Illegal Border Crossings Down, Illegal Drug Crossings Up, Under Trump

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) Illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine continue to enter the United States from Mexico, even under President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Illegal Border Crossings Down, But Illegal Drug Crossings Up, Under Trump

PHOTO: US Customs & Border Protection

According to a press release from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection have seized more illegal drugs entering the country this year across a 400-mile stretch of the Mexico-Texas border.

“The South Texas Corridor (STC) has seen a 177 percent increase in heroin and 129 percent increase in cocaine seized by agents and officers in the field,” the release said. “The increase in illicit drug activity comes at a time when apprehensions have declined in recent months.”

Apparently the smugglers are getting better at hiding the drugs, DHS said.

“Smugglers have been caught with drugs hidden in vehicle gas tanks, manufactured compartments, propane tanks, shipments of fruit and vegetables, stuffed in personal belongings, bags of candy, and even transported methamphetamine in liquid form inside milk and juice cartons,” said the press release.

This increase in illegal drug trafficking comes after President Donald Trump promised to build a wall and crackdown on illegal immigration. The BBC reports that the illegal border crossings into the united States from Mexico fell to fewer than 17,000 arrests in March, which is the lowest the arrest rate has been since 2000.

However, lower arrest numbers does not necessarily mean less drugs are crossing the border.

“The alignment of policy and strategy has led to significant gains in reducing illicit cross border activity in South Texas, we must stay vigilant,” said Manuel Padilla, Jr., CBP’s Joint Task Force-West South Texas Corridor Commander. “Low apprehension numbers do not equate to a quiet border. Criminal organizations will continue to smuggle their contraband and threaten border security.”

According to Mexico News Daily, the increased security on the border has led to smugglers increasing their prices to take illegal immigrants across.

“The tariffs charged by smugglers, known as coyotes or polleros, to get migrants across the border through the mountains have increased close to 130 percent, reports the newspaper Reforma,” said the website that curates news from that country. “Last November the fee was of US $3,500 but by January smugglers were charging up to $8,000, under the argument that new policies in the U.S. made the illegal crossing riskier.”

And while the number of people crossing the border might be down, the arrests of illegal immigrants in the country has increased under the Trump administration according to a release by Homeland Security’s agency U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, ICE arrested 41,318 people suspected of illegal immigration. Last year during the same time, the agency arrested 30,028 people for the same thing. The number of arrests increased by 11,290 from 2016 to 2017, and the rate of arrests reached near 40 percent, according to the press release.

“These statistics reflect President Trump’s commitment to enforce our immigration laws fairly and across the board,” said ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan. “ICE agents and officers have been given clear direction to focus on threats to public safety and national security, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the arrest of convicted criminal aliens.”

According to the release, almost 75 percent of those arrested for illegal immigration during Trump’s first 100 days were those convicted of violent crimes such as rape, kidnapping, assault, and homicide, which accounting for 2,700 of the convictions.

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  • Linda


    • cp123

      The people are with him so D.C. Better wise up!

      • Lady-Lisa

        No, only uneducated deployable agree with dump. Educated decent people Detest the stupid embarrassing man.

        • Louie Rey

          Speaking of uneducated, it’s “deplorable” not deployable. There’s no such word so I guess we have another prospect for a little English class. Speaking of class, you have none just so you know. By the way, being a “deplorable” and an “irredeemable” is actually a badge of honor, something else you’re short on. All of us are behind a guy who’s not the same old, same old “establishment” career politician. How’s that worked out for everyone? I rest my case.

          • Maxine Albritton

            Works fine for me. I really wondered if America would survive that miserable eight years of obama and he wanted us to have Hillary who promised to be the same. He surely was dreaming or is nuts. I happen to know there ae probably a lot of educated left and I really don’t understand how anyone with brains could tolerate a party of such goals. But there are plenty on the right too. obama has a shadow government actually ofa organization fighting for action. Now what kind of action except tyrannical would a former president need? At least is fighting for America. Not against it.

