Illegal Immigrant Charged in NC w/ Manslaughter of 14-Month-Old

SANCTUARY: Was ordered by a federal judge to be deported in 2005…

Illegal Immigrant Charged in NC w/ Manslaughter of 14-Month-Old

Dora Del Carmen Sosa

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) A Honduran woman charged with killing a 14-month-old child in a head-on car collision last Wednesday was not supposed to be in the United States, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Dora Del Carmen Sosa, 33, was released from the hospital Monday and taken into custody at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office where she was charged with “warrants for involuntary manslaughter, felony child abuse and driving with no operator’s license.”

According to the Observer, federal officials said Sosa is a “Honduran national” and “in the country illegally.”

“The city of Charlotte has been criticized in the past few years because city police will not ask the citizenship status of people caught driving in the city without a license. They are issued tickets but not arrested,” the Observer noted.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday that Sosa was ordered by a federal judge to be deported in 2005, and the agency plans on deporting her as soon as the manslaughter case is over, according to the Observer.

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They took custody of Sosa on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced to the North Carolina General Assembly that would reduce the number of immigrants driving cars without licenses by requiring police impound cars driven by those caught driving illegally, the Charlotte Observer reported in March.

According to the report, around 54,000 illegal immigrants live in Mecklenburg County and would be affected by the bill, known as House Bill 341.

The bill would target cities like Charlotte, known as “sanctuary cities,” for their lenient approach to illegal immigration.

“North Carolina does not need to be a state that is hostile to those seeking refuge within our borders,” said Rep. Graig Meyer, a Democrat. “We have the capability to be a state that is welcoming and loving to some of the most vulnerable people of the world who need to find a home and a place that they can love and a place where they can contribute to the society around them.”


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  • ProudPatriot

    They have a home. It isn’t here. Sure, take the skilled laborers, physicians, engineers and those who have an EMPLOYABLE SKILL. Make them go through the normal process to become a citizen. Everyone else? Dump them back in their country.

    • traditional

      No – don’t take any of them. Why should law-breaking illegal aliens be allowed to compete with American citizens for jobs of any kind, skilled or unskilled? And if you reward some with citizenship, you will only encourage more invaders to come. Let the skilled ones go back and make their own countries great again.

      • ProudPatriot

        Valid point and I agree with you. I was simply referring to America’s dire shortage of capable physicians and licensed engineers. Professional Engineers (PE’s) are in extremely high demand in my field currently because there are so few in the U.S. My company is actually paying me an exorbitant amount to obtain me PE simply because it’s easier than competing with other companies to snag one when they enter the job market.

        • traditional

          We can always develop the skills of our own people – in fact, the fewer illegal aliens soaking up American taxpayer dollars, the easier it would be to do this. Not so sure about the alleged “dire shortage” of physicians and engineers – have heard lots of American STEM workers can’t find jobs because companies prefer to hire foreigners because they are cheaper to pay. Loyalty and culture matters. If we keep importing foreigners to do our high-skilled jobs, we will lose our country. Best of luck to you with your continuing education.

          • ProudPatriot

            Thank you. I am constantly bombarded with the shortage of STEM workers, both by my own company and on the news. I’ve never considered that the shortage exists because companies prefer to hire foreign workers, but now that you’ve brought that to light it has some feasibility (at least to me). I’ve been with the same company since I obtained my B.S. in Mining Engineering so I haven’t exactly been exposed to the current job market as it were. What you say makes sense so thank you for the civil discussion.

          • dallasyvonneauldridge

            Kaiser Permanente has been a great HMO for many many years. Now they are 90% alien we all know they are not all legal. I don’t believe all have a license of any kind. Drs., RNs, LVNs, Aides. Are given special privileges because the hospitals are afraid of them. They have been threatened by the federal government of losing their license, shut down, and federal reimbursement if the don’t play the medicare, medical game. I have seen aliens who took the CA nursing boards 6-7 times. It’s disgusting. Should be three strikes your out.

        • Fed up!

          Well you obviously are well educated. These colleges are producing uneducated idiots. These colleges are nothing more than cash cow scams.

