Hawaii Has A Major S***hole Problem

‘We found that sewage is leaking into the ocean, and we swim in it…’

Hawaii photo

Photo by dronepicr (CC)

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Hawaii is struggling to find more sanitary ways to dispose of human waste after years of putting sewage into open holes in the ground.

The state’s five islands have more than 88,000 “cesspools,” Hawaii’s Department of Health determined in a recent report.

The cesspools put 53 million gallons of sewage into ground and surface water.

The 2017 legislative session passed a law requiring all cesspools to be replaced with better sewer systems by 2050, but that might not be fast enough.

“We found that sewage is leaking into the ocean, and we swim in it,” Peter Hackstedde, president of Puako Community Association on the main island, told The Wall Street Journal.

Hackstedde said he has gotten infected through a cut from swimming in contaminated water.

At the Kahaluu bay on Oahu, “skin infections consistent with sewage-contaminated surface waters have been documented,” the department said.

Many rural communities throughout Hawaii depended on cesspools as the main sewage disposal method for years, but as the population continued to expand the island’s groundwater wells began to be contaminated.

More than 90 percent of the drinking water supply comes from groundwater wells, and “dense concentrations of cesspool are present over many drinking water aquifers, posing a threat to new drinking water sources,” the health department’s report said.

In addition to contaminating drinking water, overflowing cesspools also could slip into the ocean and cause infections to swimmers, and damage land ecosystems and coral reefs with excessive nitrogen and phosphorus.

The department received 500 requests for new cesspools each year until the state banned construction of the pits in 2016.

One of the major problems with replacing cesspools is the cost.

It could cost $100,000 to replace one sewage pit in Maui, State Sen. J. Kalani English, a Democrat, told WSJ.

“You may want a clean environment, but you can’t afford to pay for it,” Keith Kawaoka, environmental health deputy director at the Department of Health, said. “It’s a real dilemma.”

Replacing all the current cesspools with underground sewer systems would cost $1.75 billion, so the legislature is looking for other solutions to the problem.

Replacing each cesspool could cost at least $20,000.

Or, $54 million per year through 2049.

So the state is looking for other fixes, like connecting homes to local sewer systems and building new sewers for new communities, to drive down the cost per cesspit.

“Everyone who lives down here is pretty much for cleaning up the ocean,” Hackstedde said. “We just need the money.”

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • terry peavy

    I will NOT be going there that is horrible.

  • Dixon Ermouth

    Why doesn’t their favorite son, the Big 0, swoop in to help? I’m sure his Nobel Prize money would help. It is official, I will never visit Hawaii now.

    • slarvage

      Great point. Caca, poo poo, doo doo number two has a 10% nutruition content, too.

      • Maxine Albritton

        It also causes e coli poisoning. Not nice stuff. Plus you better hope there are not any other diseases present in it.

    • slk5

      many people don’t know, that welfare recipients in hawaii get more then the Average American makes, about 56 grand a year!!!

      • 75matt

        Cut out the welfare and take care of the sewer problem.

        • tCotUS

          Good One !!

        • slk5

          you’re talking about the same people who accidentally pressed the nuclear alert button!!!

          • Rocio Garcia

            It is the most Democrat state in the country, and that’s saying something. So what do we expect?

          • slk5

            california is also in the running!!!

          • ARJAY

            ny nj ill md and mass, too!!

          • Vaquero

            Yea, Gay Francisco is literally swimming in the human excrement’s.But,don’t you worry,libs are perfectly fine with that. It is their natural state of liberal transcendental existence.

          • Fed up!

            Had a day lay over to Hawaii in GSF, only thing that was even close to impressive was Alcatraz. That was a cool tour. They should reopen it and put the California politicians in it.

          • Fed up!

            Your absolutely correct. Been there twice it was nice, but I don’t ever plan on going there again. There are just as nice places in the Caribbean for far less the cost.

      • Nonpc

        And over 1/2 of the people in the state are on welfare. Thus the deep blue state that it is overspends without the funds to pay for infrastructure.

    • Mad Scientist

      You hit the nail on the head. Money talks, and the state (unfortunately) is not likely to do anything unless tourism goes into the toilet (pun intended).

      • The duck

        That is their biggest income, tourists. When that goes the islands go and maybe the liberal judges will leave also. We could only hope.

        • Al Zabel

          I hope not. The mainland, has too many lib-tarded judges, already.

    • ARJAY

      Their anti 2nd Amendment stand and pro sanctuary state stand will keep me from EVER returning to hawaii, again. And I have a cousin who lives there.

  • Cancel_NPR

    Hawaii IS a S***Hole…
    What’s new ?

    • jcrawdad

      Makes you wonder why it’s never came out teal resent. Maybe that’s what’s keeping them afloat.

  • jcrawdad

    Foundation) Hawaii is struggling to find more sanitary ways to dispose
    of human waste after years of putting sewage into open holes in the
    ground. THAT’S CALLED SH** ON A BRICK . How about putting in an up to date Sewage processing plant . They have been ducking tourists out of $Bs for years and they can’t Dispose of the SSSSSSSSSSSSh** left behind .

  • Yosemite Sam

    The common thread between S-Holes within the United States of America is Demo-Rats. Hawaii always votes Demo-Rat. Hawaii is run from top to bottom by Demo-Rats. Hence, the former paradise known as the Hawaiian Island chain, has become a S-Hole cesspool due solely to one party Demo-Rat rule. Leftists haven’t a clue on what it takes to properly govern, providing for the common good and defense of their constituents.

