INGRAHAM: Flying a Few Drones and ‘Promising’ Funding Aren’t Border Security

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Laura Ingraham joined Sean Hannity last night on Fox News to discuss President Donald Trump’s new tone on tax reform and attempted to explain the president’s negotiations on DACA and related immigration issues.

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Laura Ingraham/FoxNews via YouTube

“Wealthy Americans are not my priority. My priority are people in the middle class,” Trump said in a news clip excerpt. “My priority is bringing companies back—bringing money back. There’s trillions of dollars outside of the country that we could bring back but the taxes don’t allow it to happen.”

He said he wants the corporate tax lowered to 15 percent and individual rates lowered for the middle class, but he did not rule out tax increases for top income earners.

“I think the tax simplification—get it down to four rates, get rid of a lot of the deductions except for the three core ones: charitable, home deduction, childcare tax credit—I think that’s good policy,” Ingraham said. “I think taxes are too high. I think taxes are too high for everyone.”


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She said tax reform will raise wages and create jobs, but that it has to be accompanied by immigration reform.

“We’ve had wages flat since 1999 in real dollar terms,” she said. “You’ve gotta put a squeeze on employment. Scarcity of employment will raise wages, so we can’t keep doing amnesties that bring more amnesties that bring more people into the country that keep working class wages low either.”

Ingraham said Trump’s deal with the Democrats on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) isn’t what he thinks it is.

“He thinks when someone says enhanced border security, that really means something, but flying a few drones around the border and promising more funding is a boondoggle that doesn’t really mean anything,” she said.

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So, she gave her solution.

“You need Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act, you need e-verify, and you need the wall. You need all three things before you start giving legalization and benefits to 800,000, plus you know their parents are gonna stay. They’re not going anywhere. It’s really about 2.2 million people,” Ingraham said. “He did not win Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania by saying we’ll repair the fence in Arizona, and by the way, we’re gonna work with Nancy Pelosi on taking care of the Dreamers.”

Watch Ingraham’s interview about tax and immigration reform with Hannity: