Hillary’s Latest Excuse for Losing: Media Was Pro Trump

(News Busters) Of all the ridiculous excuses Hillary Clinton could possibly make on her book tour to explain why she couldn’t win the 2016 election, the most ridiculous has to be the excuse that the national media favored Donald Trump.

The easiest way to point and laugh? Witness the Clinton-loving media greet that ludicrous insult as very credible, and worth considering. The folks at NBC’s Today just nodded along.  Mrs. Clinton unspooled her guilt trip in a video interview with Ezra Klein for the leftist site Vox. She claimed “We don’t control the media environment the way the Right does.”

Call it The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0. She did the exact same thing during the Monica mess: blame the Right. And Bill always blamed the press when things went sour.

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Then Hillary unloaded a false number. “But really, Ezra, when you get 32 minutes in a whole year to cover all policy, how does that work?” That refers to a study by the Tyndall Report that implied that ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs provided only 32 minutes of stories solely on policy, as opposed to campaign stories that mentioned the candidates’ daily talking points on policy.

It’s not crazy to say the media focused more on personalities and outrageous statements, just as Hillary’s own commercials did , but it’s simply disingenuous – Clintonian – to state policy drew 30 minutes of coverage in 11 months.

She also complained that the media “can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free airtime to giving my e-mails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.” The footnote for that howler is an embarrassingly terrible Harvard study that didn’t study the “news media,” but included blogs and tweets and was judged by a computer, not actual humans…

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  • ExtremeRC

    Hillary Clinton has no credibility whatsoever. Even the leftist MSM has got to be choking on this one.

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  • June Covfefe ☘️

    Oh ok. The media was pro trump. she must’ve misspoke.

    we all know the media has always been prideful about being pro assassinate trump.

    Though I’ve heard this before coming from clintons sheep.

    “The media didn’t do enough to focus on her message!!!”

    Her message was “I’m with her”

    the most anti american message you possibly can have was being proudly displayed by every dummy in america. including the bush family.

    • Dixon Ermouth

      I am not sure which was worse, “I’m with her.” or “Feel the Bern.” Notice, the DemocRats slogans, all about them. Trumps slogan, “Make America Great.”. That says a lot right there.

      • Sharon Melvin

        Quite a contrast!

      • arizonaguy1

        good point Dixon…i never noticed that

      • Merida A McKnight

        That is really a good point!

      • June Covfefe ☘️

        That’s pretty much exactly the summary of the 2016 campaigns.

      • Beeru Tsunami

        I heard Clinton’s campaign was considering “It’s Her turn.” As as a campaign slogan.

      • Truthmender

        Hey ! This is OUTSTANDING !

  • jgfsmf

    I would really be embarrassed if I was that stupid.

    • just care

      I have heard that her pets are to embarrassed to be seen with her.

      • Sue

        I would be too, especially her black widow spider and her rattlesnake.

        • just care

          That’s funny because I would assume those would be her parents. How else could she have that much venom?

    • … beg to differ jg… if you were that stupid, like Kommrade Hitlery, would be too mentally deficient to be embarrassed …

      Your point is well taken even though Kommrade Hitlery is also too immoral to be ’embarrassed’ … I don’t think you fit in that category either …

      • jgfsmf

        Thank you. That was a really nice post.

    • Lizfan

      LOL seriously, I’m a brain-dysfunctioned autistic & even I’M not that stupid. & considering how unbelievably stupid I actually am that’s saying something.

      • jgfsmf

        There is no way, even as an autistic, that you could come close to being that stupid. I can tell by your post that you are complete smart.

        • Lizfan

          Wow thanks!

  • Jaime Antonio

    Why does this sick woman still want the limelight? She is totally destroyed and should hide herself in a hole just like Saddam Hussein. I hope she spends the rest of her days in an orange jumpsuit in solitary confinement. Maybe the rats in her cell would love to hear her rant ……..

    • Dixon Ermouth

      I would think a padded cell with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi would ne nice, and may have some entertainment value.

  • Linda Abernathy

    WHAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she is totally out of her ever hating mind!

    • Sharon Melvin

      Good point!

  • Francisco Machado

    “Policy”? We knew what her policy was. It was the continuation of Obama’s policies. The ones that had driven the Democrats out of office. She didn’t have a policy of her own and the only “fixes” to Obama’s policies that she proposed was to expand them and throw more taxpayer (actually, borrowed) money at them. The Republicans won on the promise to repeal those policies, knowing that would buy votes. Did they have actual plans to repeal them? They did not, nor did they intend to repeal them – But they were counting on a Hillary win that would leave them with the ability to campaign against the policies without risk of losing them.

