House Intell Committee: No Evidence of Trump-Russian Connections

(Infowars) Top intel chiefs testified at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill Monday over allegations that Russia meddled in the U.S. electoral system during the 2016 campaign.

House Intell Committee: No Evidence of Trump-Russian Connections

Devin Nunes, U.S. Representative from California

United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes made clear during his opening statement that the committee needs to find out what actions Russia undertook during the 2016 political campaign and if anyone from the Trump campaign colluded.

In his address, Mr. Nunes referred to the Russian news outlet RT as a “propaganda network” and admitted that “it’s still possible that other surveillance methods were used on Trump and associates.”

National Security Agency head Adm. Mike Rogers told the committee that the intel community has been aware for some time of the “direct connections” between RT and the Russian government such as “monetary flow.”

During his testimony Adm. Rogers answered a good deal of questions but managed to bob and weave around others in which details remain classified.

Likewise, F.B.I. Director James Comey’s testimony fell short whenever any sensitive questions arose, making his answers rather brief and stale.

“I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the F.B.I. as part of our counter-intelligence mission is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating any links between individual associates with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and the Russian efforts,” Comey said.

Adm. Mike Rogers addressed that fact that the N.S.A. has no evidence indicating votes were changed during the election process, but appeared to be dodging questions regarding the “incidental collection” of data surrounding “U.S. persons” who may have spoken with or came in contact with a targeted foreign individual…

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  • Mike

    this is still being investigated per James comey. they have not found Abby evidence yet, but this investigation is continuing. you have to wonder if trump’s lies about obama wiretaps are there to deflect from this potential connection with Russia.

    • Larry Baker

      If you were or are a clinton or bernie sanders supporter you could not possibly call anyone else in the world a liar! Hillary the greatest liar of all time and Sanders a socialist that wants to give all of our hard earned money to everyone that does not want to work. Not happening.

      • Mike

        Donald trump lies on average 70percent of the time. this far exceeds any other politician. as for Bernie Sanders although he does have sine socialist ideas is that different than trumps initial pledge to insure everyone?

        • Maxine Albritton

          Lie is a little harsh especially when things are leaking out. Obama did not lie about the Russians hacking the election to stir things up? I don’t believe that lie either.

          • Mike

            trump lying approximately 70percent of the time is based on every fact checking website. he makes up his own as his surrogatea would say “alternative facts” when real life does not fit their narrative.

          • Sueja

            Fact checkers are liberal groups. . Did you notice they continually only say that President Barack Obama didn’t wiretap Trump. We all know that President Trump meant getting private information from his campaign members anyway at all because it’s all illegal. So, you tell us how the Newspaper is correct by saying trump wiretapping got them their information if it didn’t happen
            And if you think it didn’t happen like the paper says then the Newspaper is lying and all the stuff you believe is attributed to a news organization that has been proven to be lying
            How do you win in any circumstance?

        • Fortuneless

          Except for Obama who lies about 95%of the time.

    • Carson Tyler

      Could be. For the good of our country it should investigated. If this country is have free elections then the truth should be known. If interfering did happened then it should be stopped and never to happen again for the sake of freedom. As Fox would say last week the Clinton’s robbed the waffle house. It seems Trump supporters would believe it happened.

      • rennyangel2

        My above post says it all.

    • wandamurline

      Obama wire taped the president of Germany, Merkel….he sicked his IRS on conservatives…he wire tapped several journalists….he sent in some of his campaign people to keep Netyanhu from being re-elected in Israel two years ago…he had NSA listening to everyday American citizens all the while lying and stating that he never wire tapped anyone….the evidence is there and if we could find out where his real birth certificate and college information was hidden, we would find that he did have surveylence on Trump during the campaign….maybe not wire tapping, but there are other ways of eavesdropping….I put nothing past the ahole that just left the white house.

      • Mike

        good news his birth certificate was released years ago. where is trump’s tax returns? you seem to believe Obama’s college transcripts will lead to evidence of wiretapping.?

        • Larry Baker

          The reason for the failure of Obama Care is its attempt to provide free insurance for people that do not work and very high premiums for anyone that does work.
          In my opinion if I were Trump I would walk away from the whole mess and let free markets take charge when Obama care implodes.
          The Democrats did a great injustice to working america for the past 8 years and that shows in the polls. The only reason Hillary (Supposedly) got the popular vote is California and New York. Which supports the bulk of the non working people.
          Working people have had enough already. I know I am one of them.

          • GoldenGirl2u

            At first I thought the same thing but, that is exactly what Obama and the Dems want because they ultimately want a One Payer System. Remember at the time even Reid said “We’ll get there”? To have a total takeover of our health system by the government would be one more step closer to Socialism and would be absolutely horrible.

