rolpho Signetti

    He is THE EVOLVED ONE…. from a warm t used into a hot steamy POS! Congrats on you promotion!

    • Evolved One

      Oh my, saying POS on a christian site. You are so going to H E L L

  • Jeff Karas

    Evil dyslexics worship Santa.

  • Chaz d

    Ok, here’s how intelligent this guy is – he says “Do what thou wilt. Ignore the rules…” So what if somebody decides to follow HIS rule and ignore the rules and decides to steal his wealth, or sucker-punch him, or throw a bucket of $xxt in his face? “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul?”

  • Kaye Swiftney

    wait until he stands be4 God one day. He will be with Satan forever.

  • TruthBeTold

    We already knew that you worshipped Satan. I hope you change your mind and believe in Jesus before you die. If you don’t, you will wish you had never been born.

  • Jaye Miller

    He and BHO are very good friends; they are probably in the same club…

  • JWB

    I PRAY daily for individuals, with a similar “mindset”as this man, whom have “fallen away” from God and our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, as we, as Christians, are not just encourage through the Gospels, but commanded to do so and witness to any who are willing to learn the truth. We should all “pity” the foolish who have been taken “captive” by the prince of darkness.
    Heartbreaking, actually.

    • Eguth3

      It’s a perfectly useless pray because he sold his soul to Satan a very long time ago for fame and fortune. Trust me these type of celebrities have a lot of mental disorders, one of the biggest is having Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I suspect J-Z is a psychopath and his wife is Queen B is a sociopath with three children who will turn out as a pampered entitled Prince or Princesses that don’t exactly live in the real world. Money can buy them anything, but it can’t buy them class or brains. These two are a lost cause. One will cheat on the other, possibility make another child with that person, they’ll fight over money and property and they will use their children against each other as a weapon of manipulation, their money will eventually stop coming in but they will still spend like it is.I’ve seen these play out one too many times, and it doesn’t end well for any of them.

      • JWB

        Greetings Eguth3,
        I don’t disagree with anything You stated, except that a “well” intentioned, sincere Prayer for a lost “soul” is, imho, never wasted and pleases our Heavenly Father. As You have stated, “Self-loving” is “the basic sin, from which all others flow.
        “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
        “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth”
        Best Regards

  • brooksmd

    His mother must be so proud. Then again she may be able to overlook his little quirk since she no doubt lives well.

  • Farte’

    Jay Z is living proof that money does not make you smart.

  • George Suchey

    It’s always easier to do the wrong thing. Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to do the right thing, even when no one is watching?

    GOD doesn’t want us to do the easy thing like JZ. If he did, the Bible would say Eat, drink, and be merry.

    JZ will have to atone at some point. That is GOD’s business. Something tells me that there will be the wailing of tears and the gnashing of teeth.

  • Barformer

    May he meet him very soon. Pushing drugs at 13, Knifed his manager and shot his own cousin.
    Yeah, He’s a real POS punk.

  • LX5000

    Oh we got plenty back! But our reward is not of this world. You can’t take your money with you, fool.

  • Fred Barton

    Isaiah 30:1-3 among many. I doubt if he (Mr. Jay-Z) believes any of what he says. Whatever the reason he says it. If he truly does, he will have to live and die with the results….I doubt he has a big enough trailor to carry all his possessions.

  • Sonny Peterson

    The resurrection is one of the most well-documented events in history.

    Jesus life is well documented within Christian and non-Christian writings.

    Satan wants to be worshipped as God his greatest deception is to use the Gospels against us.

    If you believe in Satan you must also believe in Christ the one who created him.

    You may gain all the riches of this world but if you lose your soul what good was it

    God breathed into man a living soul when we die our soul belongs to God who created it.

    We can accept God’s Gift of Salvation and our soul will live with God forever or our soul will live without God forever it’s our choice

    I choose Christ not Satan

    • Gravity

      God created Satan, not Christ. Just a technicality in your writing. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest. I’ve heard people say “After the resurrection, there is not much written about Christ except for what is written by his followers”. BUT, they are forgetting about the tons of writings that were burned down by Muslims when the Library at Alexandria was burned down. Who knows how many writings referring to Jesus Christ where there?