  • Jacks are Wild

    Mental retardation runs deep in the Clinton family!!!!!! To allow her to comment publicly on any subject reflects how stupid the dems & the media are. Unfortunately, the democrat populous swallows it hook, line and sinker.

    • Merida A McKnight

      No I don’t think all the dem’s do cause a lot of younger one’s voted for Trump.

  • Ron C

    Oh geeeezzzz…can’t this stinky evil women just go away and leave us alone…??? Did she forget the leaked emails from the DNC and how the media is inbred with the democrat’s?

  • RealAmerican407

    The list of people who she HAS NOT blamed would be much shorter to read.

  • Bonita Beach Babe

    You have to have interviews to get your message out. She refused to do interviews!

  • Patriot47

    Watching a rock fall, the old hag denies gravity and cites Trump/Russia/Media collusion.

    • john vieira

      The ‘supreme deluded’ egoist???

  • Gregg Parker

    This woman’s head must have a little jack in the box clown puppet that pops out of her skull at some point… she keeps turning the handle on the side of her head and the music keeps playing… but you know the lids going to pop open one of these days and POP goes the Weasel!!!

    • kotoc

      From what I’ve read, that wretched Weasel POPPED when she heard that she lost the election. It was simply too much for her to take, and she went into emotional overload and drank herself into a stupor. Any kind of alibi she can drum up, any excuse, has been nothing but garbage for her ever since, but the old bag still keeps on trying…

      • Gregg Parker

        …point well taken.

      • Sue

        She could go back to her bunker in the woods….permanently.

    • Truthmender

      I wish it would Pop….maybe we can time it, so it pops and the same time McCain’s head pops. Anyone who was in the Military when he was, knows what a loser he was. If she, McCain, M. Waters, and a few others, all died at once, the Earth would suddenly cool down….LOL!

      • Gregg Parker

        Lol…dramatic loss of hot air!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Wow, talk about needing a reality check.

  • chris VN

    Isn’t she a bit old to get into comedy now???

  • George

    As George Costanza once said, “It’s not a lie if you really believe it’s true”.

    • Debra Cashman

      Boom! I think that every time I hear her blather!

    • Bernie

      “And she wants to be my latex salesman”!

  • Reflect

    The US is much better since she went into hiding, why did she have to come out from under her rock? Guess she wants to join the MSM in trying to destroy the president…..well it will backfire….there is enough info about her , that any sane person who reads about it, would want her to leave the country, and disappear…..

  • RB

    I’ve been uncertain about Hillary’s mental capacities for a long time, but this statement about the media being pro-Trump proves once and for all that Hillary has lost it.
    The media has been so against candidate Trump from the beginning that it is unreal, and they continue that trend to this day to how they treat President Trump.
    For Hillary to even hint at the press being pro-Trump shows how defective her mental reasoning actually is. I’ve lost count, but I think this is about reason 13 or 14 for why Hillary says she lost the election. That must have set some sort of record for excuses.
    Hillary should have just kept her mouth shut. If she had kept quiet after her defeat, she might have maintained her dignity and also a little bit of sympathy for a hard fought fight that she lost, but with her current “blame” tour and her ever increasing number of excuses for her loss, she has lost even that possibility. Now she just needs to go away.

    • kep

      She still seems to think that if she can get President Trump removed, SHE will become President. Just how deluded are these creatures?

      • Sharon Melvin

        All of these swamp creatures are panicked. Their million dollar jobs are in jeopardy! When else can millionaires earn their money for doing nothing!!!!!!

  • william g munson


  • Alan

    LOL!!!! I nearly choked on my coffee!!!!!
    That’s the most stupid thing EVER to come from that foolish witch.
    I got so tired of the MSM’s Trump bashing I quit listening and watching.
    And now they HELPED him?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • kotoc

      I share in your bewilderment… it’s the same with me. I was just too disgusted with the liberal bias in the news, I quit watching (and reading a lot of news reports) that almost said in so many words, “We hate Trump.” I have a strong hunch George Soros had a hand in all this, too. No telling how much money HE contributed to her campaign… I’ll bet he had a fit when she lost too! ROTFLMAO!!!

