Washington Gov. Inslee Plots 2020 White House Run by Trashing Trump on Climate Change

‘This wouldn’t be a one-note candidacy; it touches on everything from national security to asthma…’

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee Sees Climate Change as His Path to the White House

Jay Inslee / IMAGE: ABC News via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee is gearing up for a likely presidential run in 2020, and his message is already solidified—Inslee is going to save the planet from climate change.

The progressive Democrat has already visited the early Democratic primary states of New Hampshire and Nevada, and has a super PAC backing him called “Act Now on Climate.”

“We’ve got about 10 or 12 years to act in this regard or basically it will be too late to stop catastrophic climate change,” Inslee told an audience at Saint Anselm College in January, according to the New Hampshire-based Concord Monitor.

“We have one chance to defeat climate change, and it’s right now,” he said.


If that message sounds similar to the Green New Deal, it’s because it is.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, Inslee trashed the president of the United States and championed the signature climate policy of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-N.Y., which happens to include a near-complete government takeover of the economy.

“The Green New Deal is exciting,” Inslee said. “It raises ambitions and alerts people to the scale of the problem, the scope of it. This wouldn’t be a one-note candidacy; it touches on everything from national security to asthma.”

He also told the overseas newspaper that President Donald Trump was “embarrassing.”

“To fail to mention the greatest existential threat in the world is pathetic. He’s a blip in history we need to get over, and quickly,” Inslee said.

The dramatic scope of the proposal includes government mandates such as retrofitting every building in the country to run on solar and wind energy, and a complete near-term elimination of fossil-fuels.

That presumably would include things such as air travel, which has not yet been adapted for renewable energy sources.

Inslee said he would be the only presidential candidate to deliver on climate change.

“You cannot overstate the scope of what needs to be done. We literally have to decarbonize our economy in the next few decades. That’s a huge transition. It’s the largest economic change in history,” he said.

“I think there’s only one potential candidate who views this as the paramount issue, one candidate who wrote a book on it, only one candidate who has experience as an executive doing these things. That’s me,” said Inslee.