Abolish ICE? They Find and Remove War Criminals!

‘This criminal thought he could use the United States to shield him…’


Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez / IMAGE: @thehill via Twitter

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested and deported a Bosnian war criminal last week, proving that the agency plays a critical role in keeping U.S. communities safe, despite the Democrats’ continued efforts to abolish it.

Slobo Maric was sent back to Bosnia after ICE discovered he had unlawfully obtained U.S. citizenship by failing to disclose to the federal government that he had been a member of the Bosnian Army and had committed horrific aware crimes during the Bosnian Conflict in the 1990s.

“This criminal thought he could use the United States to shield him from his war crimes,” said ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations Miami Field Office Director Michael Meade. “The U.S. will not provide a safe haven to criminals.”

Maric was one of several prison guards in the Bosnian Army who subjected detainees to repeated torture and abuse.


Records show that he participated directly in the physical abuse, and after the conflict ended, the Bosnian government charged and convicted Maric for committing war crimes against prisoners.

When he applied for U.S. citizenship in the early 2000s, Maric concealed his past crimes, and it wasn’t until immigration agents charged with tracking down human rights-related offenders found Maric.

His citizenship was revoked and he was returned to Bosnia.

“HSI’s unique investigative authorities helped ensure this war criminal was held responsible for the horrific crimes he committed in Bosnia,” ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations special agent James Spero said in a statement. “Ensuring the integrity of our immigration system is an important aspect of safeguarding our national security.”

Human rights investigations are just one of the ways ICE protects U.S. communities.

But if it was up to Democrats, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the agency wouldn’t exist.

“‘Abolish ICE’ is a call to action on several levels,” she said earlier this year. “One is the literal interpretation of all abolishing ICE, which I support and I’ve said on multiple occasions I don’t believe that an agency that systematically and repeatedly violates human rights, I don’t think that agency can be reformed.”

Similarly, Elizabeth Warren — a Democratic presidential candidate — has vowed to abolish ICE and replace it with a more “humane” agency.

“The President’s deeply immoral actions have made it obvious that we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom, starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our values,” she said during a campaign rally.