House to Pass Green-Card Giveaway for ‘Skilled’ Foreign Tech Workers

‘The IT contract workers overwhelmingly tend to be ordinary workers hired in large batches every year…’

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(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) House Democrats, joined by 108 Republicans, plan to push through an immigration reform bill that will benefit Indian technology workers, Chinese investors and Big Tech companies.

H.R. 1044, The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, will eliminate the per country cap on green cards, allowing migrants from a few countries and a few economic sectors to dominate the applicant pool, The Center for Immigration Studies reported.

House Democrats have put the bill on the “Consensus Calendar,” an undemocratic process that allows bills with 290 or more co-sponsors to pass without debate, hearings or amendments, Breitbart reported.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., misnamed H.R. 1044 because it will reward low-skilled Indian migrants that Big Tech companies have preyed upon, not high-skilled immigrants.


Big Tech companies have hired hundreds of thousands of Indian workers on temporary visas (H-1Bs).

Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies at CIS, said, “The IT contract workers overwhelmingly tend to be ordinary workers hired in large batches every year. In contrast, the green card applicants from the rest of the world often are individually sponsored by a wider variety of employers, not as part of a business model designed to exploit the temporary visa system.”

Big Tech companies promised Indian citizens green cards if they came to work in the United States, but the per country cap prevents them from all receiving green cards in the same year. This has caused an applicant backlog.

Now, Silicon Valley executives want Democrats to pass H.R. 1044 to clean up the mess that they created.

Indian citizens currently get 25 percent of professional employment green cards.

Citizenship and Immigration Services estimates that Indian citizens will receive 90 percent of professional employment green cards if H.R. 1044 becomes law.

This would exclude citizens from most other countries and workers in other non-technology sectors.

The bill would also reward Chinese investors.

“HR 1044 reportedly also includes a provision to eliminate the per country cap on the EB-5 category, which enables foreign investors to receive green cards,” Vaughan wrote.

“If passed, the result would be that primarily Chinese investors would receive these green cards, with citizens of other countries largely squeezed out.”

Breitbart has published a list of the Republican representatives who Vaughan says will prioritize a select group of Indian workers at the expense of American workers and actual high-skilled migrants from other countries.