Jane Fonda Claims She’s a ‘Climate Scientist’; Launches Weekly Protests

‘This is serious… This is a crisis unlike anything that has ever faced humankind…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Award-winning actress and radical pro-communist advocate Jane Fonda was arrested in front of Capitol Hill on Friday after leading a protest with dozens of climate change activists.

Fonda claimed she decided to get involved with the climate change movement because Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish student, inspired her to “want to do more.”

But Fonda also claimed she’s being following the climate change movement for years, going so far as to argue that she’s been a “climate scientist for decades and decades.”

Fonda, however, isn’t a scientific expert. In fact, she didn’t even graduate college.


As a child, Fonda went to elite private institutions, like Greenwich Academy, the Emma Willard School in New York, and Vassar College in New York.

But she dropped out of college within her first year and decided to travel throughout Europe instead.

But now she wants to claim she’s a renowned expert.

Fonda said she plans to stage a climate protest on the steps of the Capitol every Friday until Congress decides to act.

She said she knows she’ll probably be arrested again: “At 11 a.m. ever Friday morning come get arrested with me or choose not to, it doesn’t matter,” she told ABC News.

Fonda said the “old people” need to start treating climate change like the crisis that it is.

“I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is,” she claimed, adding that this is the “one issue” that matters because it “will determine the survival of our species.”

Fonda went on to praise Thunberg and the other students who have left their classrooms to protest climate change and “make a difference.”

“They’re saying, ‘Come on, you know, you’re taking our future away from us. We need — we need you to support us.’ And so grandmas unite,” she said. “I want to stand with them and raise up… their message. This is — this is serious… This is a crisis unlike anything that has ever faced humankind.”