        • Jeff Jensen

          Check out what the two independent document analysis experts concluded Joe Arpio had a news conference on NBC Arizona. They found the indisputably evidence that it was a forged document using a Hawaiian man’s Birth Certificate every thing lined up perfect. So it seems they didn’t have a copy of Obama Birth Certificate so they had to make one. So maybe his mother never bothered to File for it here. And he was born else where. All we know is it was a very up an up investigation and it turned out the guy has had possession of his BC, so they used the hospital records to create a Forgery. Check it out it’s on Utube the people who did the analysis have outstanding credentials one was from France. They show the documents and place them on top of each other and most of it lines up some had to be changed like the name and one number of the date. But these documents are hand typed and stamped so nothing should line up.

      • rennyangel2

        From Snowden, we know the NSA listens to everyone ALL the time. And if the Russians were going to support anyone in the US, they would have supported Killary and the Dems. who gave them the “reset” to enter into Syria and gain power in the Middle East the Russians never had before, gave them out uranium, gave them the Iran “deal” with Iran and nuclaer power to a Russian client state, and gave Putin influence in Iraq and among the Kurds to fight ISIS.

      • Fortuneless

        Why is this idiot not investigated?

    • Gym

      They weren’t lies goofnuts. As long as you’re talking about connections, how come you don’t mention the rhetoric between many U.S. Politicians and Russia? Nor do you mention the Billions the saudis gave hilldahag. Nor the hacking by obama, using taxpayer dollars, of Israel’s elections 2 years ago, or killary’s hacking of Bernie’s computers. Gosh, liberals are so silly stupid.

    • rocky49

      Just trying to figure out what is a wire tap and how are they investigating??? You have any idea who and what and how they are investigating?? Let me know !!

      • Mike

        I apologize I am not a part of the fbi. per director comey’s testimony there is no evidence of trumps assertions that he was tapped, but the investigation into trumps campaign and Russia are still being investigated.

    • chw2000

      I see you’re still spewing your BS. Go back to liberal land and shove your head back up your a$$.

  • Maxine Albritton

    Mike, I think he at least intentionally or not threw the ball back in the democrats court and it seems to be working. Since they have not been accusing any more about trumps team and Russia. It is like what goes around can come around. and it did.

    • Mike

      it has been stated that Obama did not in fact wiretap president trump. the Russian trump connection is still being investigated. so no he did not throw it back onto the democrats. he just made up a story and got caught again in another lie.

      • therealworld

        You haven’t a clue mickey

      • John

        Like any disgruntled sports fans(see Falcons) whose team didn’t win, someone just HAD to be cheating. It was the refs or a blown call or whatever. HRC and the MAM colluded with her and the Dems, they got caught playing dirty tricks with paid protesters, the ex-president even stomped all over in Air Force one to put a shine on his tarnished “legacy” . The Clinton Foundation slush fund even fed foreign cash to her. Then the made up RUssia tale was hatched to distract from their doings.
        As far as the spying on Trump, the last word has not been heard. There’s a million ways this could have gone down, the ex president and his crew had motive and opportunity. The full truth will come out.

        • rono frono

          Let me break it down for you. AMERICA SPIES ON RUSSIA. FACT. WE WIRE TAP RUSSIA. FACT. Some idiot Trump campaign person called RUSSIA. FACT. WE LISTENED IN. FACT. THE FACT THAT THEY WERE DUMB ENOUGH TO CALL FROM TRUMP TOWER IS NOT OUR INTELLIGENCE PROBLEM. Trump knows that they heard his wiretapped conversations because he has received the intelligence briefing and he knows what he said. Again, not a consipacy. He just got caught and now he knows hes going down. Crazy delusional idiot. Your right. The truth will come out.

      • ROn Dastra

        Sure mike !
        It took these so called non political agency’s less than 4 weeks to come back with Obama s
        Request about Russian hacking before he left office ! You do remember that !
        Also the FBI jumped real fast about the HILLARY emails !
        But it has been 8 months of so called FBI investigating about Presodents Trumps campaign or admin collusion with the Russians !
        They are purposely taking all the time in the world !to conclude !
        So people like YOU and the Dems can make all the non evidence ackusations you want !
        And the AH media !!!

    • bob laford

      Get your head out of your butt Mike. Wire tap story was from the New York Times ( slimes ) & Washington Post & President Trump made the mistake of regurgitating the Trojan horse story.If Kenya Barry’s nose grew an inch every time he lied, he could use it to pole vault with

      • Bruce O’Ryan

        Yeah, from the North Pole to the South Pole…

      • Louie Rey

        What? You mean I can’t keep my doctor?

