Failing W.H. Hopeful Hickenlooper Urged to Run for Senate Instead

‘We need Hick’s pragmatic progressive leadership in the U.S. Senate! Giddy up!’

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John Hickenlooper / IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is struggling to make a name for himself in a stacked primary field full of far-left candidates. So, one Democratic group has a solution: Drop out of the race and run for Senate.

The group, 314 Action, supports scientists who run for office and encouraged Hickenlooper, who is a “scientist, entrepreneur, and two-term Governor,” to drop his bid for the White House and run for Congress.

“John would bring a much-needed perspective to the U.S. Senate where [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell has blocked action on the most pressing issues including climate change, guns, and healthcare.”

The group even bought a front-page ad on the Denver Post’s website to launch its “Draft Hick for Senate” campaign, according to The Hill.


“Put service over ambition by defeating one of Trump’s biggest enablers in [Republican Sen.] Cory Gardner,” the ad reads. “We need Hick’s pragmatic progressive leadership in the U.S. Senate! Giddy up!”

Hickenlooper has tried to sell himself as a centrist moderate who can appeal to a wide variety of voters.

But the Democratic base has made it clear that it favors radical progressive candidates willing to take bold stances and support aggressive policies. Hickenlooper is polling between zero and 1 percent and likely won’t make the cut for the third Democratic primary debate in September.

In a Senate race against Gardner, Hickenlooper might just have a shot. A poll released by 314 Action, had Hickenlooper beating Gardner by 13 points, polling at 58 percent compare to Gardner’s 31 percent.

And the Denver Post found that 61 percent of the state’s Democratic voters believe Hickenlooper is their best chance at unseating Gardner.

“The only way to send Mitch McConnell to the minority is with a win in Colorado, and John has the best opportunity to defeat America’s most vulnerable Senator,” 314 Action Fund Executive Director Josh Morrow said in a statement.