Intentionally Exposing Others to HIV no Longer a Felony in California

(Twitchy) It’s a shame that secession effort stalled so quickly. As Twitchy reported, California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed into law a bill making California a sanctuary state, and now he’s signed legislation that makes it no longer a felony to knowingly pass along HIV.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Friday that lowers from a felony to a misdemeanor the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection.

The measure also applies to those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV-positive.

Modern medicine allows those with HIV to live longer lives and nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission, according to state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), authors of the bill.

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Having HIV is not a crime … but knowingly passing it to a sexual partner? By coincidence, the news from California emerged the same day as a story in the New York Post about a HIV-positive hairdresser allegedly cut tips off condoms to infect men he met through a hook-up app…

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  • Georgia Cifelli

    Well this is how the democrats want it. Good for them. Kill all their babies with abortions and the survivors with HIV.

    • slk5

      watch what happens, when one of jerry’s gets infected!!!

      • f m


      • taliesin319

        Its possible that Jerry is already infected. When was the last time he made a decision based on reason ?

        • slk5


        • CarolMWalton

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    • Daniel Tracy

      something is really wrong with Jerry Brown

      • meine Meinung

        If there is, then who voted this moron into office?? Maybe there is something wrong
        with the voters. They must be uninformed or misinformed. Or too many dead people
        are voting.

        • Naval Lint

          Nah….just that Liberals control EVERYTHING in Cali. And, by definition, Liberals REFUSE to accept reality, so there ya’ go….

        • JFSEB

          Those are the same people who tried to put Hillary into the Oval Office. If anyone hacked the election, it was God. Thank you, Lord.

  • TIMedWork

    “Modern medicine allows those with HIV to live longer lives and nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission”…
    if you have $1700+ each month to pay for the “modern medicine”.
    Or you are willing to increase the number of people requiring such expensive medication + doctor’s costs, while passing along the increased taxation to everyone else, requiring them to pay for all of it. All the while increasing health insurance premiums, as insurance companies must recoup their expenditures, to remain viable buisinesses.

    California should secede. In fact, California should be excised from the Union by a vote of the other majority states. They can replace all who choose to leave the state, with all those who want to come there illegally. California wants to become the new Venezuela.

    • Laxmom2

      President Trump should expand the building of the wall with Mexico up the west coast…include California, Oregon and Washington State.

      • richard black

        i dont want oregon or washington either !!!

        • taliesin319

          Expel the populace that practices Communism. Keep the original people pushed out by Progressives who used the state to form their little Utopia.Do not yield one square inch of land and rrsources that belong to this Republic. Every inch of the USA belongs to We the People not a pack of elitists dead beats.

          • richard black

            i agree…but where do we send them…canada…mexico???

          • just care

            Yes. Mexico. Many will die from aids. Many will die from hepatitis, the few remaining libs can go to Mexico or h€ll for all I care. That will leave the conservatives to rebuild the state.

          • richard black

            i understand the frustration !!! but tell me how you really feel…LMAO !!!

          • Daniel Tracy

            Jerry Brown is really a shame that we have people like him

          • richard black

            and i agree..hate that the whole state has to listen to that dumba$$ !!!

          • ABCDE

            Especially land with military bases on it and nuclear weapon.

          • Daniel Tracy

            I have never seen so many stupid people in one state Jerry Brown he needs to know there is no cure for stupid and you have really been stupid.

        • TIMedWork

          Me neither. And I live there. *BECAUSE* I live there and know first hand.

          • richard black

            im sorry for you..and you should know …got plenty of repubs that i talk to in cali as well !!

          • TIMedWork

            If not for business and grandchildren, I would be long gone years ago.

          • richard black

            oh.. i understand !!!

      • Paul Morris

        Yep. Hit Yuma, AZ, take a right and don’t stop until you’re at the Canadian border.

        • Maxine Albritton

          unfortunately with the congress as such he cannot even get the first wall build without the extension mentioned. Maybe we should ship the rinos and demos of congress to calif. nice idea

    • JCluvsTrump

      Who is going to pay that $1700 a month?

      • Maxine Albritton

        certainly we should not have to but it looks like there is your answer.

        • JCluvsTrump

          It was a rhetorical question. Unfortunatly, the hard working folks of California will have to foot this bill, once again. I think Jerry is going to run out of money soon. His sources are drying up and his teat suckers are increasing. And middle America is tired of subsidizing it.
          Give California back to Mexico, let it be their problem.

      • Sue

        Bill it to Moonbeam, his personal account.

        • JCluvsTrump

          Does he have overdraft insurance? He better.

