ISIS Threatens to Bomb NY Subway in Chilling Poster

Sign in background shows location to be High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station..

ISIS threatens to Bomb NY Subway in Chilling Poster

ISIS poster (screen shot: Jim Yackel/Youtube)

(Daily Mail) ISIS propaganda chiefs have issued a chilling threat to bring death and destruction to New York’s subway.

The terror group has vowed to attack Paris and the World Cup finals in Russia in recent weeks as part of a global campaign of lone wolf strikes as it continues to lose territory in the Middle East.

In its latest warning, uploaded to militant Islamist messaging platforms, a man is pictured standing on the platform at New York’s High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station with explosives and a timer behind him.

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The poster includes the threat: ‘You will not expect where we will attack.’

Last year extremists also threatened to attack the Queen and the Vatican City.

The group’s propaganda wing – the Wafa Media Foundation – is continuing to churn out threats despite the so-called ISIS caliphate suffering huge losses in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS fanatics are increasingly turning to lone-wolf supporters to take up their violent cause around the world.

‘Wafa Media Foundation specialises in these types of graphics.

Wafa’s threat, like others recently issued by pro-ISIS media groups, is a specific attack directive within a larger push by ISIS for lone wolf attacks as it rapidly loses territory in Iraq and Syria,’ said Rita Katz, director of the respected SITE Intelligence Group,

‘Though these threats should be taken seriously, there is also a publicity element to pro-ISIS media groups’ threats against places like the Vatican or events like 2018 FIFA World Cup…’Original Source