  • richjack4

    What ridiculous and bogus cause will radical liberals now undertake? Accuse the man who is suing BLM in Dallas for $550 million for being racist? They all need to get a life and actually work for a living rather than protesting everything that the president does!

  • John

    When the the full light of day ever hits the deeds of ex-president failure and his band of conspirators , I am sure that among their multitude of misdeeds we will find that they “spied” on POTUS Trimp and that they knowingly fabricated this fake story about Russia.It was a tale spun by the Dems and the lapdog media all in an effort to crown HRC and continued to discredit and undermine POTUS Trump.
    The BS detector goes into high alert every time these fake news and political hacks spew their trash.
    Like man made global warming BS , a lie is a lie no matter how many people tell it!

  • therealworld

    The liberals can stay busy with their tail chasing while they overlook the Good that President Trump is doing. It’s better they have a stick to chase.

    • Timothy

      Please state something worthwhile other than getting out of bed, Trump has acually done!

  • Rick D.

    Let’s hope this finding will finally shut up the morons in the media and the Left-wing senators. But, I’m sure they’ll continue to cling to their distorted and inaccurate beliefs until their dying breathe.

    • Louie Rey

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. Here’s an example of how severe the media’s case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is. President Trump invites the Pope for a cruise on his yacht. While they’re out at sea a gust of wind blows the Pope’s miter off of his head and into the ocean. The Pope desperately tries to grab it back but it drifts out too far for him to reach it. President Trump gets out of the yacht and walks on the ocean surface out to the miter, retrieves it and gives it back to the Pope. The next day the headline in the NY Times, the Washington Post and the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN is, “President Trump Can’t Swim!”

      • Rick D.

        Great story!! I loved it! With your permission I’d like to share this with my conservative friends……and the brainless, air-headed, bed-wetting liberals. LMAO!

        • Louie Rey

          It would be a lot funnier if it didn’t have any truth to it and simply be taken as a joke. But noooooo, it most likely would go down that way if it ever did happen.

    • Harry J Schaubel

      They’re finally giving up on that after seeing the bottom fall out of their investigation. Now it’s back to Obstructing Justice for the firing of Corrupt Comey. Oops. Sorry Libs. I meant Director Comey.
      When they talk about “Intent” to commit a crime, remember the Sailor who after 8 years service in Subs in serving time in Prison because he had 6 photos of his workstation on his phone cause he wanted to show his girlfriend where he worked. He was dishonorably Discharged, tried, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for 6 photo’s. This is a MUCH MORE SERIOUS crime that trivial stuff. You know, like destroying 33k email. Hosting Classified material on a private server, destroying multiple devices so they couldn’t be examined. Telling MULTIPLE lies to the FBI and the American Public.
      No. He deserved everything he got.

  • therealworld

    Russia didn’t necessarily want Trump to win or Hillary to lose, Their ultimate goal was to drive distrust of our political system into the people and that my friends has happened. We have a faltering DNC and a Republican President 1/2 the people hate so now if Russia gets any more aggressive our citizens may not back our President. . Russia accomplished their goal.

  • Axixic

    The FBI and the NSA made it clear that they investigating connections between Trump, his people and Russia. They did not say there is not connection. Did anyone watch the hearing?

    • Timothy

      This crowd has selective reading.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    Dems since NLT 1980 (exception maybe Mondale campaign of 1984, which had no life except in MN — and then only due to Mondale being from there) can’t face the simple fact of their losing due to themselves, so have to invent absurd reasons for their losing:
    * 1980 Carter — almost four solid years of incompetence (exemplified in April 1980 “Operation Eagle Claw”), “misery-index” — “October Surprise” twaddle
    * 1988 Ducarcass — epic-fail in interview by Bernie Shaw (who actually had all-but-coached Ducarcass) in front of bulkerloads of viewers — didn’t try twaddling then, but did later
    * 2000 Gore — shill after losing TN (his native state) to try to win FL (backfired — neither “player” benefitted from the recount, but non-player Buchanan did albeit staying non-player)
    * 2004 Kerry — even with obvious media assistance, majority of Americans didn’t like him — and still some Jorge Jr derangers can’t see that “memogate” documents were poorest-quality electronic forgeries
    * 2016 Hitlery — akin to 2004 Kerry, and with even worse record — not only “Russian hacking” (redigup and tweak of 1980 “October Surprise”) but also “misogyny angle” (latter twice)

    Last election Dems won honestly (due only to residual anger against Nixon, of whom Fix-Or-Repair-Daily was unelected VP and successor) was 1976. Any questions?

  • Fortuneless

    Obama is the one who should be investigated for sedition.I suspect if he were eliminated the story line would go flat line.

  • Sylvia Avila

    I could of told the HIC that! bone heads!