          • ProudPatriot

            I think it’s all dependent on location. Where I went to school, quality of education took a back seat to the quantity of students the school pushed through. When an institution receives most of its funding from the government based on research and enrollment/graduation rates, there’s going to be issues with the quality of graduates. In general, it seems that the education system in the U.S. is interested in putting out as many poorly educated and ill-equipped “drones” as possible. Very little collaboration, critical thinking or actual life skills taught at most public universities these days. I thank God for my internship opportunities while in school. They taught me more than any professor ever did.

          • Zin

            College is just a money-making business, like any other business. But they have you convinced you need it. We now have a society full of degree’d idiots who think they’re so smart. Funny how they’re not smart enough to know that driving distracted is stupid. My mechanic is so busy with the collision part of his business that he hardly has time to tend to mechanical repairs anymore.

            Go degree’d idiots!!!

        • dallasyvonneauldridge

          That’s a joke right? America is run over by incompetent physicans. Can barely speak english and are killing people due to incompetence. See it every day. They are rude, mean spirited jerks. I have had baddddd treatment in the past 3 years. Two I fired, wrote up and lodged other (state reports) about. Losers are still practicing. Botched surgery, mis diagnosed numerous times. Lucky for me I have been a nurse for 46 years. Others are not so lucky.

          • Tim

            not to mention those who get degrees in majors that are not employable.

        • Zin

          If everyone wasn’t so ignorant about being healthy – WE WOULD NOT
          NEED SO MANY DOCTORS!!! Nobody in my family is sick, and we’re up there
          in years. Stop eating chemically laden and genetically engineered
          foods, stop using toxic personal and household cleaning products, kill
          the WI and cell phones, stop driving around all day and EXERCISE, stop
          drinking fluoridated water, and everyone might be healthier. Lobby the
          government to stop dropping metals and chemicals from the sky in the
          name of geo-engineering (can’t believe there are still people out there
          who refuse to believe this one…). But wait, how would big Pharma
          (remove the “P” and you get “HARMa”) make their huge profits on the
          unsuspecting and the UN (population control elites) reduce the
          populations of the world if people were not so IGNORANT? I wish I could
          scream this louder!!!

          Be well, my friend…

      • Jesusprotectus

        Exactly. Another thing no one talks about is the US citizens’ car insurance rates increasing because of illegal aliens like this one driving with no license. I am tired of paying more for illegal aliens. Why are they driving anyway, whem some don’t speak English, how can they READ road signs?!

    • Miss Mellie

      I’m not sure we can trust “credentials” from the banana republics; their standards are far below ours.

      • dallasyvonneauldridge

        Only western medicine is worth a damn. The other countries are so backwards they can’t take out an appendix.

        • helm20558

          The exception being Israel, their R&D and treatment is bar none.

  • 27633171

    NOW ! NOW ! NOW !!!!! We know that all these ” undocumented immigrants ” are here to make the country a better place to live and pursue the American Dream. Surely this woman has been falsely accused and a terrible injustice is about to take place. If only she had gone to one of many of our Sanctuary Cities where she would have been protected from these people who only want to persecute people who look differently than they do.

    • bill14729 .

      The simple fact is Sanctuary Cities are illegal

  • Karen Nicholas

    I’ve said it before; these “Sanctuary Cities” and/or States will NOT change until they’re FORCED TO. What’s the ONE thing they all understand? MONEY!! The LEGAL, TAX PAYING AMERICANS need to start SUING the municipalities, counties and STATES when they are victimized in any way, shape or form by an illegal that said entities ALLOWED to remain in their midst! When an illegal is arrested, and the State KNOWINGLY, WILLFULLY allowed them “sanctuary” they become an ACCESSORY to any and all crimes they go on to commit!

    • D L

      The politicians who implemented the sanctuary cities need to be sued “personally” for violating federal laws with any legal fees being paid by the politician ” personally “. Too many lawsuits are paid for by the taxpayers for both the prosecutor and the defense legal fees instead of the guilty parties. The only parties who come out ahead are the lawyers with the taxpayers paying the bills.

      • traditional

        They need to be jailed as well…

      • dallasyvonneauldridge

        Tried that. No go.

    • Corinne Simpson

      I think a good start right now would be the parents of this little 14 month old that this illegal killed. I know I would sue everyone from the top down for harboring her for 12 years. And that is what they have done. They say she will be deported after the manslaughter case is over. Really?? Like they did in 2005? And what does that mean…that she won’t serve any time for murder? Give her life w/o parole and you won’t have to worry about her killing anybody else.