  • sue

    Is this story true???????????

  • Robert Wayne

    LOL….It figures that these worthless rappers and their noise pollution “music” are followers of Satan.

  • Mat50

    another pathetic POS with his head up his a$$.

  • Murphmeister

    Neanderthals belched more intelligence, music and poetry than comes from the mouth of any rapper.

  • It’s actually impossible to be a Satanist without believing in the Jesus bit too. Think about it. Where would one of them really be without the other.

    • childof thelight

      Satan chose to rebel.

  • Lili J

    “The God of peace will soon CRUSH Satan under your feet.
    May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.”
    Romans 16:20 (NLT)

    Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.”
    2 Corinthians 4:4 (NLT)

  • Gregg Parker

    Hey hero, what’s it like to @[email protected] [email protected] and terrify small children, then kill them and drink their blood with your other smart people and then go home and get a good nights sleep? Don’t think you have the all seeing eye as your final authority… only the really “smart” people would think the crime has no time…

  • potusYUGE

    PATHETIC! What an ignorant racist hate filled satanist demonkkkrat! Does your stupid wife feel the same?

  • AFGus

    And this kiddies is why you should “Just Say NO to Drugs”! If you don’t, you’ll end up just like Jay-Z…dead in the head!

  • Joecolt

    Well I guess we now Know Satan is a Liberal. And the Lying Fabricating Liberal Media must his Disciples.

  • Donovan Blaylock

    I guess he did not make the Four Billion for having his wife pull a Train in Paris ad scam the Insurance Company for the fake robbery

  • Sandman

    While on earth there is time to turn there lives to Jesus.

    • sweetqueen777

      WE are to continue to PRAY, and share the Gospel of Jesus Saving GRACE.

    • Chi Sam

      ‘Their’ lives, you dumb MF’r.

      For Christ’s sake, stupid…you used the word ‘there’ correctly just three seconds before forgetting what it means.

      • Sandman

        God will bless you if you turn to Jesus.

        • Chi Sam

          You’re evil.

          • Cindy Mae Beavelociraptor

            Well, you’re a troll, so…

          • Sandman

            Jesus loves you, open your heart to him.

  • Texninerfan

    God said, I put before you Life and Death, choose Life. God even told us what choice to make but Jay z chose something other than life. God gave him the freedom to do that and like the rest of us he now has to live with the choices he makes. The bible also says, satan is the father of lies but I wouldn’t want to confuse you Jay z with the facts. Be sure to let those who, believe Jesus died for our sins and through faith we receive salvation, know how the whole worshiping satan thing works out for you after death.

  • Rusty

    Well I think anyone who listens to RAP are idiots!

  • CCblogging

    That no talent jerk doesn’t speak for me.

  • Ronald Show

    Coming from a POS who thinks he’s a god. Jesus is real idiot! You had better change your ways and start walking the straight and narrow path. Jesus is the only way your ever going to see heaven. Deny me on earth and I will deny you before my father!!!

  • sweetqueen777

    I had heard this several years ago, about both he and Beyonce. No Surprise. He may have everything he wants here on this earth, since Satan IS the Prince of this world, but his Afterlfe will more than make up for whatever misery he lacks here. I would not want to be him, or her. I feel sorry for their kids, who will be Lied to all their lives.

  • sweetqueen777

    There are a LOT of them. THAT is why there is so much more evil in our world of late years. The BIBLE prophecies that this will be a sign that Christ is coming again to claim HIS OWN. I know which side I and My Family are standing on. Be Ready.

  • Sidney Rhodes

    I guess the only thing that Jay-Z has left to accomplish is run for president. Get ready. This must be what the left has been waiting for. Look at what he stands for. Godlessness , perversion, filth, self promoting thug. Sad thing is there are enough of the left to put him there.

  • sweetqueen777

    The Devil has power to assume a pleasing shape…For this man, it is a FAT BANK ACCOUNT. Whenever I see those 2, they do not seem to look very happy.

  • celeste A wilson

    If you gain the whole world but lose your soul… what a tragedy!