      • Sharon Melvin

        If George Soros picked Hilary to help defeat Trump, he is not very bright either! He is dumb enough to support BLM and Anitifa unless he wants to destroy democracy and have communists or socialists take over. Wait I just remembered that was his plan! Where can he get someone dumb enough to do what he wants? The left and the Democrats provides a lot of dumb people. Support their campaigns and buy votes! Something very wrong happened! Enter Donald Trump who can not be bought! Soros can only buy RINO votes and Democrat votes!!! Now Soros has to fund violence to try to take down Trump. Something else is happening, people still like Trump. Now get the main stream media and the idiots in Hollywood to help. Trump is like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going!!!!!! The more Soros does the more these things backfire!!!!!!! China is stopping banks from trade with NK. According to the Dems and the left Trump was getting us into a Nuclear War. The more the left becomes unhinged, the better Trump does. Do you think what Trump does is called leadership not appeasement?

        • kotoc

          Yes, I feel that Trump will do a very good job leading our country. What I hope is that he will “lead” all the illegals back home to Mexico, and make them stay there. (I wonder if there’s a Pied Piper somewhere that they like and will follow back to Mexico?)

  • Howlingmad

    Hillery : . . . GET OVER IT ! ! ! , you “Lost” because of YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! . . . “Bengazi” for one, their BLOOD, is on “You” ( FOREVER ! ! ! ) Your nothing but a “Corrupt, Whineing, Liberal, Looser . . . “We the People” voted for TRUMP . . . because they are finally seeing that DEMOCRATS SCREW UP EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH . . . this countries HISTORY, “Proves It” . . . an the people finally SEE IT !. The “Democrats” are DONE, FINISHED . . . the last of you will be THROWN OUT of congress, in the 18 elections. Then YOU, can lead them all back into the SEWER you all crawled out of !

    • … along with the full compliment of RINOs, entrenched and otherwise …

      We, the Sovereigns, have had it with these Elitest KAKs … 2018 approaches …

      • Howlingmad

        FK’N -A, Col ! . . . excuse my french !.

  • freepetta

    The media was pro-Trump? Are u kidding me? Woman can’t spout enough lies and excuses. Thank God she’s NOT president!!

  • Ken Lewis

    How does she explain that every major network had he ahead in every poll through election day?
    She is truly delusional. She exemplifies the old adage “If her lips are moving it’s a lie” What is really sad is the Democratic party is still supporting her.
    I would loved to have been in her room the night she lost.

  • Marilyn Lester

    Unbelievable. The media is still kissing her derriere. They are as out of touch with reality as she is.

    • MichaelH1836

      …and, due to its size, that takes an incredible amount of kissing.

  • Dixon Ermouth

    The only reason Hitlery lost stares at back at her whenever she looks in a mirror. Thank God people saw her for the sociopathic, narcissistic, evil person she is, before she got elected. Her blaming the media, I guess we can add delusional to the list of her many character flaws.

  • MichaelH1836

    What’s the matter with you people? Don’t you realize Hillary was (still is)
    the most informed and qualified candidate for the Presidency we’ve had
    in generations? She was privy to EVERY action taken by her husband as
    President. She was a marvelously successful Secretary of State. She
    EARNED the right to be President! She knows government since she was
    also a great Senator from New York. We’ve missed the chance to have a
    truly GREAT President by unfairly depriving Hillary of what she
    deserved! Shame on you if you voted against her!

    In case you
    didn’t guess it, know that I don’t believe a single word I typed above.
    Hillary is a self-serving “person” of the very worst sort. We’re
    incredibly fortunate she lost.

    • Sharon Melvin

      You had me going there!

    • Karen Norwood

      God I thought you got hit over the head and wasn’t thinking right after all The media forgot what happened when she was Secretary of State

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    Thats Hi-Liar-Y-us

  • Richard Thompson

    Here is a list of people or things that Hillary has not blamed for her loss.

    1. She hasn’t blamed me (yet)
    end of list

    • Lizfan

      Well she also hasn’t blamed anyone who’s been dead for 50 years or longer (yet).

  • therealworld

    I truly believe she had a stroke back when they carried her into the van that day. It’s either that or she really is an Idiot.

