House Votes Unanimously to Stop Funding Palestinian Terrorism

Taylor Force Act would end support for radicals convicted by Israeli courts…


Taylor Force

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) After months of discussion, the U.S. House of Representatives easily passed a bill Liberty Headlines has tracked for months, that would deny funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless the PA ends a program of its own that finances terrorism.

The Taylor Force Act now moves to the Senate, where support for the bill’s overall concept has long seemed strong but where certain details have proved more controversial.

The bill was named after a U.S. Army veteran (and West Point graduate) who was killed by a Palestinian terrorist while on a civilian trip to Israel in March of 2016.

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As LH reported in July, the Palestinian program at issue compensates terrorists convicted by Israeli courts and provides payments for family members of terrorists killed while attacking Israelis.

The PA claims the terrorists are legitimate “combatants” – even though, by all reasonable definition, the deliberate murder of ordinary civilians is not “combat.”

The Taylor Force Act would block U.S. funding for the PA as long as that Palestinian program remains in operation.

In the end, the bill proved so popular in the House that it passed by voice vote, with no recorded objection.

“This bill is pretty simple,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan. “If you finance or reward terrorism, you don’t deserve a penny from the United States. The Palestinian Authority should be forced to choose between its despicable practice of paying terrorists’ salaries and receiving foreign aid funded by the American taxpayer. And until that time comes, no government that supports the murder of innocent civilians can claim to be a serious partner for peace…. In Taylor’s memory, I look forward to the Senate passing this legislation so we can send it to the president’s desk.”

Other senior congressmen also weighed in.

“This bill is a critical step in ensuring the kind of atrocity that took place on March 8th of last year, which left former U.S. Army officer and Vanderbilt student Taylor Force dead, is not repeated,” said Republican Michael McCaul of Texas, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “I had the honor to share the stage with Mr. Force, the father of Taylor Force, a few months ago, and I hope no family ever has to endure a tragedy like he and his family have. While this legislation cannot bring his son back, it can help ensure these tragedies never happen again.”

A Christian-oriented education- and advocacy group called Liberty Counsel explained how the PA program operates and why it is so morally unacceptable, and thus why the Taylor Force Act is needed:

“The PA currently gives over $300 million annually to terrorists and their families. However, since the U.S. provides over $700 million of direct and indirect aid to the Palestinians, American taxpayer dollars are providing the funds to reward terrorists who kill American and Israeli citizens. As soon as attackers are arrested, the PA provides canteen expenses, salary, and health benefits. A government job upon release is guaranteed for those sentenced to five or more years. The families of “martyrs” also receive large payments for the loss of their family member.”

The potential pitfalls reside in the Senate, where (as LH reported in July) some senators think the president should have authority to “waive” the act for national security reasons and others think at least some humanitarian aid from the United States – such as for Palestinian hospitals – ought to be allowed through regardless.

Many of those objections were met by House amendments – amendments that at least one critic said went too far, thus “gutting” the bill.

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Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, wrote a few days ago in the Jewish News Service that the current bill gives too many exemptions for health services – and then got worse still.

The “appeasers,” said Flatow,stipulated that the money which is withheld must be put into a ‘Palestinian Authority Accountability Fund,’ which can then be given to the Palestinians if the State Department certifies that the PA is taking steps against terrorism. We all know that for the past 24 years, the State Department has repeatedly ‘certified’ that the PA was keeping its obligations in the Oslo Accords—even though that certification was a total lie. No matter how blatantly the PA violated the accords, the State Department always found some excuse to declare it to be ‘in compliance,’ so that U.S. money would keep flowing. There is every reason to believe that the State Department will do so again.”

But the American Jewish Committee disagreed, saying that House passage of the bill was reason to celebrate, and that the exceptions for humanitarian aid were reasonable.

“As an organization committed to the two-state solution,” the organization said in a press release, “AJC believes that ending the practice of compensating Palestinian terrorists and their families is one critical step toward resolving the conflict.”


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  • Steve G.

    This is unbelievable! We are in a war against terrorism, yet we fund terrorists in the PA and Iran and who knows who else. Cut all their funding and let them starve to death. We are not going to change their minds. It will take generations to change their minds. In the meantime we have to kill them before they kill us.

    • Ken

      They have been killing each other for thousands of years. It is only because of our politicians, Democrats in particular, that they now have the opportunity to kill us.

    • slk5

      lots of money goes to pakistan!!!

  • Erik V Johnson

    Something That Should of Been Done 30 yrs Ago !!!

  • yellowjacket2

    It’s about time we put an end to this shame. We fund the PA and the PA funds terrorist. That means that our government funds terrorism in our name. And, thanks to overwhelming support by Democrats and RINO’s we all have blood on our hands. And this travesty has been going on for years.

  • Gregg Parker

    it is so hard to get past the premise that we actually fund terror in the first place… so sad what has happened to government in total… thank you and God speed Mr. President!! MAGA!!