      • TIMedWork

        My point

    • BuddyBoy53

      They are Lready replacing thise that moved out with illegals. Have been for years. My friend is a real estate agent in Idaho. 98% of his clients are those escaping CA. We can only pray they are not liberals invading our state,

      • the hermit

        boy 53–remember prop 13 in calif–taxs got so hi that old people were eating out of garbage cans to live== going with out their meds just so they can pay taxs on their homes–calif- people moving to Colorado (all dem-rats) that’s why colo. got so liberal–so yes pray they are not liberats–

    • Californiasailor

      Oh yes, Venezuela is now a true dump….let them, but they are fighting to get back to the way they were…..

  • kep

    Liberals are the main threat to our country. They should be deported or jailed as terrorists.

    • JCluvsTrump

      Amen!!! A bigger threat than ‘Lil Kim and all the Ayatollahs.

    • The Liberal agenda is to destroy our history and our future. To wipe out our Legacy of a free nation under god. Question, do Liberals even believe in a christian God?

      • kep

        Liberals are communists. They may profess believing in God, but that is only to blend in. God is not part of the communist doctrine that they so willingly embrace.

  • misterguru

    If I knowingly gave someone arsenic, would that be a crime. Hey, it’s not a crime to have arsenic. Same argument.

    • JCluvsTrump

      Just give it to a liberal Demonrat please.

    • Maxine Albritton

      probably not in California. I suspect they don’t have a death sentence either. So have at it

  • misterguru

    Democrats just want to kill people. They are a hate group.

  • Donald Lindsey

    This governor is a moron paid for by Anti-American and muslims, give him the HIV and rape his butt 24/7 since ne no-longer want law in California.

  • Ron

    The governor of California has absolutely lost his senses…anyone who lives in California who still has their senses about them should get out while the gettings good.

  • BuddyBoy53

    The democratic party is now comprised of the metally ill. Instead of straight jackets, they now wear blue “Destroy America Again” hats and flock to DC for
    Congressional positions in government. Bring back mental hospitals and stop sendng these deranged cretins to Washington!

  • Charlie

    More organized political insanity by democrats that reminds me of “when will they ever learn” the leftist hippie tune of the 1960s.

    Help America Regain Its Political Sanity – Vote Law and Order Free Enterprise Republican In
    The 2018 Primaries – TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  • JCluvsTrump

    This is excellent news. Now all California undesirables can kill each other off. Maybe there is hope for the state yet.

    • Maxine Albritton

      I would rather they use something cheaper and faster and less expensive.

      • JCluvsTrump

        I have the answer to that. Lead shots. Cheap, quick, easy, no muss, no fuss.

        • Maxine Albritton

          how do we get them to take it>

          • Naval Lint

            Maybe tell the fools that a gun range is a food bank? Or tell them that their new job is to stand downfield and hold up a “BLM” sign? Either would work like a charm!

  • richard black

    reagans rolling in his grave !!!!

  • RealAmerican407

    Well to be fair this is the same state who now makes it a punishable offense to not use the correct “gender pronoun”. California truly is the home of the liberal horror show.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    It’s a good thing being stupid in CA is not a crime or everyone would be in jail.

  • Karma

    Shows how ignorant the ca govt is and how little citizens matter to them..

  • Appropriate. It the state it originated from.

  • davegrille

    Jerry Brown is doing his best to create chaos.This is a scorched earth policy.

    • Aileen Haunani Makaiwi Rauchma

      A Soros wannabe

  • Harry Pearson

    i now honestly believe that Jerry Brown, and his followers, really do take as a challenge when they are asked “Just how stupid can you be?” They continue to show us new heights in virtually everything they are doing.

    • Naval Lint

      You should NEVER ask a Liberal just how stupid they can be! Their ignorance and stupidity is only outweighed by their racism!

  • Maxine Albritton

    now much crazier can the left get> California needs to leave the US be their own sanctuary place and we need to ban all the crazies from leaving that state. We will let the conservatives in. Of course Just dreaming but it is a terrific idea Gee, I wonder are there any felonies left in Calif.>

    • Naval Lint

      Just one…being conservative.

      • Maxine Albritton

        so I guess you agree with all the madness your liberal side is producing. I thought navy guys were smart, my dad was one and he never voted democrat. He passes a long time ago so I cannot say what he would think of how things a re changing today but I soubt he would approve

        • Naval Lint

          EXCUSE ME? Please read the COMMENT that I was responding to, before you go labeling me as ANYTHING!

          • Maxine Albritton

            oops, my bad. I am glad it was a mistake I would hate to see you on the wrong side

          • Naval Lint

            Perhaps a review of my previous posts would have assist you in parsing my statement. Apology accepted. No worries.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Appeal to the humans still living in CA (if there are any left). Flee the state before it completely destroys itself.

  • taliesin319

    If there was a doubt in anyone’s mind regarding the mental stability of Californians this latest act of Their Governor should make it clear. This law, the inability to defend oneself, and the tectonic plates of the St Andreus Fault. might solve all California’s problems. Sadly, many good people simply do not have the means to leave.Los Angeles and San Francisco the Sodom and Gamorrah of these United States.