    • Mike W

      Bill Clinton himself said that one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency was to put Hillary in charge of health care reform.
      Hillary claims to be an advocate for women – yet she did everything in her power to destroy all of the women who had the audacity to stand up for themselves against Bill’s rapes, unwanted sexual advances and perversions.
      Hillary claims to be an advocate for women – yet she paid women in equal positions as their male counterparts – on her staff and at the Clinton Trust – I mean “foundation” 😉 – much less in salaries.
      Hillary Claims to be an advocate for children – yet she is in very tight with Planned Parenthood – an organization that has been exposed for selling the body parts of aborted fetuses. An organization that also spent over 1 million dollars on pro Hillary ads during her failed campaign. I wonder if any of that money was from federal funds which Obama allowed to flow to Planned Parenthood? That would be illegal too.
      Hillary Claims to be an advocate for children – even though a computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home had evidence on it that Hillary made at least 6 trips to long time Clinton friend and fund raiser Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls – which would make her a pedophile.
      And the MEDIA has no problem turning a blind eye to all of this – Why?

    • Sharon Melvin

      Sadly it may be both. Can you imagine if she had won and now had the Nuclear codes?

    • … over dose …

  • Don Taylor

    the rubber bus will be coming for pretty soon

  • Don Taylor

    for her

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Here I thought that Ole’ Slick Willie was the biggest LIAR in America. Hitlery has surpassed even him in the LYING Department. The MORON MEDIA by airing this LIE shows their MASSIVE Amount of IGNORANCE and UTTER STUPIDITY when it comes her. They are just going let her say whatever she can to make her feel better about herself and her loosing the election. The MEDIA MORONS may not have covered much of her policy points but they sure did give her more good press than Trump they even shot crowd scenes so it looked like she had far more people in attendance than Trump. In one report they photo shopped her crowd so badly one man counted himself in 6 or 7 places in one picture from her campaign trail. Even Trump’s in swearing in photos they cooked them to be unfavorable for Trump. They used photos from very early in the morning as Trump’s crowd at swearing in time and compared those too Obammy’s photos at swearing in time. With her blaming the MORON MEDIA now maybe they will start waking up to the FACT that Democrats are using them and will toss them away as soon as they get their way. Hitlery lost because she is her and NO ORHER REASON.

  • Debra Cashman

    She really IS insane!…..not that I had any doubt about it!

  • keepersleeper

    Isn’t Hillary the most pathetic character in today’s public eye? She needs to be hospitalized and evaluated for mental problems…pitiful.

  • keepersleeper

    It’s a shame Hillary doesn’t have a child, who could step in and help her…she’s deteriorating, mentally and none of her family members are stepping in to save her from herself.

    • Gary Collins

      I didn’t vote for her so I she’ll blame me next.

  • keepersleeper

    I suppose cats and dogs will be next to blame on Hillary’s hit list! Geeezzz!

  • brooksmd

    Beginning to think that when she had that well documented collapse, where instead of taking her to a hospital they took her to Chelsea’s apartment, someone must have done a lobotomy on her. What a looney tune this old hag is. Must be something in the water that libs drink. “Maxi-pads” Waters, “Wicked Witch of the West” Pelosi, “Indian Maiden” Warren…it just goes on and on. They should all be in straight jackets and padded cells.

  • Joe Santacroce

    the media …THEY WERE ALL CLINTON…EXCEPT FOX …what is she sniffing ???

  • Tusita

    Democrats who supported Hillary should be ashamed to nominate such an ignorant person to be the President of the U.S.A.!!?? I thank good Lord everyday for making her lose the election… The country would have been beyond fixing. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you.😂 😁🤣

  • B.Smith

    Get the net.
    Take her to the funny farm where she belongs.

    • Boommach

      A federal pen would be funnier and appropriate.

  • Nothing like blaming someone else for your failures. The press supported Trump? Hardly.

  • JB

    …doesn’t control the media? You have got to be kidding me. This ‘woman’ is a sorry excuse for a woman.

    • Boommach

      She wouldn’t be anything at all if not for her lies and the bling on her left ring finger.

  • minefinder624

    Keep it up Hillary- you can only help the GOP ! And bless you for that !

  • Jack

    Folks; Hillary is not gaining any fans with her book fiasco, so now she is blaming the Media for her loss. As I posted on Tuesday she is really gone off the deep end, she is blaming the MSM for what she believes is the cause of her loss. So that leaves me to opine if the Media agrees with her bombastic claim that they are now to blame. So far she has blamed everybody except her husband and daughter for her loss, but they will be blamed after she runs out of others to blame.
    As I posted on Tuesday of this week she suffers from Megalomania a mental disorder characterized by
    delusions of Grandeur, and psychosis, in other words Schizophrenia which is a defective or lost contact with reality. She has an obsession with I, MYSELF AND ME.
    Nothing matters to those with the above traits except what she thinks is right or wrong, it’s like a dual personality. It appears that her entire family is afflicted with the same disorder as her.

