ICE Blasts Sanctuary Sheriff for Releasing Violent Illegal Aliens

‘I am very disappointed in ICE for wanting to blame me…’

Urban Areas Nix ICE Partnerships for Criminal Aliens, As Rural Areas Join Up

Charlotte Sheriff Gary McFadden/IMAGE: Garry Mcfadden 4Sherrif via Youtube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Immigration and Customs Enforcement released a list of dangerous, violent illegal immigrants Mecklenburg County had released from prison without notifying the agency as part of its ongoing war with Sheriff Garry McFadden.

McFadden has deflected criticism after being hammered by federal law enforcement and prosecutors for releasing a twice-arrested, violent felon who caused a nine-hour standoff with Charlotte police.

After ICE finally arrested Guatemalan native Luis Pineda-Ancheta, 37, the agency said this wasn’t the first time McFadden had defied federal authorities and put the Charlotte community at risk.

ICE sent a list of recent examples when McFadden failed to honor immigration detainers, and all of them included violent felons.


One example was in August 2018 when Charlotte police arrested a 30-year-old Honduran for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

ICE issued a detainer, but McFadden had him released anyways and he remains at-large, according to ICE.

There are 21 similar examples that occurred in the past two years, according to ICE.

Many of the violent illegals were found and picked up by ICE and are awaiting deportation, but some are still at-large.

McFadden said he was “offended” that federal authorities hold him responsible, even though he campaigned on a promise not to work with ICE.

“I am very disappointed in ICE for wanting to blame me,” he said, according to “I dare anyone to say that I am not public-safety concerned about that. Come to the streets where I am. Come to the barbershops where I go. Come to the neighborhoods where no one dares to go and go to the neighborhood you’re not familiar with.”

When asked if McFadden is “making Mecklenburg County less safe every time he doesn’t abide by an ICE detainer,” U.S. attorney Andrew Murray replied: “No doubt in my mind. And somebody’s going to significantly be injured or killed, and given the allegation in this case, it had real potential.”