  • My country

    I only wonder why they ever paid the Palestinians in the first place ? Israel and the United States paid Arafat millions to attack and kill Jews . And when he supposedly died the money he stole from that could never be found and no dead body . That’s why we had better get out of the UN .They want to put our soldiers on trial in world court for being sent to do a job .And if they kill someone who is trying to kill them .They are tried in that court ! As we all know there are a whole lot of swampy things in Washington

  • D L

    Isn’t it simply AMAZING we keep supplying money to nations that hate the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who in turn divert the money for purposes other than intended? This is just one example. The UNITED NATIONS keeps taking UNITED STATES OF AMERICA taxpayers money, divert a portion (skimming, bribes, outright theft) and keep asking for more. We need to stop foreign aid (CURRENCY) and only supply food, medicine and advisor support. Any aid must be fully documented and if it is diverted from it’s intended purposes – then all aid discontinued.
    Of course this is only a temporary measure until we start showing a budget surplus. Then we can revisit our foreign aid policy.

    • Dee

      Totally agree . Why don’t We the Taxpayer have a vote in this craziness Our Money is spent on .

      • sweetqueen777

        We are SUPPOSED to have a representative form of government. Our ELECTED officials are SUPPOSED to vote as their constituents have instructed them to do. Unfortunately, when you have those officials more interested in padding their own pockets, and exercising their sexuality, for multiple terms, they have NO Clue what their voters really want, nor do they especially care to find out. They attain a level of smug elitism, that tells them every day, that they are smarter than the peons who put them there, and pay their bloated salaries. Most Americans are ignorant of what is going on in Washington, and they are more knowlegable about pop culture than how their own government works. Most Americans have NEVER written or made a phone call to their elected legislators, and I would venture a guess that they could not name both of their senators, or who their particular representative is. They have a distaste for the news. and they believe whatever they are told on the evening news, or read in the tabloids. We are in a SAD STATE here, folks. And only as INDIVIDUALS, can we make a real difference. I PRAY FOR AMERICA.

        • Fed up!

          Praying not going to get the job done. Get out their and get the voter out that vote conservative

      • Fed up!

        We do, called voting! Yet we keep the same criminals in office. Now we Patriots got President Trump into office, it’s up to us Patriots to out vote the idiots and put conservative like Judge Moore into office.

    • sweetqueen777

      And, since much of the “relief” sent to such needy areas, is diverted mysteriously into the accounts of despotic rulers,I am all in favor of direct relief in the form of drops like we did in the Berlin Airlifts after WW2. That would seem to be the only way to be certain that starving and dying people actually receive the food and supplies they need.

  • Mark Lewis Brecker, Esq.

    “UNANIMOUS”, MEANING NO ABSTENTIONS, NONE WHO HAD TO BE ABSENT due to health or whatever]. THAT INDEED WOULD BE A HEADLINE. “GREAT” JOURNALISM, GUYS [most of us didn’t give it a “thought”].

  • Murphmeister

    This is a long time coming – a long time.

    • sweetqueen777

      And, it is not yet a DONE DEAL.

    • Fed up!

      You don’t think this is really going to happen, trust me, they going to skin the old cat another way

  • SA Ander

    The Feds give lip to fighting terrorism but we provide foriegn aid, especially under bo. He gave Iran billions before he left office, why isn’t that being looked at as a bribe ,etc?
    Bag’em and tag’em!

  • Ken

    There never should have been one penny put into this program in the first place. It just shows there are a lot of places Congress could cut spending. This is just plain stupid from the get go. I would bet dollars to donuts that O would not sign were he still POTUS.

    • Fed up!

      Government does not have money, we do, us people produce. Government just extort money from the people. Our forefathers set the Republic up so the federal government was just to protect/ Defence all the states/people equally. This one world PC💩💩 is a big scam. There are a few people in this world that just want to dominate the rest of us. Mao, Hitler, Obama, Putin, Mc Cain etc. all think they are smarter and should dominate the rest of us. Problem is far to many people are just plan lazy, and don’t want to work, for material items.

  • Randy H Eldredge

    The anti-Israel, Muslim lover is gone from the US White House. US House and Senate are voting to cut off funds for Palestinian terrorism. ‘Bought time to put that perversion back in it’s cage and force it to face the world humanely.

  • MacZ

    It’s interesting but in the face of the PA’s hate our former 1st lady Hillary spoke passionately for the Palestinians during the Clinton Presidency. She was always a Globalist uninterested with facts.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Defund the UN and that will cut off funds and support to terrorists.

  • sweetqueen777

    EXCELLENT!!! Finally, a reason to be PROUD of our Congress!! suspect there are several other nations that we send money to, that also fund terrorist activities. Let’s add them to the list. It is NOT as if we have pallets of money lying around, and are wondering just what to do with them.

  • slk5

    you’re either with us, or against us…if you’re not on the “with us” list, nothing!!!

  • Louie Rey

    The question is why was this funding even begun in the first place? Yeah, let’s fund a charter member of the “Death To America” team.

  • Fed up!

    Here a novel thought, how about you criminals in Congress quit sending tax payer monies to foreign governments. Show me in the Constitution where spending taxes is legal. Now paying for renting space for our military is part of defense and legal. I know the Pigliosie and the other criminals get huge kick backs. Maybe it time to replace all the criminals with Judge Moore type and let’s see if this country aka ship can be righted. Come n Patriots mid terms are around the corner, let’s get conservative elected

  • Don Lindsey

    They hate us and our way of life so let them hate us for free!