Rep. Ilhan Omar Says Trump is Not Human

‘I’m an Obama fan! I was saying how Trump is different from Obama…’

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar Deflects Her Anti-Semitism by Citing White Privilege

Ilhan Omar/IMAGE: Comedy Central

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., denied comparing Barack Obama’s presidency to Donald Trump’s, and said Trump shouldn’t even be considered “human.”

In an interview with Politico last week, Omar said the differences between the Obama and Trump administrations were not big in terms of how each handled humanitarian crises.

She said Obama was responsible for the “caging of kids” at the U.S.-Mexico border and the “droning of countries around the world.”

“I think for many of us, we think of ourselves as Democrats. But many of the ways that our Democratic leaders have conducted themselves within the system is not one that we are all proud of,” Omar said. “And when we talk about waking people up from complacency, it’s to say that we can’t be only upset with Trump because he’s not a politician who sells us his policies in the most perfect way. His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was.”

In a now deleted tweet, Omar tried to deny she had made the comparison, accusing Politico of falsely reporting her words without context.

“Exhibit A of how reporters distort words. I’m an Obama fan! I was saying how Trump is different from Obama, and why we should focus on policy, not politics. This is why I always tape my interviews,” she said in the now deleted tweet.

The audio of the interview that she posted, however, confirmed Politico’s story.

But when asked by Fox News whether she thought “Obama is the same as President Trump,” Omar once again denied her original answer.

“Absolutely not. That is silly to even equate the two,” she said. “One is human and one is really not.”