Hollywood Blames Trump for Leftist Hawaii Gov’t’s Alarm Error

False warning sent by state’s Emergency Management Agency…

(Breitbart) Actor Jim Carrey warned that President Donald Trump’s insistence on ‘alienating the world’ will eventually thrust America into unimaginable agony.

The erroneous message, reportedly sent to some one million-plus Hawaiians, prompted panic as the false alarm wasn’t confirmed as false for more than thirty-five minutes.

The message was sent by the state agency false alarm sent by Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA), which apologized for the mistake.

President Trump was, according to the Associated Press, in Florida at the time and was briefed on the situation.

Carrey, of course, wasn’t the only Hollywood star to pin the panic-inducing false alarm on President Trump.

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“YOU DID THIS!” belted actress Jamie Lee Curtis on Twitter, blaming the false alarm on Trump.


  • Al Zabel

    The liberal/Communist/Democrat mind set, is that anything goes. No repercussions and no penalties.Then, if somehow caught or actually performing, criminally? Blame someone else.
    Obama did it for eight, long years. Hillary does it. So why not blame others, for someone else’s, short comings. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting, the the big earth quake, in California.

    • minefinder624

      If that shaker comes near term and in proximity to where the landslides occurred ; there will be a lot more homes hanging ten. Significant area of CA have flocculating clay which , when it gets wet , basically becomes liquid as water gets between the clay platelets. Currently that water remains in much of the clay which is in the landslide areas. A little shake can rejuvenate the flowing tendency-then watch out. POTUS Trump will get blamed for that, if it happens , too.

      • chris VN

        Yep, liquefaction, that’s what happened in NZ.

      • ernest hanson

        Not only will they blame the President, but they will blame global warming too, lol!!!

  • Tim

    I used to think that Jim Carey was just acting when he played idiot parts in movies.
    But it turns out he wasn’t acting

    • slk5

      you have to be an idiot to think it was a human error…it was done on purpose!!!

      • ecbound

        I agree, but who did it? The cabal or the alliance, and why?

        • slk5

          the hawaiian gov is inflicted with tds…they hate trump more then whatever they do to their citizens!!!

          • potusYUGE

            True statement!

        • potusYUGE

          They have been relieved of duty!

      • Ben

        I said that within minutes. A govt employee was ordered to do it by someone who thought the scare would hurt the President. We will never know who was really behind it other than the nefarious “DeepState”.They don’t care if Americans die as long as they hurt the President.

        • slk5

          a capital letter BINGO!!!

      • potusYUGE

        An osama obama appointee!

  • jcrawdad

    Hollywood Blames Trump for Leftist Hawaii Gov’t’s Alarm Error


  • luv1nl1fe

    Jim Carey, you are talking about corrupt conservatives now? I’ll bet you went outside your mind when Hussein was the president if you are talking about corruption. Then,too, the other corrupt Conservatives are the RINO’S! (They can’t really be counted because they are more Dem than GOP!) LMBO!

  • George Boychick

    Let’s drop an A bomb on Hollywood and get rid of those idiots

    • Lynn Johnston

      Here, here! They are all disgusting me now

  • Smitty503

    They would, they blame him for everything they don’t like that happens.

  • jlcham

    And don’t forget the sinking of the Titanic and the crash of the Hindenburg. Dems can find a whole bunch of stuff to blame him for.

  • Fred

    It appears that no matter who the sitting president is, Kim is all his fault.

    • Rolpho Signetti

      Remember it was all Blame Bush for everything?

      Well different day: same old song!
      What no occupy jokesters aroundcany more? That cause sure fizzled!

  • SA Ander

    Look, a 5to9 city employee was entrusted with this job, when his boss is a retarded / retired General , who should have taken this seriously didn’t. They had no safeguards in place but the employee is taking the heat, when his boss should be reassigned.

  • Carmella

    It was most likely a crazed liberal who purposely did this to bring attention to his crazed, unhinged hatred of Trump.

  • Roy Veteto

    oh yes the hollywood hypocrites , they lose it over trump saying he grabbed them but they are silent regarding harvey weinstein , kevin spacey , matt laurer , etc.