          • Louie Rey

            We just BARELY survived the last eight years and, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to want to go away. He is in the shadows but he is behind what’s known as OFA (Organization For Action) which even has a manual of sorts that advises the people of how to congregate and when to complain and so on and so forth. He’s pathetic.

          • chris VN

            I’ll bet she’s no ” lady ” either!

          • Louie Rey

            That’s her way of making her feel better about herself.

        • JEAN HART

          Not this educated decent person.

        • Jim Hall

          Deployable? Who’s uneducated?

    • nocbsfan

      I’m with you

    • Lady-Lisa

      In your dreams, just like the muslism ban, prosecution of HC, return of all the coal jobs and health insurance for ALL. We can’t get tired of winning, with ALL of his failures. Loving it! Illegitimate POTUS

      • Louie Rey

        Listen sweetheart, I suggest you stop posting your innocuous statements. The more you do the more your lack of intelligence shows. There’s no such thing as “muslism.” I think you’re thinking of mueslix which is a cereal. Speaking of a corn flake, keep in mind President Trump (I’m sure that just makes your day, doesn’t it?) has been in office for four months and he’s already accomplished more in that period of time than Hussein did in eight years. Do you really want to go back to that disaster? If you do then that’s ANOTHER affirmation of your lack of any sense whatsoever.

  • Naval Lint

    Interesting how the Dems say that we don’t need a wall or any borders, but jump on the pulpit about the hard drugs pouring over that same border. Dems, you can’t have it both ways!!

    • Mike

      The Democrats understand that the wall would be a waste of resources. It would not stop drugs from entering into this country. Why would a barrier that they could easily cross, go over, or go under stop the transportation of drugs? It would not even slow them down. it would be a multi billion dollar waste of money. Drugs are a multibillion dollar business and the dealers and leaders of the cartels will get their poison into this country.

      • Naval Lint

        What makes you think that going over, under or just crossing the wall would be easy? It sure wouldn’t be as easy as just walking across, as it is now. Or perhaps you would rather just legalize ALL recreational substances? We could then become accustomed to seeing overdosed parents lying in the streets while their children die? Not a particularly civilized environment, but then Darwin gets to play too.

        • Mike

          They already have tunnels that go under the sections of the wall that already exist. They already use planes and boats to ship large quantities. I am not advocating for the legalization of hard drugs like cocaine, heroin etc. I am not opposed to Cannabis legalization as it has been shown to be less dangerous than alcohol. The point is that a wall is not going to stop or even slow down the drug trade so it is a useless, expensive gesture that will have zero effect.

          • jaybird

            All of your problems with the wall will be addressed per Trump, DHS AND ICE agents.

          • Mike

            i always assume the trump sheeple are more intelligent than this but maybe you truly are not. so somehow you as a trump sheeple believe that a wall will stop planes, boats and tunnels? is the weather nice in trumps fantasy land?

          • jaybird

            Are they going to drop it from planes now??? Ha Ha Ha, is the boat going to ram the wall?? The wall is going to be deep in the ground. The wall will free up agents to patrol places the wall cannot be built. Don’t worry about the wall, we won’t be feeding and housing all the illegals and the wall is cheaper over the years than taking care of them.

          • Mike

            you are aware that the majority of illegal immigrants are here after overstaying legal visas. no wall will stop that. also yes drug dealers already use planes and boats to bring drugs in so yes that will continue. all the wall will do is make some people in Kansas or Iowa feel better but it will change nothing.

          • jaybird

            I don’t think they are a majority and the visa program will be updated and they will be tracked down.

            Trump, build that wall!

          • Mike

            it has been estimated to be from 40 to 60 percent. you can go with the 40percent, but the point is you can build a hundred walls and it would not matter.

