Hillary Thanks ‘Activist B#*ches’ in Bizarre Video

(NY Post) Hillary Clinton loves you, b#*ches.

The former presidential candidate and secretary of state sent out a video message “directed to activist bitches supporting b#*ches,” as she put it, via Twitter Friday night.

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks,” Clinton said into a cellphone camera, seated at a red banquette in what appeared to be a restaurant.

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“Thanks for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope is you keep up the really important, good work,” she said.

At the urging of an off-camera companion, she added with a laugh: “And let me just say, this is directed to the activist b#*ches supporting b#*ches. So let’s go.”

Clinton is known as a careful speaker in public — but numerous insiders have described her as potty-mouthed behind closed doors.

The video was posted by Huffington Post commentator Alex Mohajer, who told Mashable that Clinton was merely giving a shout-out to a group with the literal name “Activist B#*ches Supporting B#*ches…”

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