    • Lynn Johnston

      I had never thought of it in that way but you are so correct! Once they got their cushy acting jobs they remained silent…..IF they hadn’t Needed him so badly, for their MONEY, WOULD they have spoken out? NO! Because that’s how it all works for the perps in HOLYWOOD!

  • ecbound

    I’m so glad Trump was elected. I got to see who these Hollywood people really are and I don’t waste any more money on their movies or any more time listening to Hollywood “news” or watching award shows. I love it! They’re almost as despicable as the MSM.

    • Dixon Ermouth

      As lefty as the awards shows became, I haven’t watched them in years. First, they were kissing the Big 0’s butt, and now they are so anti-Trump, they have become totally unwatchable, like most of the trash that comes out of that place.

    • Daisy

      My list of actors and actresses I’ll watch is getting shorter each time I read about another one spewing hatred towards President Trump. Just imagine if those who weren’t crazy about Obama had acted like this.

      • ecbound

        They’d be “racists”

  • Eskudia

    Any thing in the world that goes wrong it is Trumps fault. Such intelligent insight.

  • Blogengeezer

    When an entire governed system is Liberal Left, except for the top elitists that prosper immeasurably from the prolific waste, the false flag events will flow as running water. Self serving secular humanists see no other world, than one that they control.. in totalitarian disregard for the gullible, naive proletariat…. in their viewpoint, the lowly seething masses.

    Hawaii is the epitome of corruption and high costs of living imposed onto their service sector employees. For massive and disproportionate profit, of which the Socialist system deems quite fair… and equal….

    The population of Hawaii is currently dropping. Good riddance, as far as the jet setting PC Elitists are concerned. They despise the riff-raff coagulating the scenic islands where they, the elitists in control, play.

    • Lmcyber

      You made absolutely no sense! None!

  • Joseph Abraham

    Blaming Trump tells you more than anything this state is under democrat control. They can’t man up/ woman up and act like adults they have to blame someone else.

  • John Lamb

    Hollywood has long been a hotbed for liberalism, ignorance, self indulgence & radical ideas. That may be why they are the most bankrupt state in the history of the US ! Don’t take my word for it – look it up. Since you obviously are reading this get your head into what is reality. Mudslides are devastating homes for idiots who built on cliffsides for the view & now want people to feel remorse for their loss, not to mention helping them pay for their ignorance & shortsightedness ! There will come a time when nature makes California a west coast island & the idiots who are in power, have lost everything they own, endangered those who elected them cry for help ! I feel for your children for they deserve better !

    • Lmcyber

      You are an idiot. Its time you started to read before you comment next time. Go look up the California Budget for 2017 – 2018 and you will find that California is running a 15 Billion dollar surplus, and thank God it does, because states like CA are supporting some of the most poverty ridden red states there are in the Union, places like Mississippi and West Virginia and Kansas, who have idiots running their states, who have no idea how to bring industry to their states, so they live off of states like California.

      Do you not even care that you aren’t even close to the truth, or you just don’t care enough to fact check your stupidity?

  • Rolpho Signetti

    The scary thing is that most of Hollywood believes in this crap.

    Where were they during the previous administration? All republicans are corrupt? You self center egotistical CU–!
    Hey Curtis! F off!

  • My country

    Hollywood has lived lies so long playing other people it seems their not able to adjust to reality .Those idiots always blames him .It was done by a Hawaiian idiot who probably did it on purpose to get the firestorm of blame toward our President that it did . I don’t know which is the worst the administration in Hawaii or the morons in Hollywood?

  • John

    Had been celebs, like many of the washed up mass media and their Dem allies are CLUELESS. These are the same ilk who went GAGA over Neville Chamberlain before WWII.
    Iran and NORKO present a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. POTUS wasn’t the one who gave them the means and money tomake the bombs and support terrorists. He didn’t placate these mad regimes or kick the can for the next guy.

  • Raymond Miller

    That’s what you get when ever you put Demon-Craps in charge of anything. Has anyone else noticed that most if not all of the movies coming out of Holly-Woodie are B-movies, of coarse in order to have a quality product you need quality actors and directors, guess those days are gone. The ones they are putting out are no more than noisy, special effects, garbage “JUST KEEP ON TRUMPIN”

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Our President is a very powerful man because he caused the California fires,
    Probably caused the mudslides, and created the s–ithole countries that are actually s–tholes.
    It is President Trump’s fault that Rocket Man wants to nuke the world, and some
    idiot in Hawaii set off a bogus alarm to frighten the populace. Demoncrates get offended
    and blame him for all of the world’s ills from Genesis to Revelation. It must be nice to be so
    perfect, so moral, so HELPFUL, 24/7, like genius HOLLYWEIRDOS. They have tons
    of money and never help anyone but themselves. I say to them, put up or shut up.
    Do something to help, instead of playing the blame game, while enjoying your luxuries.

