Illegal Immigrant Kills Two in Drunken Crash Near NC Capital

‘The level of criminal aliens intentionally released into … the surrounding counties is alarming…’

Illegal Immigrant Kills Two After Drunk Driving in Raleigh

Felix Antonio Juarez–Antunez / PHOTO: Johnston County Sheriffs Office

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Immigration and Customs Enforcement is requesting a detainer for an illegal immigrant who killed two Americans while driving under the influence in a town south of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The illegal, Felix Antonio Juarez–Antunez, was intoxicated while driving a Toyota at 110 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Still going 90 mph, according to skid marks, he slammed into 65-year-old Marjory Howell Wagner Regan, who was driving a Dodge van with three teenage passengers.

The van flew nearly 90 feet, killing Regan on impact and sending all three teenagers to the hospital with extensive injuries. One of the teens, Ethan Michael Handly, died from his injuries on Tuesday.


Juarez–Antunez now faces two felony counts for serious injury by motor vehicle and two felony counts for death by motor vehicle. Because he’s in the country illegally, ICE said he now faces deportation.

Juarez–Antunez appeared before court on Tuesday but didn’t understand the nature of the proceedings, according to WRAL.

“If they want to inject me so I can die, I don’t care. I’m not afraid of dying,” he told the judge through an interpreter.

Denise Massey, a local resident who heard the crash, said the accident could have been prevented.

“You don’t cause an accident when you get in your car and you’re drunk. That’s not an accident because that could have been avoided,” Massey said. “You got to be more responsible. You going to drink? Stay home. Don’t get behind the wheel.”

Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell, who has a long history of supporting pro-civic and anti-crime efforts within the community, will likely support ICE’s detainer request,but the situation would be different if it had happened a few miles north in Wake County.

NC Sheriff Resists ICE, Releases Alleged Wife-Beater, Gets More ICE

Gerald Baker/IMAGE: CBS 17 via Youtube

Several North Carolina counties—including nearby Wake, which houses the capital city of Raleigh—recently elected sheriffs who have implemented anti-ICE policies.

As a result, ICE has already logged nearly 500 ignored detainer requests throughout the state for 2019.

Despite the state legislature’s effort to enact a law that would hold sheriffs like Wake County’s Gerald Baker and Mecklenburg County’s Garry McFadden accountable for refusing to cooperate, Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the effort.

“The level of criminal aliens intentionally released into Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties is alarming,” a senior official with the Department of Homeland Security said to WBTV, “but even worse is that the true extent of this dangerous trend may never be fully realized.”