  • celeste A wilson

    Jay-Z, satan IS the father of lies, do you think he will tell you the truth? He was CREATED just as you and I are and is dependant on God for his very life, just as we are…Can you make your heart beat? Can you prevent yourself from dying? Nope, neither can satan… Yes, God did create him to be the “light bearer” but he FORFEITED his lofty position by becoming satan… the word “satan” means enemy, or adversary so, all he can give you is this short life. If you gain the whole world but lose your eternal life, what a very sad exchange! Maybe a 100 yrs compared to eternity?? Satan cannot give you life, forgiveness, love, satisfaction, peace, compassion, contentment, or eternity…God offers all of that and much more! I talk with God everyday and JESUS is HIS SON who loves us SO much that He gave His life in exchange for our rebellion… If you ever try to leave the “slave chains” that satan has you bound in, you’ll see his true colors!!!

    • Bearcat

      Satan was an angle of GOD and when he tried to take over GOD’S kingdom GOD deform him and sent hem into the bowls of the earth this much I know for I have heard it A many of time I know that I am not very smart but I do my best to serve GOD

  • Linda Fisher

    You are truly NUTS and so self centered that you do not deserve to even be successful. I hope that all that hear you know you are not worth listening to any more.

  • jcrawdad

    Jay-Z: ‘Satan is Our True Lord, Only Idiots Believe in Jesus’

    I GET IT !!! You want your leader to be a Druggy and a Drunk ,SO YOU CAN FOLLOW THE WARD OF THE LORD. AMEN BROTHER .

  • Ted Paine

    On one hand we must remember Jay-Z has mental issues..on the other hand we recognize that he’s the poster boy for ” useful idiot”.

  • Robert A Oziomek

    Hey Jdruggie will you have the same opinion on JUDGEMENT DAY?

  • Larry

    and only stupid N—RS believe satan is our LORD

  • Tim

    He has to be joking
    At least I hope
    Or someone needs to pray for him.
    BTW I am not a fan of his vulgar music, if you would call it music

  • Phyllis Arellano

    Jay Z you are dragging yourself & others to H…
    turn back, days are evil be careful how you live Eph. 5:15
    3 things work against following Jesus: world, devil, flesh
    “God is the only reason I made it thus far:” fell off cliff, as a baby in bad car accident landed on a pillow, swallowed poison, had stomach pumped, dog attacked me, someone pulled a gun on me
    etc. etc. etc…..Margaret O’Hara took prayer out of school she was MURDERED.

  • candyman49

    This whack job needs a psyche evaluation

  • Sandman

    We may not care for what he stands for but God is our judge.

  • Joel Morris

    He stated that “there’s real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan,” that rewards its followers with “wealth and success,” but “Christians have prayed to God for years and ain’t gotten nothing back,” Ok Jayzee, How do you explain Truett Cathy ( Founder of Chic-Filet )?

  • jehanne

    The source for this article appears to be a fake news website like The Onion?
    It also has an article that Charles Manson found dead in his hospital room along with 5 nurses who committed suicide. And some other crap articles. So why should this be believed?

  • Randall clark


  • teriquajones

    He should have kept this to himself.

  • John E. Lambert

    Hey, JZ..if Jesus didn’t exist, then neither did Satan..because God created them both…there can be no evil without good to counter it. Since when did YOU become wiser and more knowlegeable than Satan’s creator? Satan can’t create or take a life..but God can.

  • LadyYahsMouse

    The Lord God Almighty will deal with that devil man and his wife. They will have to account for every young mine they turned,

  • Tony B

    God has the perfect plan where everyone gets exactly what they ask for. Enjoy Jay! Personally, I choose life. Praise to our father who art in heaven.

  • aj

    Democrats favorite Rapper, for sure!

  • lovelamb

    I’m not a Jesus man personally. But this Satanic stuff is dark and only leads to death. Only truth and light(true light) saves and not some false light that’s dark and rotten on the inside. This guy and his lousy music can go. He’s a complete idiot. I don’t know what his wife sees in him. He’s got nothing to offer.

  • Louie Rey

    And this guy actually has fans. Think about that. WTF cares what he has to say? Only mental midgets (apparently his fan base) think he speaks the truth. Pathetic.