    • Lmcyber

      Look honey, face it – you have a president who lies more than any politician in the history of this country. That means that he has no credibility. He did it to himself and no one, but no one has a right to blame Democrats for the issues this man has created. He has not staffed the government properly. He is going against every principle this country has ever stood for. This country cannot stand as a democracy with life and liberty for all, if you have a president attacking every constitutional institution we have had in the US for 250 years. Get a clue and look at reality instead of playing partisan politics. If you like his policies, that is fine, but most people cannot support an old man who is trying to destroy our democracy, our constitution.

      Lastly, he obviously was into some bad sh– prior, during the campaign and during the transition. He has probably been laundering money, illegally, for corrupt drug cartels and dirty Russian oligarchs directly attached to Putin. That is slowly coming out, which is why he did not want to show his tax returns. There is so much more there and if you bothered to read, you would know this.

      So, don’t go and execute these trivial attacks on states like California and Democrats and moderate Republicans and mainstream media. It’s trivial compared to what this man in the oval office has been doing and causing. The majority in this country understand this, everyone, except this little racist base that trump seems to hold on to. Immigrants built this country. Again, you cannot attack a mainstay institution of America, immigration, and expect to be liked and not discredited by the majority in this country. Immigration is not your boogie man. The swamp that Trump is building in the government is, that and trump.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        First of all, I am not your HONEY!
        Don’t be a condescending horse’s patute!
        Demoncraps have only themselves to blame for all of their corruption from
        Obammy on down, to the likes of Strozk and Page. If anything, President
        Trump is attempting to restore the law of the land. He is following the rule
        of law, and the Constitution. DACA, illegal and temporary, is now expiring!
        You throw around a lot of bogus crap, with absolutely zero proof.There is plenty
        of proof coming out about who the real colluders with Russia are. Fake dossier
        bought and paid for by hacks, at Fusion GPS, leads right back to Hidabeast.
        Uranium One deal, Clinton Fundation, Bogus email server, it all goes right
        back to the Obammy administration. Those are the true swamp creatures.
        Your darling Oprah was in league with Weinstein and supplied victims to him.
        She wants to kill off white people, like your pal Obammy. Racist haters all!
        Don’t tell me who and what I can discuss! I’m not on a college campus, dope!

        • Lmcyber

          I would be so embarrassed to write what you did –

          “Your darling Oprah was in league with Weinstein and supplied victims to him.
          She wants to kill off white people, like your pal Obammy. Racist haters all!”

          Honey, that is pure unadulterated, uneducated, ignorant racism. Trust me, I know all about you, and it is not good. In fact, I feel sorry for people like you because you never bothered to educate yourself or to better yourself in any way. You don’t even know what this country stands for or who built this country, which for your knowledge is IMMIGRANTS. What you said was embarrassing and says a lot about your character, and guess what, it’s not good.

          Lastly, every portion of the dossier has been confirmed, and the parts they haven’t validated as of yet are still being researched. Literally, no part of that dossier has been shown to be false. If you read, you would know this.

          Every one around Trump is being either charged or investigated. He is guilty honey, and they are bringing the proof out. They already know it. Papadopolous and Flynne have been singing. Bannon is next. Manafort and Gates are going to jail. Never in the history of this country since Nixon have we had such a corrupt evil man in office. There is plenty of evidence to suggest he was in bed with one of the world’s biggest drug kingpins, and that he has been laundering money for Russian oligarchs that are very close to Putin. Look up Deutsche Bank and wonder why Wilbur Ross was involved and why that was the only bank that would do business with trump in the last 10 years or so. Look at what Deutsche Bank is known for – money laundering!

          You really need to start reading and learning a few things and then you need to go meet and develop relationships with people of color. That is your future! Immigrants built this country!