  • Joe Habsburg Von Hagen

    Hilly need to have her head lopped off by ISIS then she will go away

  • Sharon Melvin

    She is the most delusional politician ever! And some of the Democrats and RINOs say Trump has mental issues!!!!! I would love to see her examined by a licensed Psychiatrist. Maybe they could treat her for her delusions. I think she truly believes in her own lies!!!!!

  • arizonaguy1

    At first i thought she was just a liar and crooked. Now i think she may have some sort of dementia…..wow, to think she could have been president, scares the holy crap out of me!!

  • arizonaguy1

    i heard from several sources that Hillary’s book was selling well…I also heard its because Her foundation and other sources are buying it in record amounts to insure it is a best seller..would love to know the truth…I cant believe America would be stupid enought to read her trash!

  • Louie Rey

    My Funk & Wagnalls dictionary just updated their newest edition. In it for the definition of delusional there’s a picture of Hillary. Oh yeah, her picture’s also used for the definition of pathetic, entitled, corrupt, criminal, incompetent, murderous, avarice, ugly and many, many more words too numerous to mention. In fact, it’s now called the Funk & Hillary dictionary. Go the F**K away!

  • Bill Harrison

    This women doesn’t have a clue!

  • john vieira

    If memory serves me correctly…the only reason I was attracted to the ‘campaign’ was the overt one sided bias displayed by the corrupt mainstream media…and it was NOT in Trump’s favour. They are still at it, adhering to the treasonous/seditious line espoused by this loser and her ex boss…

  • Tusita

    Hillary, here’s the best advice for you… “BREATH THROUGH YOUR NOSE & THAT’LL KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!” So that we don’t have to hear you speak!!

  • Deplorable Lanie

    What I don’t believe is that the MSM is so in her pocket that they are letting her bad mouth them without saying a word. I mean she is basically saying that the MSM WANTED President Trump to be elected and they basically helped him. Which isn’t true of course. They despise him so I don’t get why they are letting her bad mouth them. I think they deserve it so I think it’s funny and really rather pathetic. Morons!

  • John

    That’s up there with: The sun was in my eyes, Nobody campaigned hard enough for me, not enough dead people and illegals voted for me……

  • Gea

    Why do we still have to see this delusional woman in US media?! She should be tried for treason, together with B. Hussein Obama and other RADICAL mobs AGITATORS and their Muslim Brotherhood and deep state supporters. Lock them all up in Guantanamo where they belong.


    Another ignorant statement by a FOOLISH ARROGANT INDIVIDUAL that can’t stand to lose and tries to find false reasons for her lose in the Last Election!!!

  • Merida A McKnight

    I wish SOMEONE would get the B—h institutionalized she REALLY NEEDS HELP! A nice L-O-N-G prison term might be just the thing!

  • Janis

    OK, this is not amusing anymore. Somebody, whether it is Bill or Chelsea, Huma or Podesta, should start setting up some kind of intervention. She is really starting to unravel, and sadly for them, right in front of the entire country’s eyes. If she hadn’t called me, my family, my friends and fellow countrymen racists, bigots, sexists, homophobics, islamaphobics, deplorables, etc, I would almost have a bit of pity for her. We are witnessing, like a reality show, the total destruction of a human being. In the process she is singlehandedly taking down her family, friends, the Democratic Party, and most importantly, any other group that has legitimate gripes. Think about all the other men who have run against another in a Presidential election, lost, and handled it with grace. Now look at Hillary. She has not only achieved the distinction of the first woman to be a candidate in a major party to run for President, she is also the first person to act so pathetically. She is doing NOTHING to advance the cause of women in the political arena. She is actually starting to make people (both men and women) to start questioning if women could handle the adversities the job. One can only hope that most people will say to themselves that it is Hillary as an individual who has mental issues and can’t cope with losing, and not the entire female population. As an American woman I want to sarcastically say to Hillary, “Thanks a lot”.

  • The ‘Pro-Trump media’ is to blame for Kommrade Hitlery’s loss???

    Perhaps … they hammered “Hitlery is ahead in the polls” so often even they didn’t believe it: and We, the Sovereigns, voted her out and President Donald J. Trump IN on a wave of common sense!!!