  • Jjb54

    I am not one that wishes ill on anyone, no matter the reason or the person.
    But …..
    I wonder just how they will feel, IF someone willfully infects them with HIV, how they will feel then? Knowing they were given this ON PURPOSE for revenge.
    Just wondering?

    • Maxine Albritton

      I don’t know if you guys have thought this fully through but to submit to this is one thing. Think what this will do to rape. Those that don’t want the risk can back away from the desire but rape is a horse of another color.

    • ABCDE

      We will know when they get it from the blood banks. The sooner, the better…

  • BuddyBoy53

    And somehow…. Trump is unfit for office?! This is the ultimate in insanity.

  • Randy Nielson

    Brainless destroying brainless.

  • Carol

    What a disgusting state. Feel like I would catch something just by stepping foot in it. So gross and so are you Jerry Brown.

    • ABCDE

      Jerry decided to infect everybody through the blood banks. Thank you, Governor, good job.

    • Naval Lint

      Don’t they also have a cholera problem down in San Diego that’s started to spread up to Los Angeles? Apparently, Californians don’t really believe in disease control. Just bleach the sidewalks and let people die. No worries, they’ll just import more.

  • mike

    man is sick in the head, true to the name of a LIBTARD.

  • awaitingtherapture

    Good, anyone stupid enough to remain in Kalafornacate deserves to be infected.

  • amitorelocato

    What do you expect coming from this sewer state?

  • therealworld

    And with that I hope the gays go back to multiple partners, doing it in bathrooms and in rest stops, it’ll spread faster and they can end the disease when the last one dies

  • therealworld

    Trade California to Mexico for a Platter of Taco’s. (oh, and a Beer)

  • amitorelocato

    The big one is coming and they won’t secede but will drift away to the sea to be remembered no more.It could not happen soon enough.

  • higgy01

    California has always been liberal but these latest actions coupled with the demoralization of their school system and total deterioration of free speech make it one sick state. Maybe the rest of the country should do ourselves a favor and initiate secession for them.

  • d2lv

    How f*cking stupid are these people????

  • old_salty_dawg99

    May Brown along with all his LIBERAL PALS get what they are wishing on others and May it be terminal is short order to wipe out these MORONS while harming no one else.

  • Wendy Allen

    So more HIV will be transferred to people? A Zyto scan can tell in 4 minutes what infections a person has and how organs/glands are working. All Clinics/hospitals/ER/blood donation sites should have this to help screen people. It precisely the name of the infection. It is being used to help identify Lyme’coinfections by Alternative doctors.

  • Davids_shultz

    Apparently its okay to kill with your genitals but don’t use a gun. ty Toledo Sgt

    • Maxine Albritton

      If you are a left I suppose so. For us conservatives murder is still murder and the capital punishment needs to be reinstated.

  • Andrew Molina

    This certainly complies with the NWO agenda to eliminate populations; enjoy sharing needles in Commiefornia

  • 9400budlang8406

    When leadership intentionally protects and promotes moral decadence and now says it’s no big deal if you knowingly pass on a potentially fatal disease, voters should realize their own health is being endangered. When will people wake up in California?

  • karmicpete

    ISIS states it has targeted the blood supply in California and infected agents are already in place. Wait for it.
    Does donated blood cross state lines? If so, feds should step in to stop this stupidity.

  • Francisco Machado

    So California is legalizing biological warfare? Well, at least they’re still penalizing inappropriate gender pronouns. Government has to set some priorities, after all.

  • Christopher Murano

    The AMA should investigate the West Coast states, There is, apparently, something in the environment that causes overwhelming stupidity. Can we force a state out of the Union? Just something to think aout.

  • TalkTruth

    Calfornication is a swamp anyway! Build a wall around this place!

    • Naval Lint

      Nah….nukes along the San Andreas Fault should do the trick quite nicely.

      • TalkTruth

        Ahh…you’re right. None other than from dough-boy rocket man himself!

        • Naval Lint

          Would we have to pay the L’il Fat Boy for this favor?

  • David Ciambrone

    I expect nothing less from the “left coast” and the state run by nits and fruits. They like the illegals so much they will finally over run the state and it will go broke paying welfare. How about cutting them off from all federal government funs and grants?

  • Bonnie Treitler

    well before you know it it will not be a crime to murder in the waste land called california.

    • Naval Lint

      Murder is ALREADY legal in most states, but you have to commit the murder before your victim draws their first breath! Liberals call it “abortion” or “women’s rights”.


    “The Plan by (Moonbeam) JERRY BROWN” to destroy Original California and it’s Society is underway and very distressing!!! HIS PLAN IS TO CREATE “LATIN AMERICA NORTH AND BRAKE AS MANY FEDERAL LAWS AS POSSIBLE!!” Soon it will be necessary for “REAL CITIZENS” to defend themselves and property from his OVERREACH!!!