          Lastly, the House and probably the Senate will be taken over by the Dems. Trumps days are very short, as the dems will be providing the necessary oversight. Once the proof comes out, trump will be impeached and you will see how corrupt he truly is. He is no great white hope that you think he is. He is using people like you, because you don’t know better, and for that I feel sorry for you.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I am still not your HONEY!
            There is racism all right, on the part of your heroes.
            You are a liar, you don’t even know me.
            The immigrants of years gone by were people who were in awe of our
            great America, and our way of life. They worked hard and assimilated
            into our way of doing things. They were truly appreciative and thankful.
            The so called “immigrants” of today are ungrateful, unthankful and
            haters of America and our ways. They are mean, spiteful, and want
            us to bow to their way of life. They DEMAND, and our ridiculous
            Demoncraps give in to their every whim.

  • billdeserthills

    Jamie Lee Curtis is a real live pos– I’ll never forget the suffering she caused American pow’s

  • Ben

    Jamie is so old news and these Hollywood types get antsy when theyre not in the media in some way for over a year or as in her case years and will do anything for another 30 seconds.Has been with an attitude Curtis..

  • Yosemite Sam

    These Leftist Hollywood Dolts have long been on the wrong side of history, so nothing new to see here. In the end, history will record Hollywood’s utter hatred and shameless diatribes perpetrated against a duly elected POTUS. Hollywood much prefers to sack America, rather than allow president Trump’s MAGA agenda for the American people to succeed.

    • Blogengeezer

      For the most part of history, the ‘entertainers’ were allowed to ‘entertain’ in order to earn their living. If they ever overstepped their strictly controlled boundaries, they were either banned [or killed]. Most left for other territories quietly and quickly… to avoid the later.

      For a long period of civilized, social diversity offering lifestyle, the entertainers were subsidized by a ‘Patron’, in order to gain their own standing of followers. If the Patron was not fully enamored with the entertainer’s value, they were cast off to fend for themselves, or locate another gullible Patron.

      Only as wealth began to spread among the productive and innovative proletariat following the Industrial Age, were the entertainers able to find fame, recognition and often overwhelming prosperity, based on their own perfected skills… of portraying [through skillfully manipulated deceit] what is highly unlikely… Fake events… for Entertainment.

      An ‘entertainer’ [typically Democrat, envious of others in tendencies] assassinated Lincoln. Following the assassination, linked other persons of similar tendencies were subjected to an immediate trial and death, not exactly impartial, nor in a true investigative manner.

      note: Dr Mudd comes to mind… “His name is Mudd” became the derogatory slogan.

  • Robert Wayne

    More crappola from Hollywood. They can’t stand the fact that President Trump tells it like it is and is the polar opposite of the left wing globalist agenda they all espouse.

  • littlesmoke

    Carey and Curtis, ain’t that a pair to draw to? Did I say Pair, um,er maybe that’s 1/2 a pair or something. We’re getting a good look at what the Demo Party is made up of. A sad lot they are!

  • omikehawk

    Jim Carrey? He’s got about as much cred as Sean Penn! Both are a couple of enema bandits!

  • Jerry509

    Maybe he or she let Jamie and Jim in to push the button. I agree whoever pushed the button did it because they hate President Trump. There has been a lot of schemes the hateful Democrats tried to pull on President Trump since he started campaigning for president. They are working on the crazy scheme and this only proves that they are the crazy ones. The crazy ones trying to push impeached really have a screw loose. Everything has failed but they will keep trying. They said that the person who pushed the button was transferred to another department instead of being fired. He should have been fired and everyone in Hawaii should know who he is and why he pushed that button. I do not think it was a mistake but one thing I do know it had nothing to do with President Trump. The Democrat party is in office now so you can blame them.

  • retired4ever

    Idiots! Can’t Think of a better description.

  • Allen Evans

    Just goes to show that Hollywood Leftist Elites are really dumber than S**T!

  • ADRoberts

    Such irrational lack of thinking. But then Jim Carrey is a real goof ball.
    NEVER liked him. And when California gets hit with a major shaker, he will blame Trump for that too. The belief is that if you keep saying “It is Trump’s fault” the sheeple will eventually believe it. They may be right

  • JR

    I see Carry has not come up with any new jokes, still talking out his a5s.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Carey & Curtis=

    Dumber & (the) Dumbest.

