Hillary Clinton Trolled After Tweeting Old White House Christmas Photo

‘Even your Christmas tree is crooked…’ 

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton celebrated Christmas by sharing a decades-old image of her time in the White House with former President Bill Clinton.

But as RedState noted, her stroll down memory lane was quickly brought back into reality by a wisecracking Twitter user.


It’s obvious Clinton is feeling nostalgic about her time in the White House, remarked one Twitter user. And another, @M2Madness, pointed out how even the Christmas tree is “crooked”—a spin off of President Donald Trump’s nickname for Clinton, “Crooked Hillary.”

It seems Clinton regularly reminisces about her time in the White House, because she shared a similar past image as a Hanukkah greeting just two days earlier.

And last year, she shared an old photo of her and Bill alongside their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., threw a jab at the Clintons by sharing an old video of Bill and Hillary dodging a falling television light during an on-set interview. Clinton yells “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” before her husband pulled her to safety.

Chelsea Clinton responded and thanked Gosar for reminding her of her “dad’s quick reflexes.”