  • Way to go, California! Stupid gets broader every day. I wish I could get my kids and grand kids out of CA. There is a possibility that the grand kids could escape but the kids have high paying and valuable jobs. However, all are Christians and less likely to be led astray.

    • Naval Lint

      I wish your children and grand children nothing but the very best of luck! If they’re good at what they do, they can seek refuge in other, less insane, states. I WOULD suggest Texas, but with Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, we already have a developing problem with Liberals here.

      • Naval Lint,

        The problem is that one son-in-law is the city manager of Irvine. The other is that my other son-in-law is head of the space communications division at JPL in Pasadena. That job is a one of a kind job. Both pay big bucks.

        • Naval Lint

          Money doesn’t by happiness. I’ve turned down well-paying contracts because they were in Cali. Don’t need to pay their taxes nor deal with their various psychological issues. I wish your children the best of luck, though.

  • Rippie

    Hopefully the state is sued and this is rescinded. Ridiculous. So, it’s okay to use HIV as a weapon to saddle someone with a lifelong regimen of drugs with unpleasant side-effects. California. What a place.

  • Alan404

    One hears talk of California departing from the union. Go already, goodbye and good luck, but mostly GOODBYE

  • Gary Von Neida

    “Moon Beam” appears to be suffering ongoing “flash backs” from His L.S.D. Days and needs to be removed from office and placed in a sanatarium for the good of the State.

  • MrHawkeye

    Perhaps HIV positive people should have their own bathroom…oh wait, many of them just defecate in the American River or on the back streets of San Francisco. My bad.

  • Front Sight

    Jerry, and the butt bangers, in the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik are rejoicing. Of course, when the HIV becomes epidemic, just watch Jerry and the butt bangers whine that the CDC is not doing enough to control the epidemic; however, the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornicate doesn’t want to reciprocate disease control.
    The worms crawl in,
    The worms crawl out.
    The worms play pinochle
    On the queer’s snout!

  • Naval Lint

    Nope, those were his buddies, as well!

  • Horseman

    I mean, this is beyond stupid.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Start building the Wall around this cess pool today! Contain it before it spreads! But it may already be too late!

  • Murphmeister

    Also harboring known murderers, but only if illegal aliens, is now legal in California. Have to create greater shadows.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I wonder will they have the person walking around town crying:


    • Naval Lint

      A good job for BLM members….

  • johnfkostrubal

    Brown is one sick SOB . . Have all “Americans” move out of Northern Mexico and build a wall around a once great state .

  • DJT Supporter

    Everyone needs to know the sounding truth about a medical terms like HIV, HPV, SVD, SGD and STD. Those diseases are very dangerous to a human immunization and cellulite diseases. Gov. Brown should not sign the bill unless he must meet a medical professional doctors about those dangerous diseases. The medical laws under CDC at Atlanta require all professional doctors to put a highly disease patient under control and medication. The laws require the names of sexual contacts report to medical doctors. All medicines may not work well with those terrible diseases. However they will die later before 40 or 50 years old. Please listen to medical advisors to protect yourself from this terrible diseases. This diseases are high contagious. For your good health’s sake, just stay away from strangers and wild life persons.

    • Naval Lint

      “For your good health’s sake, just stay away from strangers and wild life persons.”
      And California…..

  • Richard Adams

    Better known as the Charlie sheen protection law.

  • tom

    What a stupid moron,along with his communist politicians.

  • Louie Rey

    It’s obvious that when God was handing out brains He said, “Come forth” and Californians came fifth. It is beyond any sane rationalization some (all?) of the decisions that are made in this naturally beautiful but mentally ugly state. They’re overrun with aliens (both legal and illegal) from what apparently is a planet from a totally different universe. I think the planet’s called Urananus and the leader is Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

  • meine Meinung

    The best thing to do is to infect the CAL politicians families with the virus. Historically, politicians
    don’t vote for legislation to benefit the public at large. Special interest groups, a.k.a. lobbyists will
    pay under the table to get their wish. What’s new ??

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    Knowingly Infecting another person or the blood supply with an incurable disease is beyond reprehensible and should be punishable with our most draconian punishment available.

  • Steve G.

    California is morally bankrupt. First a win for illegals and now a win for sickos.

  • Naval Lint

    My back yard must be a GOLD MINE!!!!


    Someone should inject Brown and every legislator that had a hand in this legislation with HIV infected blood. I’m sure a Go Fund Me account would pay the fine.

  • 27633171

    Would it be more appropriate to call this the Charlie Sheen Protection Act ? I’m sure that the LBGT community will breathe a sigh of relief. Especially those who are regulars at the bath houses and other points of congregation where they gather in the quest for celibacy and the search for a monogamous relationship.