Hollywood Gets Super-Secret Training on How to Bash Trump

Alec Baldwin photo

Photo by ElHormiguero

(WND.com) Hollywood celebrities never really have had trouble telling the nation what they want to happen.

They told voters to vote for Hillary Clinton before the election, and when she lost, a team of mostly B- or C-list names insisted they wanted at least 37 Republican electors to be turncoats to their party and vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

Their failed effort, had it succeeded, would have accomplished nothing anyway. The election, if Trump had not gotten the 270 Electoral College votes needed, would have ended up before the Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives where he and Hillary Clinton would have been the only candidates.

Even names that at one time were big, like Cher, got into the act, with her threat to “leave the planet” if Trump won. Cher, a septuagenarian who is actually is a month older than Trump, failed to keep her promise.

But now there’s a new move afoot.

A clandestine strategy by union officials to train actors to be more effective in protesting Trump.

According to an email, obtained by WND, from Actors Equity, the group is planning secret training sessions across the country for its members….

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    Cher’s kid is a freak, what do you expect from her?

    • teamsbill

      Still waiting for to move along with all the other Hollywood loons

  • valentina

    Celebs are a waste of space IDIOTS TRAITORS mentally unbalanced corrupt like KILLARY psychopaths and satanic demonized pathetic scum of America . Each one of them. Their only kniwledge of life and patriotism is acting and living a lie . That’s why they don’t understand anything outside the corrupt acting lies . zPATHETIC THE LIT OF THEM . SHAME ON THEM

  • Hồ Âm Mao

    Cher and other HollyWEED anti-Trump actors are waiting for the space scientists discovering a planet where they are able to grow marijuana. They need to live under the WEED influence all the time. Hope they could find that planet soon.

  • matureone

    gosh you know I was already to help all of them pack, darn! Now I and several others are just starting a list to track them and anything they do or make so we don’t waste any money on seeing or going to or watching, these anti American, pathological liar Clinton lovers. The people spoke and by the laws of this wonderful country Trump won! Oh I know they say he didn’t get the popular vote but if you took those clowns in Calif. out he did!