Illegal Immigrant Charged in NC w/ Manslaughter of 14-Month-Old

SANCTUARY: Was ordered by a federal judge to be deported in 2005…

Illegal Immigrant Charged in NC w/ Manslaughter of 14-Month-Old

Dora Del Carmen Sosa

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) A Honduran woman charged with killing a 14-month-old child in a head-on car collision last Wednesday was not supposed to be in the United States, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Dora Del Carmen Sosa, 33, was released from the hospital Monday and taken into custody at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office where she was charged with “warrants for involuntary manslaughter, felony child abuse and driving with no operator’s license.”

According to the Observer, federal officials said Sosa is a “Honduran national” and “in the country illegally.”

“The city of Charlotte has been criticized in the past few years because city police will not ask the citizenship status of people caught driving in the city without a license. They are issued tickets but not arrested,” the Observer noted.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday that Sosa was ordered by a federal judge to be deported in 2005, and the agency plans on deporting her as soon as the manslaughter case is over, according to the Observer.

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They took custody of Sosa on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced to the North Carolina General Assembly that would reduce the number of immigrants driving cars without licenses by requiring police impound cars driven by those caught driving illegally, the Charlotte Observer reported in March.

According to the report, around 54,000 illegal immigrants live in Mecklenburg County and would be affected by the bill, known as House Bill 341.

The bill would target cities like Charlotte, known as “sanctuary cities,” for their lenient approach to illegal immigration.

“North Carolina does not need to be a state that is hostile to those seeking refuge within our borders,” said Rep. Graig Meyer, a Democrat. “We have the capability to be a state that is welcoming and loving to some of the most vulnerable people of the world who need to find a home and a place that they can love and a place where they can contribute to the society around them.”