  • Harriett Randall

    Sanctuary cities are illegal. Congress never passed a law that said they were.

  • RealAmerican407

    Another Democrats only here to do the jobs Americans “don’t want to do”.

  • Ron C

    That’s the kind of people California is looking for, deport her to San Francisco…?

    • Zin

      Good one!


    It is now clear that the Obammunists believe that their policies of pitchfiorking into the country huge numbers of mestizos and mohammedans have brought us to the demographic tipping point, and they can move on to the second phase of their plan for the cultural and political transformation of the United States of America into the Peoples Republic of Aztlan. Hate crimes against whites – genuine ones, not writing on walls that turns out to have been done by the purported alien or minority victim in order to get publicity or money – and often lethal violence against native-born English-speaking caucasians are sharply on the rise, and it appears that the elimination of the American caucasian population is within reach for them and the pogroms are beginning. We know from the horrendous miscarriage of justice in San Francisco that the deep state will not protect American normals, and it is time to establish paramilitary organizations that can and will.

    • Richard gary Gould


      • minefinder624

        The white people or the Muslims ???

      • helm20558

        Think long term, pig farms.

    • Richard gary Gould


  • Naval Lint

    Mr. Meyer, if THIS is what you consider an asset to your community, one must wonder what you consider “your community”!

    • Louie Rey

      Antifa, that’s who. Does it get any more pathetic?

    • metalchristian

      He lives in a gated community! The only immigrants that go there are there to mow lawns and clean houses!

  • Louie Rey

    Thanks to the DEMOCRATIC “leadership” in Mecklenburg County this POS, who should have been deported in 2005, was around long enough to kill an infant that never had a chance in life. Now, they’ll release her to ICE to deport her once the manslaughter case is over. I bet that’s real comfort to this infant’s parents. If this POS had ANY noble intent of finding “a home and a place that (she) can love and a place where (she) can contribute to society” you’d think that in the past TWELVE YEARS she’d have at least the decency to try and get a driver’s license. No, she’s part of the demographic that the Democrats, and ONLY the Democrats, want to protect OVER American citizens. Just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Frank Johnston

    This is the kind of legislator that gets US citizens killed and lose jobs! DEPORT THEM ALL! NO AMNESTY! “North Carolina does not need to be a state that is hostile to those seeking refuge within our borders,” said Rep. Graig Meyer, a Democrat. “We have the capability to be a state that is welcoming and loving to some of the most vulnerable people of the world who need to find a home and a place that they can love and a place where they can contribute to the society around them.”

    • mudguy1

      If North Carolina dose not vote people like Rep. Graig Meyer a democrat North Carolina will soon turn in to East California.

      • NRApatriot

        We’re trying to brother! The only reason we have a democrat governor now is because in the last gubernatorial election, the republican governor refused to get involved in the I-77 toll lane debacle the democrats voted in and it cost him thirty thousand votes along the I-77 corridor between Mooresville and Charlotte alone! He only lost by ten thousand!

  • tCotUS

    This the type of H*** the DemoRATS & Liberals promise American Citizens.

  • Karen

    Someone like this kills one of my family, no trial needed.

  • NRApatriot

    I am so ashamed of Charlotte, the city I was born in in the fifties nowadays. It is beautiful as far cities go but it has been overrun by liberals and minorities with nightly black on black shootings, (over eighty murders so far this year) stabbings, robberies, burglaries, car jackings and has become a haven for illegal aliens! In the just past mayoral election they voted in a black woman to replace the white woman Jennifer Roberts that thinks she’s black over a very fiscal conservative white Republican man and the last black man to be mayor after Obummer appointed the black mayor before him as transportation secretary recently got out of federal prison for accepting major bribes in his very first year in office! All were democrats of course! I try to avoid the place these days but when I have no choice, I carry a .380 backup for my daily .357 carry weapon which is absolutely of no use against the many drunken illegal aliens driving around with no drivers license or insurance or sense of moral responsibility!

  • Yosemite Sam

    Those who violate the sovereignty of the United States of America are not immigrants, they are aliens, and illegal at that. Round em’ up, Ship em’ out, End of story . . .

  • Christian_Prophet

    You forgot to mention the 24 school children killed by a white fanatic, citizen and gun owner. You also forgot to mention the many children who are killed in their parents (citizens) homes each year by firing their parents guns. Did you know that most gun owners have shot someone – themselves or their neighbors. How many children were killed by the white citizen in Sutherland, TX. Cover the truth, rather than the lies of your Nazi leaders.