          • STARCD53

            Your probably a drug user and don’t want a wall on the border. That is why you wrote ‘do not put the wall up’. In some areas there is no wall on the Border and that is one of the problems where drugs and illegals are getting across. Trump needs to build that wall on the Border and electrify it and stop a lot of Mexican traffic and drugs, then there will be a lot more control.

          • Mike

            I live in texas. the majority of Texans do not want a wall. we know it will be ineffective. i am not a drug user, and unlike the trump sheeple i am not so pathetically influenced by the stupidity that comes out of the president’s mouth.

          • nocbsfan

            Man you ought to hear what comes out of your mouth, And I know you haven’t lived long enough to know what the majority of Texan’s want. You still have a few more to talk to, before you hit the majority. still coming up with fake percentages just like fake news. You follow something like billery and obamy and think everyone else is nuts.

          • Cindy

            I live in Texas and I want the wall to be built. All these libs are crazy . GO FORWARD PRESIDENT TRUMP I STAND WITH YOU ALL THE WAY

          • nocbsfan

            Well Cindy I can go along with at least on three things, We want to build the wall, we want to encourage the President to make America Great Again, and we will stand with him all the way. I can’t swear to you living in Texas, but I can sure take your word for it, cause you sound like you mean what you say. Good job Cindy

          • Louie Rey

            Hey my friend, I see you’re debating this Mike fellow. That’s like you and him having a gun fight and he brought a butter knife. He’s the male equivalent of that AKLady nutjob. Anyway, the mere fact that he staunchly defends liberals and their policies is acknowledgement enough of his lack of substance. It’s pretty interesting that he’s certain that no wall will stop illegals and their drugs. Just to be kind and fair, why don’t we just give the wall a shot? It’s not like things are just fine now, right?

          • nocbsfan

            Mickey is about as dense as they come. He has a mind that simply wont bend, likes to quote fictitious percentages and what ever sounds important. AKlady on the other hand is a brilliant lady who likes to play with your mind. She will make you think she is just argumentative and hard to get along with, but she knows exactly what she is doing. She gets everyone all wound up and she can tell when people are getting angry, the angrier you get the more she laughs. Be careful with that one. I am with you, lets build that wall. It wont cost as much as Billery has stole from the Government. Hey man good to see you back.

          • Louie Rey

            Hey, you don’t have to thank me. You just have to thank Liberty Headlines for putting me back in the loop! You’re 100% correct with your analogy between the wall and Bill and Hill. I’m really curious to see how President Trump’s first foreign trip’s going to work out. Keep in mind that he’s stopping at the homes, if you will, of the three greatest religions in the world. First he’s going to Saudi Arabia (Islam), then he’s going to Israel (Judaism) and then to The Vatican (Catholicism). I think he’s also going to The Netherlands for a little pot smoking! Only kidding. Incidentally, have you seen Pelosi recently? She looks like she’s still feeling the affects of a bad trip! Hey, she’s in California, right?

          • nocbsfan

            Maybe the President’s trips will help some. Each place having different lifestyles, bring some continuity to the world. After what obamy has caused to happen, they need all the help they can get. I only know one californian with any sense, she is called Marie, what a republican, she is a believer. Kinda hard to understand what Pelosi is, she winds her thoughts up so much, she doesn’t even know where she is. Pelosi has that frown on her face cause she is scrambling her brains trying to figure out how she can get her speaker job back. Yeah she is in California, and I am glad.

          • Naval Lint

            Then suggest an alternative. By the way, video surveillance, motion detectors and ground vibration sensors are just a few ideas on how to improve on a physical barrier. Also, eliminating “catch and release” programs is an immediate improvement. These things, coupled with the deportations, will send a signal that we as a nation are serious about enforcing our immigration laws. How is this a bad thing?

        • Naval Lint,
          There are places near the border crossings now that are 30 feet high. I have seen video clips showing illegals going over the walls daily. What makes anyone think that any sort of wall is going to stop anyone?

          As for legalizing drugs, I have zero tolerance for permitting any kind of drug usage including marijuana, period.