  • lorddragonstar

    Look at the naked hatred and vitriol from supposedly mature people. Jim and Jamie, you both are as*holes!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    I wonder who gave them their scripts? Most never had a thought or idea of their own, they just parrot what is handed them.

  • Willie Wilson

    If these two Hollywood idiots had half a brain they would use it to shut their mouths. But as it is we can see how stupid and anti-American they really are.

  • Willie Wilson

    A states emergency warning system is the responsibility of the state. It just goes to show you how inept the Democrat elected official are in Hawaii. Now they are calling for the federal government to take over the warning system. Typical liberal thinking incapable of doing anything themselves other than demanding the government to bail them out.

  • potusYUGE

    Jim Carey is a typical mentally unstable hollywoodpecker! He has already tried too commit suicide! He wants Americans to join him! Quit dropping acid, hollywoodpecker!

  • cbanalyst

    Regardless of the cause, the “mistake” has had the result of highlighting the weakness of our system, and that is a very good thing.

  • John McClain

    Goshoruni, Mr. Trump is far more powerful than even I thought. He can cause fear and panic in people five thousand miles away without even lifting a finger. I wonder who he contacted via his “radar love signal” and got to make the call, and sow all the fear and discord, he must be a very powerful avatar, maybe not even human. Poor little islanders, if it weren’t for all the celebrity attention, Mr. Trump’s acts against Hawaii might have gone un-noticed. Isn’t it cool to have fearful hollywood alive and well to save Hawaii from this terrible power?
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC
    p.s. two tours in the Corps at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, 77-80,84-87. I wasn’t scared, maybe I just don’t have feelings. jem

    • Alan Patrick

      Thank you for your service

  • CJ

    Jim Carrey (has-been, Canadian) is NOW the voice of America? I know next time I stub my toe, I will blame it on President Trump

  • Alan

    Because, as we all know, the little sawed off murderer of NK is actually a nice guy, and was just playing with his model rockets, and setting off his fireworks.
    Blaming Trump for this is indicative of a mental state requiring a professional’s care.
    Both Curtiss and Carey are infected with ‘Trump-Mania’, and should have their heads examined.

  • Gregg Parker

    They still have Lindburg baby kidnapping to blame on him still… let’s get on the ball libs!

  • Louie Rey

    Anyone shocked by that? Let’s face it, if you listened to the Hollywood elites, the lamestream media and anyone else on the Left you’d realize that President Trump’s been responsible for the sinking of the Titanic, the Hindenburg disaster, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the JFK assassination and 9/11 as well. Who’s kidding who here? He could cure cancer and he’d be demonized for putting doctors out of work. He could eliminate all violent crime in America and he’d be demonized for relegating law enforcement into just handing out parking tickets. He could make America energy independent and he’d be demonized for abandoning our “friends” in the Middle East. Like I said, who’s kidding who here?

  • Steve G.

    I don’t believe this was an accident at all. This was done intentionally to attack Trump with his dealings with North Korea. The interesting thing is that it happened Saturday morning when all markets were closed. If this happened while the stock market was open it would have caused a huge sell off.

  • winkwink1

    The funny part is these nuts think a ten minute warning is going to save them from a nuke. Where are you going to run? You’re on an island.

  • Gwen Bruner

    What idiots

  • jeannemartin

    When Hollywood celebrities share their opinions I simply take it from the “source!” The “source” is a bunch of idiots who think they know something about politics but their only talent is acting! If they would stick to acting they may be liked! When they step out of their comfort zone and pretend to be experts in politics they show their true colors! No more informed than the rest of us! They are died in the wool Democrats and can’t change!
    They are consumed with hatred for Conservatives. They are a very sad bunch who do not do anything good for America!! 😢

  • kb821395

    The whole incident is comical, people get a life. Let it go.

  • Lmcyber

    Do you know if trump finally released his birth certificate or his immigrant wife? NOPE
    Do you know if trump finally released his tax returns for the first time in history for a presidential candidate? NOPE
    Did Obama release his Birth certificate? Yep
    Did Obama release his tax returns? Yep

    Now who is the fraud??!!! Trump!!

  • J.B. Young

    Shows you just how stupid the Hollywood crowd is.