REPORT: 43 Percent of Illegals Skipped Out on Court Hearings in 2017

‘Rarely, if at all, are aliens held accountable for the same misconduct that in other court systems would land them—or citizens—in jail…’

ICE Drops Off Hundreds of Migrants in El Paso on Christmas Day

ICE releases migrants at an El Paso bus station on Christmas Day/IMAGE: CBS News via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) As President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats battle over illegal immigration and border security, a new report shows that almost half of all illegal aliens never show up for their immigration court dates.

The Center for Immigration Studies, a pro-reform immigration research organization, analyzed newly released government data and found that illegal immigrants are still avoiding their court appearances under the decidedly tougher Trump administration.

Specifically, 43 percent of all illegals living freely in the United States failed to appear in court in 2017.

Forty-nine percent of illegal minors failed to show, as well.


Failure-to-appear deportation orders now exceed deportations resulting from actual immigration proceedings by an astounding 306 percent—meaning automatically deportable aliens, such as violent criminals, need only miss their court dates to remain in the country.

“The challenges facing America’s immigration courts are significant, as highlighted by the rising number of no-shows,” said author Mark Metcalf, a former immigration judge in Miami, Fla., and Department of Justice official.

“This is an issue which would cause serious redress in any other court system, and which ought to be tackled in any legislative immigration solution,” Metcalf said.

No other court system allows for litigants to flee their cases for fear of punishment, the report explains.

Running from state or federal court proceedings elsewhere almost certainly would result in arrest, contempt and new charges—with penalties ranging from one to 15 years in prison.

What penalties do no-show illegal immigrants face?

“Rarely, if at all, are aliens held accountable for the same misconduct that in other court systems would land them — or citizens — in jail and in some instances brand them felons,” the CIS report reads.

Immigration court data is produced annually by the Department of Justice and given to Congress for review.

According to CIS, the annual immigration court no-show figure is intentionally understated by categorizing illegal immigrants already held in detention facilities as having appeared in court.

That bureaucratic maneuver waters-down the official no-show stats.

CIS corrected for the inaccuracy in its newly detailed report.

“It is not immigration that has failed America, but the American government that has often failed immigration,” Metcalf concluded.