  • minefinder624

    That “exclusive club” holds its regular meetings at DNC headquarters.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    ‘Neon Nettle’ is the insane stepchild of the Onion..nuff said.

  • USAF Brat

    Oh, no surprise here. Hope you meet your maker soon you stupid “insert racial epitaph here”.

  • gregory johnson

    This is very sad news not so much a Jay-Z fan but for all the young people of today that need Jesus Christ in there lives. So if you are a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ please keep on believing.

  • Brenda

    Really? You don’t know your Bible. Satan knows it well. Even Satan believes and knows the Bible speaks Truth. Solomon was far wiser, greater, and sooo much richer than you will ever be, Jay-Z, and we know who his Lord was. You and your kind are Satan’s pawns. Life is but a vapor. Time is running out. May God of Creation shake you to the core of your soul before it’s too late.

  • Angela

    What a sick person.

  • One on One

    Jay Z and Beyonce need to be put down.

  • Zelda777

    This guy is insane!

  • “ya’ll being played.”
    “There ain’t no Jesus.”

    Just the opposite, ya’ll being played!

  • Bill Thompson

    Jay zed will believe in Jesus when Jay zed is dead.

  • “ya’ll being played.”
    “There ain’t no Jesus.”

    Just the opposite, ya’ll being played!

    • Sandman

      I hope you open you’re, eyes and you’re heart and you will not be played.

      • Chi Sam

        Your heart, and your eyes, you illiterate twerp.

        The common word you’re is a contraction of the words you and are.

        Every time you do that…an angel loses his wings.

        • Sandman

          My grammar might not be great, you really should rid all the hatred in your heart. Turn to Jesus and you will learn what love is all about.

          • Chi Sam

            What makes your brain conclude that ‘might not be great’ is a suitable substitute for ‘most definitely is sub-par’?

            Sheer arrogance. Jesus teaches us humility.

            Learn this most valuable lesson, you pretentious snob.

  • Chi Sam

    Amen, you illiterate jerk…and ‘mercy’.

    You cannot correctly spell words you have seen in print many thousands of times and you’re suggesting another man is stupid?

    You have a serious personality flaw. You’re a bad person.

    • Sandman

      Hatred is in your heart, repent.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I always wanted to live a comfortable life. Never wanted to be like Madonna or anyone who lived a life of fame and wealth. How anyone would sell their soul to the devil for fame and wealth is beyond me. Jay-Z forgets that when there is evil there is also good. Good always triumphs over evil. Praise be to God.

  • Michael Freitas

    Real test for the believer is now . We love you Jay-Z. We just don’t appro
    ve of your friend Lucifer. God loves you way more than I do.He died so you could live. We release the spirit of God on you to work in your life.We love you

  • Bennett

    “Everyone without exception that was fooled by Lucifer into worshiping him on this side of the grave? When on the other side of life when they see that Lucifer had lied to them all along; then they will hate Lucifer, hate each other,and hate themselves for ever allowing themselves to be fooled by the devil.” —- Commander William Guy Carr, Admiral of the Royal Canadian Navy who fought Adolf Hitler’s war machine, and was author of the book ,’Pawns in the Game,’ a book exposing the Illuminati conspiracy.

  • Cindy Mae Beavelociraptor

    He says “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light”, then says we follow a fake religion. Which is it, moron… Is God creator of all things, including the satan you follow, or is he fake? You can’t have it both ways…
    you can’t believe in satan, but think God’s a lie.

  • Chi Sam

    He is on your side of this issue.

    You’re stupid.

  • Gravity

    “Even Satan comes in the form of an angel of light”. I can’t remember the chapter and verse. I think that’s what is being referred to as ‘sweet’.

    • Snaps

      It’s 2 Corinthians 11:14-15. The “angel of light” is an illusion, and only the spiritually blind are fooled by him. So it’s no surprise that JayZ has fallen for him.

  • Gravity

    Yes, eternal separation from God, the Creator and eternal death.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    agreed 1000%

  • Brent

    JZ, hopefully you can see your mistakes and turn away from the prince of lies before it’s too late.