Hillary Should NOT Talk about Trump’s Remarks on Haiti

In some reports, the Clinton Foundation actually did more harm than good in Haiti…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains profanity.

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Hillary Clinton/IMAGE: YouTube

(Washington Examiner) President Trump is drawing much-deserved criticism for reportedly referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African nations as “shithole countries” when he met with lawmakers this week to discuss immigration protections.

The main thrust of the argument against the president’s remarks…is that he suggested immigrants from poorer countries are somehow subpar to immigrants from wealthier, predominantly white countries.

There’s a lot that can be said against Trump’s tone. There’s even more that can be said against his reported claim that people from poor, predominantly brown countries make for undesirable immigrants.

But let that criticism come from someone other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Considering the Clinton Foundation’s shady-as-hell conduct in Haiti following the disastrous 2010 earthquake, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would do well to spare us the righteous indignation.


“The anniversary of the devastating earthquake 8 years ago is a day to remember the tragedy, honor the resilient people of Haiti, & affirm America’s commitment to helping our neighbors,” Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account said Friday.

It added, “Instead, we‘re subjected to Trump’s ignorant, racist views of anyone who doesn’t look like him.”

This is rich coming from someone whose foundation did little to offer Haitian earthquake victims real, tangible aid, but a whole lot to assist donors with business interests in the country…

As housing relief for victims languished, the Clinton Foundation “facilitated” the construction of a “luxury hotel in Port-au-Prince, a Marriott owned by Denis O’Brien, who has given $10 million to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation…”Original Source