  • Timothy


    Its official Obama caught getting out of sophisticated wiretapping van. A suspicious van was seen lurking in rear of ‘President Trumps’ MAR-A-LAGO’ Golf Resort’.Security discovered “BARACK OBAMA” dressed in black pant, shirt and mask was arrested wearing toolbelt and knapsavk equipped with highly sophisticated equipment. When confronted “Barack Obama” denied his identity , claiming to be someone else. President Trump identified Obama and demanded him be arrested and hung right then. This did not happen yet. Trump says “Bad Man”(sic) terrible person.

    Story supplied by :Joe Shmo WND NEWS journalist

    • dondehoff

      The media needs to be held to a higher “free-speech” standard than lay persons on the streets. Thee media should be required to belong to a controlling agency, who would keep track of any “errors and omissions” and of course, separate pure “mistakes” from political “exaggeration”, both which should require an apology Then, the news agency or person making the false statement should be given one of ten points for accuracy, with the number ten being the “best”.—and which a running “total” should have to be included in the agency’s and person’s “bylines”. Also, all photographs used in any form of visual media, should be prohibited from “enhancing” the photograph in any way—as it is a “visual lie”. The only exception would be when clarity was enhanced for “visual clarity”, which should have to be so documented on the photo, i.e., “enhanced for visual clarity”—perhaps abbreviated to “EVC”. On serious issues where enhancement is used to distort a visual fact, (visual lie), by any person or agency, they should suffer some form of appropriate penalty.

  • skisok

    I heard Rogers and Comey speak. They said there was definitely something their and will follow the facts to where it takes them. Obviously, until they have all of the facts, they’re not going to spill all of the beans which only makes sense. Our fearful leader may soon be seeing bars instead of his resort in Miami.

  • Louie Rey

    That being said, you think the Democrats are going to buy it? You think they’re going to stop their obsession with delegitimizing President Trump and bring him down? Come on. The Left is suffering from a massive case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and will continue their completely irrational actions against him for the entire length of his presidential terms. He could eradicate ISIS and all the other forms of radical Islamic fundamentalism, make America energy independent, satisfy the climate change loons, completely redo our infrastructure and eliminate crime in America and he’d still be demonized by the Left and their handmaidens, the lamestream media. It’s pathetic so he should just go about doing America’s business and disregard everything that’s going on around him.

  • margolioth770

    Following 9/11 Bush II signed into Law
    the ‘Patriot Act’, granting the President far-reaching authority to conduct surveillance on innocent U.S. citizens. What followed was the gathering and meta-analysis of billions of electronic communications by the NSA. When Obama lost no time in using this systematic data-gathering, to establish profiling of groups that constituted a threat to his world-vision, such as Tea-Party members, and even against his critics, like James Rosen from Fox News. Even Dr. Ben Carson came under a flurry of IRS audits. Private land-owners were hit with massive fines for trivial violations and threatened with property-confiscation. Following the commencement of Trump’s Presidency high-level security leaks created an atmosphere of fear and distrust in his inner circle. General Flynn was dismissed because he hadn’t accurately disclosed a conversation with a Russian diplomate, perfectly legal. But it conflicted with the transcription of his conversation which was leaked. In other words, individuals embedded in one of several Intelligence Agencies were using leaked highly-classified material, while violating his privacy rights protected by the First Amendment. FBI Chief Foley testified at a Congressional Hearing that there was an ongoing investigation into the President’s Campaign-Staff, beginning prior to the election. Who had the authority and motive to investigate the Republican nominee for the highest Office in the land other than Comey himself. Furthermore, who was doing his bidding after the election was over. Meaning that he was still taking orders from the previous Administration while defying the new President. Some would call this ‘treason’. And considering the ongoing damage being inflicted on Trump by surveilance- leaks, its hard to imagine that Trump’s Headquarters weren’t the subject of wiretapping. Today, as we discovered, eavesdropping is both clandestine, and conducted in a highly sophisticated way. Perhaps Trump’s now notorious tweet wasn’t a fabrication, but rather a cry for help.

  • BRAIN S.

    America seem to be paranoid about a relationship with Russia…The Democrats and some GOP members seem AFRAID of a friendly relationship with a country that has been their competitor for world power, not recognizing that China has joined the fray, and are more aggressive than Russia ever was.The Democrats have surrounded Russia’s western flank and have created another area of conflict, this time on more dangerous ground, because Russia is no mouse.
    It would be interesting to see how they get out of this one, because in the Middle East, they were a Lion amongst the chickens. Here, they are hiding among the rabbits.

  • fisherman

    How come nobody is mentioning Hillary selling our uranium to Russia. Why does the media and the Demoncrats continually harass Trump when we are told time after time that there is no evidence of any collusion that effected the election.