          • chris VN

            Electrify it and use more sensors.

          • I do not know if existing fences are supplied with electronic devices to alert anyone. So I have no idea if any such devices will work on a wall. But those tunnels close to San Diego have been undermined frequently with no detection from any electronic devices.

      • Mike,
        While I agree with your concept concerning the wall, the drug smuggling is a lot different that stopping illegals at the border crossings. One thing no one is considering is that a lot of very wealthy ranchers on the border areas do not want a border wall because their livestock get water from the Rio Grande. There is also a huge problem with getting drainage past the wall to the river. That also applies to dry land in Arizona and New Mexico and even southern California. a hole large enough to allow the passage of flooding waters becomes a very weak place in the wall. Monitoring has worked to signal illegal crossings but does not work yet on tunneling. Therefore we have some kinks in the plan to work out yet.

      • Jim Hall

        So your answer is… because a wall would be expensive, do nothing like Obama did and Hillary would have?

        You’re only against the wall because Hillary and Obama told you to be against the wall…

        I heard the words from Hillary’s lips during an earlier campaign that the wall was needed. But because Trump was for it, she took the opposite of her earlier statements just to oppose Trump…. and you aren’t smart enough to know that Hillary has been on both sides of that fence… you’re following a woman who has been righteously accused of saying anything to get elected…

        Now you’re perfectly willing to think whatever she tells you to think… this is why the term “useful idiots” came into existence…

  • Stoney

    It would make sense that if they are not tied down dealing with illegal immigrants that they would have more time to pursue criminals bringing in drugs.

    • David Silbernagel

      Exactly what I was thinking !!

    • CSN

      Are you suggesting illegal immigrants don’t bring in drugs? Illegal drugs come from illegal immigrants…how’s that assessment working for you? If you build a wall they can’t get through. No more border crossing until they assess how to deal with contraband.

      • Stoney

        I’m not suggesting anything, I’m plainly stating. If they do not have to spend their time processing illegal aliens, and the same amount of drug mules are attempting to cross then they will find more drugs. Please try to keep up.

  • cp123

    So it is imperTive we build that wall right?

  • Al Wunsch

    Maybe it is also true that the borders are being covered more now that the law is being enforced resulting in more drug arrests also.

  • Gary

    Nice job so far, President Trump! Keep it up, Mr. President!

  • jaybird

    Law enforcement is “now” able to focus on real crime instead of the illegals crossing.

  • Robert Coyle

    ” Illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine continue to enter the United States from Mexico”

    Michael Berry promotes the legalization of these drugs, which will erode America from within, not to mention increase the flow of illegal drugs across the border, as America’s junkies seek a cheaper alternative to the government-run “dispensaries.”

  • chris VN

    Maybe it’s because the border security is actually ALLOWED to do it’s job now?????

  • Darryl Lofton

    Illegal crossing is down 70% and more drugs are being stopped at the border . I think it’s a great start in the right direction . Investment by American investors on American business is up from 50% to 90% . Wages are going back up . More jobs are available . Give Trump some elbow room to work and I think a lot of things will get better .

  • Louie Rey

    Let’s take a step back here. This article says that illegals entering this country are down but illegal drugs entering this country are up. It’s very simple to determine the first statement. Less people is less people. However, how do you quantify the second statement? If the previous administration did a bad job of intercepting these illegal drugs then that’s the standard by which the numbers are gauged against. Therefore, if more drugs are being intercepted the assumption they’re taking here is that more are being brought in. Who’s to say there wasn’t the same amount, if not more, that came in previously but they’re not taken into account for these statistics? Bottom line is that these drugs are being taken out of circulation and that’s a good thing and that’s coming from a one time hippie who did my fair share (if not more) of recreational drugs back in the late 60s, early 70s.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Blow up all drugs transports crossing in to the US. The end.

  • Sueja

    Build the wall

  • chris VN