  • John

    Polls and pundits weren’t one sided enough, not enough election fraud, the fraud They had didn’t work well enough, Bernie Sanders actually campaigned against me in the primaries.

  • CJ

    Did I sleep through 2015 – 2016?

  • Sue

    Clintoons herky jerky spasms (as a result of pneumonia?) were what Trump was mocking. NOT an autistic/challenged child. The media was 24/7 ridiculous in the level of trumpbashing, about the only media attention he received. BTW, Her $12,000 designer pantsuits could have been purchased for far less at a department store. She could have campaigned in the states she chose not to. In my humble opinion SHE f*cked it up ALL by her ugly self.

  • Robert Wayne

    Her excuses for losing the election just keep getting more and more outrageous. The media has been in the left’s pocket for decades now. Not a day goes by that they don’t either sweep Democrat left wing atrocities under the rug or make up things to attack Trump and the rest of the right about.

  • Mad Scientist

    The media pro Trump? Anything good to say about any republican? Mrs. Clinton, you have been smoking some bad [email protected]@.

  • meddah4

    MSM gets hanged by their own leader. Oh, ho, ho, haw, haw, haw!

  • Spunky

    The media talked about how Trump would not make it. They always put him down. Built up Hilldawg. But at least they mentioned Trump – in a mean way

  • Keith Hearn

    How about this, AMERICA DIDN’T WANT THE LIAR, LOSER!!!!

  • barbarakelly

    Hillary and Maxine have really lost it. ——-the poor media now is getting a stomach full of their rheteric. and having to hold beck from laughing. Now they are getting what we had to put up with all these years. Payback must be harsh.!!!!!! LOL.

  • Rick D.

    Clinton’s mental state has obviously deteriorated to the point that she no longer can distinguish reality from her delusional beliefs. This latest example of the “blame-game”–claiming bias against her by MSM– has to be the most preposterous and pitiful claim yet.

  • Karen Norwood

    The only people Hillary don’t blame so far are The Pope, God, and Satan oh also her daughter and her ch////ng husband WAKE UP PEOPLE SHE NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHE ONLY FOR THE CLINTONS The Clintons are backers of the anitifa’s and other groups that hate President Trump

  • mioahu


  • Concerned

    Wow! My question is why is hillary still around. Shouldn’t she be in prison instead of running around about how she lost the election almost a year ago. She wrote a book on losing. Now she needs to go to prison and write a book on why I’m in prison for the rest of her life. Just a theory, but that might get her killed, because she would have to tell on the rest of the gang.

  • Manuel Jose Diez Lopez

    the media was against her? perhaps she does not read the media, there is no other explanation, perhaps she does not know how to read… well unlikely, the only one left is … she is delusional.

  • suzanne wood

    Hillary lost because the election was rigged by the Democrats to make her the next President. What they didn’t count on is that Bernie Sanders entered the race and was so popular, nothing Hillary could do could beat him, well, except for rigging the primaries and cheating her way thru the election with the aid of her fellow democrats. Hillary is certainly a poor loser because, to this day, she is still fighting to be president. Give it up Hillary. Go home and babysit your grandchildren and stay out of our government.

  • Truthmender

    The MEDIA was PRO Trump !!!!???? The Media was campaigning for Hillary !!! They hated Trump then and still do. The whole left structure has collapsed in terror over this socialist incomp losing the election. She needs to stop the complaining and move on….maybe dance naked in the forrest.


    killary, You lost, get over it and go away. FAR AWAY and take obummer with youi.

  • usmcltc

    I can’t believe this story, as we all know that every main stream news agency, except Fox News, is a left leaning organization, and reflects that in their reporting. And, we all know that intelligent, well educated liberals don’t watch Fox News, so where do they get their information? From all of the left leaning news agencies, that’s where.

  • usmcltc

    I can’t believe this story, as we all know that every main stream news agency, except Fox News, is a left leaning organization, and reflects that in their reporting. And, we all know that intelligent, well educated liberals don’t watch Fox News, so where do they get their information? From all of the left leaning news agencies, that’s where.

  • HelloFromTO

    Whah! If you couldn’t win given the lying, cheating, colluding, and pro-Clinton media you ain’t never gonna win! Face the facts, Hillary!

  • wholekraft

    Hillary is a revisionist liar, emphasis on liar. It is so bad that she has become almost comical. The only other possibility is she is “mentally ill”. Both probably apply!