FACT-CHECKERS: Hillary’s ‘Pants-on-Fire,’ Gets ‘Four Pinocchios’

Both Washington Post and Politifact say she blatantly lied…

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Hillary Clinton/IMAGE: CBS News via YouTube

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Failed former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who last week ruled out another run for the White House in 2020, is being criticized for falsely claiming that thousands of Wisconsinites were turned away from the polls in the 2016 election.

The Washington Post gave Clinton “four Pinocchios” after reviewing her comments.

And PolitiFact, a political fact-checking website, gave her a “Pants on Fire” rating, the worst possible rating they give.

Clinton’s claims concerned the state of Wisconsin, which she lost to Donald Trump after notably never campaigning in the state.


In a speech earlier this month that was broadcast on C-SPAN, Clinton asserted that thousands in the Badger State were turned away from the polls because of their skin color.

Clinton claimed: “I was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the Voting Rights Act. I’ll tell you, it makes a really big difference. And it doesn’t just make a difference in Alabama and Georgia.”

“It made a difference in Wisconsin, where the best studies that have been done said somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up to stop a fellow American citizen from voting.”

The former Secretary of State did not cite her sources.

Trump defeated her in the state by less than 23,000 votes.

According to PolitiFact, Clinton’s claim concerning the Voting Rights Act falls short because Wisconsin was never a state covered by Section 4, the portion struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013.

It also appears to be based on a disputed study indicating that voter turnout in Wisconsin dropped due to the state’s new voter ID law.

The study attributed the drop in turnout in Wisconsin entirely to the voter ID requirement – ignoring other factors, such as failure to engage with voters and a lack of enthusiasm in the candidates.

Check out PolitiFact’s review of Clinton’s false claim here.