    • Russell

      My Hawaiian wife Father-in-law was ask to be governor of hawaii back in the 60’s and he told me he would never run for Governor cause the politicians are corrupt.

  • slarvage

    Where’s Elon Musk when you need him? The liberal billionaires have no problem interfering with the lives of people in Haiti and Africa. Spend some money on domestic issues.

    • What does FLint and Hawaii have in common, inept local democrat leadership

      • slarvage

        I can say, from experience, that Hawaii was a Banana Republic when we moved there. We actually did have a house with this sewage system, too. The did elect a republican Governor after the Philippino. I can’t remember names. Quite a mix of cultures.

      • slarvage

        Oh, one more point of interest. The locals, for years, would pour old car oil around the foundation of their home to keep termites out. Once a year they had swarming termites. But ones from the ground, too, were less probable.

  • SA Ander

    Estimates to clean cesspools are way off. Anyway this is karma for the judge blocking DT’s presidential order

  • Kika68

    The contamination is from rainwater runoff after heavy rains, and clears up in about 2-3 days. The cesspool pumpers do not dump it in the ocean as the Daily Caller News Foundation reports. (They need to check their facts before faking their news.

    • Kenny Albert

      It never said anything about pumping it into the ocean. Leaks into the ocean. Still will never go to the s***hole.

  • SoManyWhiners

    Good reason to never go to Hawaii

  • tCotUS

    Well …NY/Mexifornia/Hawaii …Now listed as America’s third World Liberal S**t Holes…

  • Jmanjo

    Now maybe that is where Obama came from!

  • AFGus

    Liberals run the State. The State spends multi-millions on their welfare State. Get rid of the liberals and maybe they’ll have the money to deal with their crapola problem. When liberals run something, especially a State government, there is always going to be negative consequences.

  • Kenny Albert

    Let them wallow in their own waste.


    Feel free and ask George Soro’s for hands out. He loves welfare states like HI.
    HI used to be really a great place to visit but in last 15 years or so it has become leftis paradise. What a shame?

  • Benton Marder

    Hawaii is a Democratic Party state. The solution is obvious. TAX THE RICH!!!

    • Maxine Albritton

      If the democrats had their way we would run out of rich and all be equally poor except the elites and they are all sitting around thinking they will be one of those that will prosper from the future NWO, globalist regime. I hope some will be severely disappointed.

  • Sean Rickmin

    I thought that the big”A”nobamba was resurrected from under a rock in howaryu.Maybe he came from one of these howaryu cesspools.It would never admit that,after all it and moochie are among AMERICAN deadbeats that never loved our country.

  • MIKE6080

    its another puerto rico , should never been allowed to become a state

  • Karen Murphy-Linden

    Just another Democrat run state going down the sewer.

  • Ernie G

    Lots of indentured servants here tRUMPS servants

    • ADRoberts

      LOL. Right. The state is totally Democrat. Or so much so that it might as well be. Here we go. Paradise is going to become one of those s*****holes Trump was talking about. Poetic justice.
      Now wait for it…….wait.
      They are going to ask the Feds, (us patriots in flyover country) to give them the money to ‘SAVE’ paradise. LOL
      Not a cent.

      • Ernie G


        • Bill Hartman

          By improving the economy?

          • Ernie G


  • ADRoberts

    You can see this coming a mile off. They will get a federal judge to declare that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL not to give them taxpayer money to clean up their FECES.

  • Maxine Albritton

    shows democrat planning . I am sure their tax money and since Hawii is a tourist state extra funds from tourism helps, they could have been on top of this problem long ago. This is typical of democrat , blue states. they let everything go to disgrace and then complain about it. It is like buying a house. If you don’t maintain it and keep it clean and up to standards it will go to disgrace too.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Here I thought the (D) delusionals running the state were the s-hole problem.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    + The Peoples Republics of NJ, NY, and MD.

  • Randall clark


  • Rita Rivera

    Hawaii has poor government and half of the islands inhabitants are drug infested. If anybody has ever seen Dog The Bounty hunter on the A&E channel, drug addicts are his main reason for keeping his family wealthy. There are more people there living like third world countries and are making the islands look like slums. This is one S…T Hole state that made it’s own problem by not making homes with connected sewer systems like we do here in the states. Instead they kept Dumping There Crap into the ocean all these years? Hey! That was done back in the 1800″s and before. Didn’t there government or leaders get smart on the ecology or were they just interested on vacationers bringing in money? I guess they did not wake up until they smelled the cesspools.

  • Beeker D.

    San F)o(agcisco has a major ‘SHEETOHLE PROBLEM’ as well. When The Homeless and Drug Addicts are not breaking into your car they are Defecating and Urinating on the sidewalks and the streets, right next to many coffee shops and sidewalk Cafe`s.
    Nothing Like The Smell Of ‘Fresh Baked Feces’ With Your Latte & Lemon Croissant, First Thing In The Morning!

  • Beeker D.

    San F)o(agcisco: The Bung Hole City In the Bung Hole State of The [email protected]

  • Blogengeezer

    Pipe it directly into the volcanic lava. Creates land mass by hardening the molten rock and neutralizing the human exhaust at the same time. All they need is the ‘Pipeline’. Of course therein lies the problem… no pipelines accepted by liberal leftists..

    • Fed up!

      That only be good for the Big Island. None of the other four have active volcanoes

      • Blogengeezer

        My other solution, inject ‘all’ of humanity’s waste, including nuclear, directly into the subduction zones of the tectonic plates. Immediate recycle, as the sub crust magma takes the particles in, downward towards the core and back into their basic elements..