    • brooksmd

      Most gun owners have shot someone? Typical looney tune lib. What an idiot.

    • metalchristian

      You are a disgrace to Christians and white people

    • metalchristian

      You are a FALSE prophet!

    • Brent

      Exactly, we have enough criminals of our own. We don’t need to keep every other countries garbage too. Just think about all the real citizen African-Americans who account for 12% of the population but 50+% of the violent crime.

    • Bernie

      Yes, MOST gun owners on the South Side of Chicago have killed someone.
      Now hop in your Prius, run back to your lily White neighborhood, practice your White privilege, pat yourself on the back and tell all your friends what a caring and sympathetic person you are…..

    • Beeker D.

      BLAH,BLAH,BLAH! You are either CRAZY or LYING about your claim of “Most Gun Owners Shooting Someone”!
      And by YOUR Insane Liberal/Progressive Logic: Illegals Killing Citizens Is Justified and Acceptable, huh Stumpy!

    • ⭐️ Orphan

      Go cut your throat.

  • Joseph111

    So if I read this correctly, she has been here since at least 2005, right? In that time (between 2005 and 2017) has she done anything to apply for or become a legal citizen of the United States?

    • traditional

      People who break our laws to get here won’t make good citizens. They have already demonstrated their lawlessness. If we allow them to become citizens after invading our country, it will only encourage more invaders.

      • mudguy1

        Yes it would be like letting the ones who rob a bank when they are caught to keep some the money.

  • brooksmd

    “A place where they can contribute to the society around them.” How? By violating our laws? NC needs to vote that nut job out of office.

  • Billdokie


  • Jerry Hughes

    Take the names of the legislators that don’t vote to get these criminals out of our society.
    When your spouse or child is harmed by these scum, hold the legislators personally responsible

  • Tammie

    Democrats I am really tired of what your doing. Fund the wall on the border in memory to Kate Steinle, Build KATE’S WALL

    • mudguy1

      And the Rino’s in the Senate need to pass “Kate’s Law”.

  • mudguy1

    It is obvious Rep.Graig Meyer does not love America. Wonder what he would say if anyone of the illegals that should have been deported raped or killed on of if children. All people who are here illegally ned to need to be deported. If they are not we no longer have country.

  • Christian_Prophet

    This is not news. America Citizens get charged with manslaughter every minute of the day. Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than white citizens.

    • traditional

      Cite your proof.

    • Beeker D.

      And in your PEEPERFECT mind that makes it PERFECTLY OK for Illegals to Murder & Kill rightful Citizens!
      Human Beings can understand your ‘BS PROPAGANDA’ but just can’t grasp, ‘YOUR INSANE LIBERAL LOGIC’, Stumpy!

  • Christian_Prophet

    Here is a crime of the Trump administration.
    Earlier this week, Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin and HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced they were cutting a $460 million program designed to reduce veteran homelessness.

    At a time when Republicans in Congress are working on passing legislation that would add $1.5 TRILLION dollars to the deficit, this decision is not just immoral, it is inhumane.

    This is a program, the Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH), that according to news reports, that “has helped cut the number of veteran homeless, serving 138,000 vets since 2010.”

    And even on a financial level, it is pennywise and pound foolish. By cutting funding for a program that has been proven reduce veteran homelessness — a program that focuses on those who are chronically ill, have substance abuse problems, or need mental help — it just assures our communities will have to more than make up the expense in incarceration costs and emergency room visits.

    Yesterday after the news of this cut broke, Secretary Shulkin was forced to backtrack. But honestly, who can really trust this administration. Make your voice heard:

    • traditional

      Think of all the money we could use to support our veterans if illegal aliens were not draining American taxpayer dollars.

  • kbfallon

    So they can contribute to the society around them.???? Like all of the Border Agents-ICE Agents-welfare workers-teachers-and such who have to be employed by the taxpayers to “care” for these illegals.


    Thanks democrats how many more American lives will you sacrifice?

    • traditional

      They are busy electing a new people…can’t be concerned about little things like American lives…despicable. Our DOJ must begin prosecuting and imprisoning gov. officials who will not maintain our immigration laws.

    • Beeker D.

      Kill a CITIZEN, replace them with an ‘Illegal Alien DemoKrat Voter’. It’s called the ‘NATIONAL Socio-Fascist demoKrat PLAN’!

  • Fed up!

    As Gomer said Surprise Surprise the dreamer 💩🤣 till here 12 years later to kill a child. Have we or I should say Government lost it friend mind. I blame the politicians. Let’s hold them accountable for man saluter

  • Beeker D.

    This just means MORE of them will be FLOCKING to ‘TAXUFORNIA’ where they can get a drivers license `EVEN` if They Can’t Speak, Write or Understand a word of the English language!
    I still can’t find out ‘If they’re being asked to register to vote(democrat of course)’ at that time.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I’ve lost count of the number of illegal (usually drunk) illegals who have killed people on NC roadways.

  • dallasyvonneauldridge

    Every so called sanctuary city/state should lose every DIME of federal funding. SCREW the so called FEDERAL JUDGES. THEY a should be going to prison. Removed from the federal bench , relinquish their law license for being traitors. If not a law MAKE IT ONE. They are demon atheists have no integrity, no morals, no dignity. I would not let them preside over a dog fight. They are lying bigots.

    • Teresa Barrett

      Sanctuary cities are in set up in direct violation of federal law. If they are not in compliance, no LIBERAL POS judge should have the authority to tell the feds they can’t withhold funds. The feds should ignore these judges and withhold funds anyway! How can a judge make them?!
      This is a perfect example of why there should be NO AMNESTY FOR DACA’s or any other illegal POS! Round them up, deport them, and build the wall!

  • Deplorable wizard

    Democrat Graig Meyer: “. . . a loving state . . . Where they can contribute to the society around them.”
    She didn’t contribute to the DMV for a license. I’m betting she didn’t contribute in taxes. In fact, the odds are extremely high that she was on wefare and the only thing she “contributed” to was the crime statistics for killing the child.

    Her illegal actions, carried out with purpose and forethought, amount to conspiracy and thus should elevate the childs death to a capital offence. Found guilty, she should be sentenced to death, not deported to be given another chance to commit murder again – whether in Honduras or back in the U.S..

  • dallasyvonneauldridge

    Can’t do much when the cowards in the white house won’t take on the federal judges. They act like they are afraid. The feds work for the people not the crooked state politicians. All the state politicians are crooks. Every state, every politician.

    • The people need to put themselves on the line, it is the people who vote state politicians in. The people need to take a more active part and put their money and time where their mouth is. Get involved with non-profits, change things you do not like, block legislation, send in comments or if possible show up for stake holders meetings and voice an opinion, support rights groups that will sue and put stays on legislation, codes and laws. If you do not like what is going on gum up the works legally. Comments are as cheap and even less time consuming than reading and posting here. Not hard to learn the proper way to comment so your comments are accepted then each one has to be addressed. Take on the task–

  • dallasyvonneauldridge

    More than enough. I wouldn’t mind STONING either.

    • NRApatriot

      Tried, convicted of treason and executed is an more appealing option!!!

  • just care

    Make N. Carolina Great Again !
    Send the killer and the mayor to Honduras. Actually, I don’t care where you send the scumbags, just get them out of the greatest country on earth. They don’t deserve to be here.

  • JB

    My family moved to Charlotte or outside of Charlotte in Belmont North Carolina in 1995 we lived there till 2002. I am so glad to get out of that hypocritical, so-called Bible belting state. They had the nasty is people two-faced I have ever met. It’s a wonder that these people are a sanctuary city and protecting everybody but legal citizens! You could pay me anything to live there or even visit there again the Carolinas and the South are nothing but black trash.

  • Connie Valdez-Gallas

    Rep. Graig Meyer, you’d be singing a different tune if it were one of your family members.

  • Nubmaeme

    Not all of North Carolina is like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Most of the state is deep red with only a few scattered pockets of blue. Guess you can’t win them all. Please don’t judge all of NC by the few idiots we have running loose.

  • JR

    We don’t need no sticking Laws, Green Cards, or Licences… we are the Democrat Base voters.

  • Corinne Simpson

    I guess he means people like Sosa so they can kill more people. That should reduce the population of the “citizens” in the area and turn it over completely to illegals. I have nothing against immigrants that come here and want to be working legal citizens, but these illegals come here solely to mooch off the government that doesn’t have the balls to make them do what they should.